What Do Your Earrings Say About You

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It is a fact that every woman loves jewelry, there is no arguing about it. It is a perfect thing to accessorize any outfit and further improve it. The best part is that jewelry can be worn on any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for a black-tie event or are just going out to run a few errands.

Every girl has a favorite piece that she wears as much as possible. For some ladies this piece is a ring, for others a favorite necklace they have had for years, but there are also those who always wear a pair of earrings. There is another interesting fact – did you know that jewelry can perfectly reflect your character? If you, just like millions of other women, love earrings, you should keep reading this article because we are going to discuss different types of these and tell you how your favorite pair describes you. Visit here to see more earring options to see more earring options.


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Girls who often choose this type of earring usually have a big personality and always have a lot to say. They love being surrounded by other people and oftentimes, are the center of attention which is their favorite spot. They are open to new experiences and friendships and love exploring the world around them.

These ladies are extroverts and spending a minute alone feels like torture to them. Since they are the life of every party, they always have a big smile and know who to entertain people around them. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love people who can easily brighten their days, because these girls have that superpower.


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Ladies who prefer these are typically a complete opposite of the previous group. They are not always in the party mood but feel most comfortable when hanging out with their friends. In addition, they are not usually that much into fashion and dressing up, but instead are more athletic. Due to this, the chances are that they engage in a healthy lifestyle meaning that they take great care of their diet, body, and also mind.

These people are usually career-driven, very focused, and know what they want. It means that they always have a perfect plan for the next step they have to take. If you believe that this describes you perfectly, and are looking for a new pair of stud earrings, click here.

Dangling earrings

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When it comes to these, there is an unspoken rule that ladies who wear them are very creative and have a unique sense of style. Taking into consideration the variations of these, this isn’t really surprising. For many people these are just the thing they need to express themselves.

For some casual events, they opt for a colorful pair made of feathers or beads. On the other hand, they all have that one special pair that is perfect for accessorizing their elegant style but that, at the same time, provides them with a unique touch, because the last thing these girls want is not to be noticed.

Moreover, they usually opt for custom made jewelry, and they will never miss the chance to buy one-of-a-kind pair. Besides, dangling earrings make every girl feel sexy and they also enable her to show her feminine side.

Huggy style

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Due to their size and shape, some ladies would agree that this type represents the combination of studs and hoops. They also believe that these are the perfect transition from their young style into a more mature one. Generally speaking, girls who love these because they used to wear hoops when they were younger, but nowadays, these provide them with a sophisticated and mature sense. These women still love parties, being center of the attention is their spot, and they know how to have fun.

Full ear

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If you are into these, it probably means that you know exactly who you are and you are not afraid to show it. Even though, the popularity of these has significantly increased in the last few years, still, not every girl knows can wear them.

Those who choose this type of earrings love to use their style to make a statement. As you surely know, there isn’t a better way to express your attitude and personality than to dress in a way that no one else does. What’s more, due to their sense of style, these girls are oftentimes very creative and jewelry is just another way for them to express that part of their personality.

Gem pieces

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Still, there are some women that do not feel comfortable experimenting with clothes and jewelry which is why they prefer gem earrings. One could argue that they are traditional and do not have an appreciation for trivial things.

Their style is the best way to express their elegance, and you will rarely see a girl wearing these if she is not beautifully dressed. They find joy in organizing gatherings at their homes and enjoy entertaining their guests. Still, they cannot be considered to be impulsive meaning that they have to analyze every step they make in great detail.

Gauges & spikes

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The girls from this category are the total opposite of those for the previous group. These ladies are not easily scared and they are not afraid to show that strength that they have inside of them. Usually, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to reach their goals and accomplish things they have set their minds to.

Moreover, these girls are usually trendsetters because they are not afraid to experiment with their appearance and that is what people love about them. Not only can they influence other people around them by their fashion style, but they can also affect the way they think about certain topics. Sometimes, it can be hard to resist opinion from such a strong individual like these women are.


To sum up, in this article, we have introduced you to the most popular types of earrings, and we are sure that some of these descriptions totally characterize you. If you are ready to experiment and want to change the way people see you, you can start by opting for a new pair of earrings that are completely different from something that you usually wear.