Where to Stay in Semarang: 5 Of the Best Places and Areas

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Indonesia is a place with a diverse culture of people, flora, fauna, customs, art and cuisine. A large number of local languages ​​and population contribute to its diversity. The capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of Central Java is Semarang. It is located on the north coast of Java. Although it doesn’t look as attractive as its neighbor Yogyakarta, we believe you will have a wonderful time.

Influenced by different cultures, the place is divided into two parts. The first part is also the heart of the city. Here you will find a lot of different events and many interesting things. In the southern part is Semaran Atas. Due to its mountainous location, the weather is cooler. It’s a great place to visit when you get tired of the high temperatures.

1. Hotel Aruss Semarang

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It is a modern hotel that offers its users excellent hospitality. You will also have a beautiful view of the city while at the same time you have the opportunity to experience an oasis of tranquility. The staff speaks several languages, the cleanliness is at the highest level, and the reception is available to guests 24 hours a day. The quality of service implies a quality offer on the menu. This hotel offers you comfort, luxury and glamour. It is the right choice for a break from everyday stress, family gatherings and relaxation, celebrations and congresses, sports preparations, and relaxation. The hotel also offers a variety of gastronomic specialties, and a tour of historical sites will make your stay unforgettable.

Here, business guests can relax, read, talk and work while enjoying light food and drinks. It will only take you a few minutes to drive to the center. The rooms are spacious and the internet is fast. You don’t have to worry about your personal belongings because they will be safe at this place all the time. There is a personal safe in every hotel room. In addition, expect other amenities such as a refrigerated mini-bar and toiletries. For any additional information, you can contact reception, who will respond to your requests. After all, we won’t tell you anything else, but rather let you see for yourself at hotelaruss.com.

2. Pandanaran Hotel

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In the first part of Semarang, there is Pandanaran Hotel. One of the biggest advantages is the distance from the airport. In addition, the hotel offers you an outdoor swimming pool, spa center and air-conditioned rooms with excellent internet connection. The rooms are modernly decorated and have a lot of natural light inside.

Just some of the amenities that the hotel offers are a minibar, fitness center, car rental and free parking. We must not forget about day trips and different travel arrangements that you can choose from.

3. Radja Art and Boutique Hotel Simpang Lima

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With Radja Art Hotel, you get accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar and much more. The hotel also offers plenty of opportunities for children, as well as other types of services. The reception is open non-stop and you can easily arrange transportation to the airport when you need it. You will not hear outside noise, because the insulation is of high quality. The restaurant you can use in the hotel has an equally good offer. You will find cheap and delicious food and drinks there. If you hate to leave the room, just send a message or call them.

4. Nomadic Urban Stay

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If you are looking for family rooms, you should consider Nomaden Urban Stay. However, it is an equally good option for everyone else who wants to rest. Each room has a beautiful terrace. Also expect room service and free internet throughout the property. The rooms are spacious and comfortable to stay in.

5. Semarang Old Town

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The iconic Blenduk Protestant Church is one of the biggest and oldest attractions. The building was built a long time ago, but has since been remodeled into the iconic Doric design. Many go there today to see the magnificent iconic features. The details are reminiscent of the church of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. The next location we would recommend is The Tawang Train Station. This is one of the largest and oldest train stations you will see in Indonesia. If you are looking for unique buildings, then you must not miss the Praoe Lajar cigarette factory. It is one of the oldest manufacturers you will find here. Its main entrance is on the east side and has a very interesting appearance. It is decorated with many details such as rich stained glass with the company logo. All collectors will enjoy the thousands of antiques you will find in this part of Semarang. Also popular are vintage goods and other antique items that will be a great souvenir from this place. In the center itself, there are dozens of vendors who display their collections to visitors.

Prices vary, and you can try to haggle. Some of the popular items are antique water bottles, weapons, old military clothing, etc. However, if you are interested in more modern attractions, then we recommend the 3D Trick Art Museum. Although there are a large number of historical sites, we must also mention the modern touch of this old town. The first museum was opened a few years ago, and it offers its visitors a great 3D experience. It’s an opportunity to capture professional photos. Best of all is the location of the museum. It is located in a building with classical architecture. The nostalgic ambience adds to the experience. When it comes to places to eat and drink, you can’t go wrong with spiegel Bar and Bistro.

Here you can enjoy delicious coffee, cocktails and mocktails. The beautiful rustic interior provides a special feeling. We must not forget about the city landscape. Teko Deko Koffiehuis is another establishment known for its quality service and delicious food. Retro Cafe is located right behind Blenduk Church, and offers a unique atmosphere. However, we don’t send you there just for the good atmosphere. First of all, the place is known for its delicious menu. That is why it is a favorite place for the younger population. The interior of the cafe is very specific, because the walls are decorated with old pictures of Semarang. For example, it is an antique train, watches, etc.


If you decide to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Indonesia, you must not miss the hotels and attractions that we have recommended. Although your list of tourist locations and hotels is probably long, always double-check all options and reviews before making a final decision.