Why You Need a Drive on Dock

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You love the water. You live for riding your jet ski or taking your boat out for fishing. It’s what you look forward to every weekend when the weather is good.

But what do you do when it’s time to go back to dry land? You can’t just leave it in the water. It would damage the vessel.

A drive-on dock is able to lift your vessel out of the water to prevent this from happening. So read on to learn all of the benefits of a driven dock.

It’s Easy to Load and Launch

Source: candockmiami.com

When you get onto a boat, you generally lower the boat into the water first and then get in. Then when you’re done, you get out and raise it out of the water again. But isn’t it easier to get onto a boat when it’s out of the water?

And getting onto a jet ski as compared to a boat is different for one reason: the size. A jet ski is a much smaller target than a boat. Getting onto a smaller target from a tall dock is much harder.

This also means that there’s a much greater risk of slipping and falling if you try to get onto your jet ski this way.

That’s why the first drive-on dock benefits is a good idea is that it’s so easy to use. Drive-on docks raise and lower out of the water easily. This lets you get on your boat or jet ski from the same level as the dock rather than risk slipping and falling into the water.

This allows you to get on and off of your jet ski and back onto dry land easily. That means that no matter how often you use your jet ski, it’ll take no time at all to get out on the water. And if you want to take a lunch break and then go back out again the same day, then you can get off just as easy.

And it’s still just as easy to get back out on the water again after you’re done with your break. In short, you can come and go as you please on your jetski without ever worrying about slipping and injuring yourself.

It Protects Your Jet Ski

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Most people are only going to use their boats and jet skis during the warmer summer months. Then they put them away for the winter months when it’s too cold to be out on the water.But even during the summer months when you’re using your jet ski almost every day, you still wouldn’t want to leave it in the water all the time. The water will cause wear-and-tear on your boat or jet ski much faster. And you want your jet ski to last you for a very long time.

This means taking very good care of your vehicle so that it doesn’t get water damaged. To do that, you need to remove it from the water when you aren’t using it. This lets it dry back out and prevents the propellers from rusting or getting damaged too soon.This is one of the main benefits of a drive-on dock. This allows you to raise your boat or jet ski out of the water whenever you’re not using it. All you need to do is cover it when you’re not using it to protect it from the elements.

Raising it out of the water also makes it much easier to clean whenever it needs it. You can stand out on your dock and easily reach everything so you can make sure that your jet ski is in good condition.Anytime you need to do maintenance on the engine or replace the propellers, this type of dock will make it much easier. For example, Jet Dock floating dock systems will help you maintain any vehicle so it runs for a long time. You can click here to learn more about Jet Dock.

There Are Multiple Types of Drive-on Dock

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There are a variety of types of drive-on docks. All of these raise and lower a vehicle to keep it out of the water when it isn’t in use. Again, this makes it easier and cheaper to maintain your vehicles.The good news is that there are drive-on dock types for every sort of water vehicle. Whether you have a jet ski or a bay boat, you will want to be sure that you have the right equipment to raise it out of the water without damaging it or the dock. There are three main types of drive-on docks.

The first is a static floating boat lift. This is shaped slightly more like a ramp. This allows it to lift your vehicle without any moving parts whatsoever.This is beneficial because it means you don’t have to worry about the electricity going to your dock. You don’t need to worry about these moving parts breaking.

Air-assisted floating boat lifts use air pressure to raise a boat out of the water. This makes them ideal for raising heavier boats out of the water. These can also be used in any water level as they just need to fill with air.Then there are multi-hull boat lifts. These are designed for pontoon boats. Like the static floating boat lift, it has no moving parts. So you never have to worry about it breaking on you.

Learn More About Drive-on Docks Today

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A drive-on dock is a great way to keep your vessel safe from damage caused by leaving it in the water full time. It makes it easier to get in and out of your vessel too.All of this means that it’s cheaper and easier to take care of your boat or jet ski. That makes it last much longer so you can keep enjoying it for many years to come.

That’s why these dock types are a work while investment. And if you liked this article, be sure to check out our other lifestyle articles about boats and jet skis.