8 Stunning Wedding Ideas for Nontraditional Couples

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Most people assume that a wedding day has to play out like a scene from a fairy tale. Even before the ceremony, the pressure is on to create a romantic proposal as well. Luckily there are resources available like the proposal guide from reeds.com to help you plan a memorable proposal day. If things go well, the next step is planning what some call the most important day of their lives. The magic lies in the fact that every couple gets to write their own story on their wedding day.

There are many fun, unconventional ways to put your signature on your wedding day that will make guests smile, create beautiful photo memories, and leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. You can be as offbeat, colorful, and whimsical as your heart desires when it’s your wedding day! Let’s look at eight wedding ideas for nontraditional couples.

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1. Design a Unique Bouquet

Yes, a bundle of roses can be beautiful when you’re marching down the aisle. However, it can also be very predictable. One easy way to infuse some originality into your wedding day is to have a bouquet of ferns, wildflowers, or succulents. You can also create a “faux” bouquet by mixing natural materials with silk or dried flowers. This may actually be the smartest idea if you want to keep your bouquet as a memento or if you’re worried about having red eyes or a runny nose on your journey down the aisle because you suffer from allergies.

Dried flower accessories are a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your everyday life. From jewelry to home decor, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using dried flowers as an accessory. Whether you want to create a unique piece of jewelry, decorate your phone case, or freshen up your closet with a sachet, dried flowers are a versatile and low-maintenance option. Check here for the best dried flower decor ideas from East Olivia.

2. Skip the Flowers for the Bridesmaids

There’s no rule that says bridesmaids have to carry flowers down the aisle. In fact, you can create a very whimsical, dramatic effect by having your bridesmaids carry lanterns in their hands. This can be especially beautiful if you’re having a sunset or after-dark ceremony. Another idea is for each bridesmaid to carry a book that is special to the couple getting married. Some other options to consider are silk fans, branches, parasols, pride flags, or giant feathers!

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3. Do a Reverse Color Scheme

Here’s a way to create a very eye-catching effect when marching down the aisle. Swap a traditional white dress for a bright, colorful dress or a pattern. You can make the contrast even more dramatic by putting bridesmaids in white! Even the groom can wear a white suit or tux to really bring contrast to life. The reality right now is you actually have to factor in how your wedding will translate to video and streaming technology. An interesting color palette paired with creative camera angles and multiple views can make a huge difference for those watching on a laptop screen!

4. Exchange Creative Rings

There’s no need to exchange boring bands just because that’s what most people do. The rings you choose are part of your very unique expression of love and devotion. Imagine colorful gemstones or birthstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for a more personal touch. Consider lab-grown diamonds of varying colors – including black! Cool alternatives to traditional metals like wood, titanium, or even recycled tires allow you to make your wedding set completely unique. Men have no reason to shy away from a little bling on their rings either, these days it is all about personal expression.

Choosing your wedding bands is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding day because it happens to be the only decision that you’ll actually be looking at every day for the rest of your life! Many couples are very glad that they decided to choose rings that they love instead of bowing to convention when all is said and done! Don’t forget that your beautiful bands will really stand out in your wedding photos.

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5. Make the Ceremony a Surprise

What if your wedding invitations held back some information? Many couples are taking the stress out of wedding planning by not officially planning weddings. They are instead sending out invitations to what appears to be fun parties. However, guests are treated to the surprise of a lifetime when they show up to what is actually a surprise wedding! This can be a fun option for a low-key couple looking to avoid all of the fanfare that leads up to a traditional wedding.

6. Have a Theme

Do you have a favorite movie, band, or play that you’d like to incorporate into your big day? It can be really fun to integrate a theme from pop culture into your wedding day. Feel free to engage your creative side by making your reception look like a garden party from “Alice in Wonderland” or the dining hall from “Harry Potter.” You can also focus on a specific era by asking guests to dress like they’re in the roaring 1920s or Victorian era.

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7. Serve Nontraditional Food

Traditional wedding menus can feel a little bit stuffy. The fact of the matter is that filet mignon and bacon-wrapped scallops may not fit your palate. Why not serve up some of your favorite foods instead? Just think of how excited your guests will be to discover that your wedding will have a pizza bar! You can also serve up fun foods like cheeseburgers and wings to create a laid-back atmosphere that leaves everyone feeling more than satisfied! You can also toast with pints of beer instead of traditional long-stemmed champagne glasses!

8. Have an Unconventional Wedding Cake

The rules have gone out the window when it comes to wedding cakes! In fact, you don’t technically have to have a cake at all. If you’re a chocolate lover, a tower of decadent brownies is a perfect finger-licking alternative to a cake. You can also do a tower of cupcakes, donuts, pancakes, or Oreo cookies.

What Story Will Your Wedding Day Tell?

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These eight ideas can help you to feel a little more inspired to break from convention when planning your big day. Of course, you may find that you actually adore many of the “traditional” wedding elements that couples have used for centuries. Remember, while filming to zoom in on all the most important things so everyone can see your rings, your first bite of cake, and the look on your face during your first dance. It’s really all about finding that balance between planning a classic wedding and throwing a bash that nobody has ever seen before. Discover what you can do with a little imagination, a dash of tradition, and a lot of love!