Why Video Marketing is So Powerful for Business – 2024 Guide

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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase online sales, attract new customers, and promote a product or service. This is something that has been getting a lot of attention lately. And not because it’s a trend – but because it shows good results. According to many expert predictions – this will be continued in 2024.

What is Online Video Marketing?

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When we speak of this marketing format, it makes the most sense to talk about marketing on Youtube. Most often, commercials are presented with a “Trueview In-stream” where the viewer is broadcast before the video and the viewer being given the option to turn off the advertisement after a few seconds. Advertising is charged to the advertiser only if the viewer has watched at least 25% of the advertisement. Although viewers will not be thrilled with the ad – Google calculations say that 21% of users will watch the video until the end. However, there is one big plus for that part of the market that will skip advertising. It only takes a few seconds for the brand to remain in the minds of consumers. In a few seconds, every visitor to whom your ad aired will have to watch it.

Use The Maximum From The Video

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Just like Adwords and Facebook ads, this type of marketing also offers the ability to target and broadcast ads to the right audience. Also, the costs are lower because they only charge for those ads that are at least partially watched by the user. This type of advertising is perhaps the most effective form of “launching” a brand into consumer awareness. Analyzes show that a person remembers 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and even 70% of what they see and hear! If we add the fact that as many as 2/3 of Internet users in the world use Youtube to watch videos, the conclusion is self-imposed – this is a marketing channel that should be used to the maximum!

Do You Need The Help Of Professionals?

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Although many people think they can do everything themselves – in practice, this is not the case. You can check Visme for all help you need  If you want a video that will truly represent what you are doing, you will need the help of professionals. Have you prepared adequate video material? If so, the work is just beginning.

Teams of professional companies like l7pic, based on research and experience, will give you an idea of the optimal budget needed to start your new visual campaigns. They can help you determine the best type of advertisement. They will also advise you on choosing the channel and target audience to which your video will be broadcast. Companies like this are here to help you track the flow, results of your campaign, daily. They are here to help you streamline your visual campaign in the most effective way.

Reasons Why You Need To Turn To This Type Of  Marketing

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Video is fast becoming one of the most profitable digital marketing tools and should not be taken lightly. So, if you own a business that sells products or services, it is certainly advisable to consider including video content in your promotion. And here’s why.

1. It is important for SEO optimization

If you include video in marketing content, you will significantly improve the SEO of your website. In translation – your chances of being ranked high in Google results by posting a video increase by a whopping 53 times. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is also owned by Google, so video uploaded on this platform will significantly affect your ranking. At the same time, video on your site increases the amount of time visitors spend on it and signals to search engines that you have very good and quality content.

2. Video increases engagement

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When it comes to social networks – video is one of the basic ways that you can increase the engagement of your users. As a percentage –  there is a much greater chance that the audience likes, shares, or comments on a social media post if it is in video form. For example, keep in mind the Facebook autoplay option – which makes the video even more interesting and capable of capturing user attention over textual content.

3. Consumers love video

Estimates say that in the past year, video content alone accounted for nearly 80% of total online traffic. Over time, this percentage is increasing. Also, they are much more likely to view more of your video presentation – than they are to read your article, blog post or product description. In simple terms, video is simpler and easier to consume, thus more actively enticing and lazy audiences. So, good video marketing can reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

4. It will increase the memorizing of information

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Combining audio and visual content into video formats – significantly increases the chances of your audience remembering the information you are marketing to them. From what people hear, after only a few days, only 10% of the information will be withheld. In visual content, this figure is slightly higher and amounts to 20%. But if a user sees and hears your presentation at the same time – they will remember as much as 80% of the information after a few days.

5. This format will enlarge your sales

One important fact is that video can help you win significantly more customers. Studies show that a large percentage of potential buyers are more likely to purchase if they have watched a video presentation. Video content is especially helpful in detailing how your product is used and exactly what it does. These results are no surprise, given that vision is the most dominant.

6. It will improve connectivity with your audience

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Numerous marketing campaigns are aimed at arousing emotions for the potential consumer. They have a positive effect on the decision to buy your product or use your services – but they also leave a mark in its subconscious. With video, you can easily connect with your audience and make them gain confidence in your brand. Through it, you can tell your story and form a much more intimate and intimate relationship with your customers.