7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Document Management System

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Long gone are the times when people had to use entire shelves filled with paperwork in order to run your office properly and keep everything sorted out. Thankfully, technology is here to change our lives for the better, and running the office is one of the most impacted things. As we all know already, documents in the form of paper are slowly getting out of fashion, and some would say that they are a very impractical thing to have in your modern-day business.

Nowadays everything is stored digitally, and whether we use external hard drives, USB flash sticks or cloud storage it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that our files are more accessible and secure than ever. Some old-fashioned businessmen are still not convinced that the superior method to keep your files organized and secure is by running a document management system, or a DMS if you prefer the abbreviation.

In today’s article were going to give you seven very important reasons why your business needs such a document management system. Since it’s a serious subject, let’s not keep this introduction any longer than what it needs to be. Here’s what you need to know.

1. More security by using cloud

It is important to realize that paper documents can be easily lost, damaged, ripped apart or burned in a fire in case something like that happens. Besides, nobody can steal them away from you in case of a robbery. All your paperwork can be secured by using a document managing system linked to a cloud storage. This way you can still have everything sorted out in different categories, making it easily accessible and secure at the same time. What more can you ask for?

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2. No more time wasting

Let’s say that you’re someone who works in an office that has more than a dozen visits from clients every single day. Each client requires a different file, and in order for you to get them their correct paperwork, you have to stand up, walk to the archive, sort by name, look through the files once more to double check that you don’t have the wrong one, and then finally walk back to your desk to hand over the files to your client.

Doing this 10 times per day will eventually lead to a major unproductivity and time loss. Why do all of these things when you can just move your mouse around a few times and easily find the right document for your client?

3. A lot easier organization

If some of your employees are in another country or currently not at their workplace because their shift ended, you are basically unable to continue cooperating in case some of you needs a certain document because you have nobody to provide it for you. What we’re trying to say is that you are unable to share the same shelf you use for the storage of your paperwork, so in case it’s physically out of reach, your business will start facing a stagnation. But, by using a document management system that multiple employees can use at once, you’ll have a much more productive time. www.logicaldoc.com is a website where you can learn some more about this.

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4. You can make backups anytime

You just cannot copy hundreds of thousands of papers and store them in multiple locations, it’s just impractical, not to mention impossible. But, by using a document management system you can have scheduled backups, and this will ensure that you never lose any progress or work. Keep your documents safe and secure and keep building your career without any unexpected setbacks or extra stress.

5. No additional costs for faxing

To send a copy of a certain document to the client from another city or another country, you will need to use a fax machine or something else that’s old school and simply impractical in these modern times. But, by keeping everything digital and in a managed document environment, you’ll be able to send samples with just a few clicks and a basic Internet connection. This will save you a lot of time as well as some money.

6. So easy to setup and use

You don’t have to be a computer guru or a person that fully understands all sorts of business technology to be able to set up a document management system. Understanding how something like this works will take just a few days, and you can probably do it on your own without having to hire anyone to help you. But, if you’re looking to outsource such a service and never be worried about any functionalities or support, just find a company that is reliable and can provide you a DMS as soon as possible. It’s so easy to set up and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make your entire job a lot easier. For more on these kinds of tools, visit: https://www.etq.com/document-control/.

7. You’ll leave an impression of being modern

Last but not least, by letting your customers and your coworkers know that you’re using a document management system for your business, you’re immediately leaving the impression of being modern and sophisticated. As we all know already, the appearance and reputation of businesses matters quite a lot in today’s corporate world. Don’t miss the chance to prove that you’re following trends and are constantly in touch with the latest technology.

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As you can see, using a DMS for your office is a very convenient method of dealing with all the paperwork that’s now in a digital form. You no longer have to search through thousands of papers in a shelf that’s already overused. Anything that you, a customer or a client needs is just two clicks away from being accessed.

If you’re still not sure whether you should invest in a document management system for your business, just reconsider the security factor, and things will become much clearer to you. Paper files are prone to so many accidents. One unexpected catastrophe such as an electrical installation fault or a fire and you could lose paperwork that’s basically priceless. When your files are in the cloud however, nothing can happen to them.