8 Reasons Why Should a Business Use Digital Signage – 2024 Guide

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Imagine that there is one thing that could raise a company’s rating in an instant by doing it to improve employee performance, save money, raise efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Doesn’t that sound unreal? It may seem so to you, but it is not. This really exists, it is about digital signaling that can realize all this.

What is digital signage?

Today, digital signage is an indispensable part of marketing ventures. You have noticed that in almost all public places such as banks, shopping malls, shops, airports or cinemas, they have their advertisements in the form of messages that animate users.

They are advertised on the screen, and that advertising is called Digital Signage. In this way, everyone will notice the marketing messages, and thus, the distribution of the content will increase, and on the other hand, the display of a large amount of new information, all in the same place.

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Is it worth the investment?

Outdated ways of providing information to clients and customers are far behind us. As an attempt to eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional way of it, digital signage has emerged, the use of which offers a number of advantages.

Paper brochures and stand-alone advertisements take a lot of time and work, while digitally, you can get even better results. This is definitely worth the investment, and below you can find out why every business should own this.

Here are 8 reasons why you should switch to digital signage:

1. Attract customers attention

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You will agree that digital screens attract more attention than old and boring brochures. Like it or not, people will always look at what’s happening on small/big screens, and that’s all you want, to attract their attention.

In this case, any form of information will be noticed, whether you are promoting a special offer or information that is widely represented, digital screens will surely attract many eyes.

2. People remember best what they see

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In the previous part of the text, we answered the most frequently asked question – is it wise to invest in something like this? We told you that it was, and another fact that supports that is the research that has recorded amazing results on this topic.

More precisely, studies have shown that 90% of people remembered digital advertisements that they noticed in passing, not only thematically but also certain messages. That is a good enough reason for you to definitely invest money in something like this, but read the other reasons as well.

3. Separate yourself from the crowd

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When we talk about business, we can’t help but remember the fantastic series, Mad Man and Don Draper, who said that the key to success is in separating, not fitting in – we agree with him. If we look at the above-mentioned research, the same number of people were examined in parallel, only, in this case, a large number of respondents said that they remembered more from billboards than from internet ads, and even less from ads from television. You just need to hire your own Don Draper, someone experienced like IndigoWorkplace, and to start transforming your business.

4. More dynamic way of advertising

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No matter how much effort is put into traditional brochures, the digital way of editing will always surpass it. It’s just like that. Technology has advanced so much today that it has surpassed almost every traditional business, and so it is in this area.

You get a much more dynamic approach with digital signage. Imagine all the possible animations that you can use, especially since there are so many experts working in that sector. There are numerous studies that have been done on this topic, and everywhere the result is very similar. People just can’t get past digital signs without being distracted, which is not the case with static signs or boring brochures.

5. Digital signage will trigger people to take action

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Motivation is a very complex thing. So its source can be anything or sometimes it is very individual. However, it drives all people the same and it is a reward. Thus, a recent study based on the comparison of static and dynamic signs.

Both signs had the same goal, and that is for customers to win a gift by taking a certain action. Only a few customers were motivated to take action after the static sign was noticed, while as many as 500 people who passed by the dynamic digital sign did so immediately. These facts definitely speak for themselves.

6. Much more efficient

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Experts compare product promotion on digital signs and promotions on posters. The results were fantastic. It was noted that digital signs were as much as 45% more efficient than static signs. The reason for that is that they are more vivid and dynamic because of that they are closer to people and give them more security.

7. It has a great impact on brand awareness

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As we have already said, the power of it is so great when it comes to human consciousness. If roadside signs and promotions remain in people’s minds, imagine what you could become with your striking and unique brand then. Great things can be achieved in a very easy and accessible way, everything is a matter of information, guidance and technological potential.

8. It is very easy and adaptable

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The signage is very customizable and offers a huge number of possibilities. What we want to tell you is that everything depends on your needs, and everything else is already a matter of creative work. Internal communication is what you want to achieve in your business, and it has never been more accessible to you.

Find out a little more about the needs of the people around you and try to understand what motivates them. Be imaginative and come up with interesting ways to communicate with potential customers and clients. For example, thanks to a long list of functionalities and constant novelties, you can adjust the season to your sales and the like.


Digital signage is truly one of the revelations of the 21st century. The way people communicate is constantly evolving, and in this way, many successful companies have experienced tremendous success. Don’t wait for that success to happen to you, take responsibility, and the future of your business into your own hands!