Can You Wear Chukka Boots Casually?


Have you ever noticed how all the different types of men’s shoes? Of course, we often don’t think about it – we just take the usual pair every morning. After all, each version of the shoes or boots has its characteristics and history, its name – and the way you can combine them with the rest of your outfit. Although many confuse them with Chelsea boots, Chukka boots are somewhat different. However, what defines them is casual elegance and, above all, comfort.

Chukka Boots – Men’s Casual Elegance

If you thought that men’s shoes are uniform and that you would not find more types – you were wrong. Although for those who do not understand men’s fashion, and especially men’s footwear, everything looks the same – this is not the case! Oxfords, Derbys, Moccasins, are just some types of men’s casual footwear that can be well combined. Still, one of the terms of men’s casual-elegance is chukka boots. You’ve probably seen these shoes many times in stores, and maybe even in your closet. However, you will learn now why chukka boots bear this name – and also, how to combine clothes with them and how to choose them.

What Do Chukka Boots Look Like?


Chukka boots are closed men’s ankle boots that have a thin lace and usually have 2 to 3 holes. These boots are often called desert boots, which is also true – but only partially. Desert boots are made of suede, usually in muted, desert shades of color – while chukka boots can be made of any material: from leather to textiles. Therefore, desert boots are treated as a subcategory of chukka boots – although both labels can often be found in stores and magazines. Legend has it that lightweight calfskin boots with leather soles were once worn by British soldiers in India. They later took roots for an extremely popular game at the time – and that was Polo. The period in this game is called chukka, which explains the unusual name of these boots.

From War Shoes To Contemporary Fashion


Although the history and origin of chukka boots are related to the beginning of the twentieth century – these boots gained additional popularity during the Second World War. At the time, soldiers wore them in desert areas. However, the leather sole was replaced with a rubber one, for better durability – and suede was used for the boot itself to make the feet breathe better in the high desert temperatures. Although created out of necessity, these boots soon became part of standard men’s fashion. First of all, thanks to their unique appearance and comfort they provide. Namely, these boots can look equally casual – but can also be combined with more elegant pieces of clothing. The most important thing, above all, is their comfort and functionality.

Chukka Boots And Casual Elegance

Today, we can find so many types of these boots that allow them to be used in a variety of styles and situations. For example, models made of smooth leather in reduced color tones can replace oxfords and other types of classic shoes – which can be complemented by a business suit. They may not need to be used in situations involving a particularly strict dress code – but for everyday office work, this is more than a good option. Chukka boots will not disturb the office style, but they will allow you to look a little less strict.

How To Buy And Combine Chukka Boots?


The smartest choice will be to buy a dark-colored pair. For example, brown boots, made of soft suede or leather – will suit almost anything you have in your closet. At the same time, such shoes will make the office look a little more relaxed and more elegant. According to Bruno Marc’s official site, suede chukka boots can be found in beige, gray, green, and other neutral shades. These colors will fit well in a smart-casual style. In any situation, combine chukka boots with jeans – and that will be a winning option. For a great, authentic look, you can buy boots in light colors with contrasting laces or soles – that have been popular for the last few years. They will be a great alternative to sneakers in sets with jeans, light shirts, elegant hoodies, sweaters, etc. For bolder men, combining chukka boots with colored socks can look very attractive. You can check these Stride Wise boots and find what suits you.

Can Younger Guys Wear Them?

Despite their long history, chukka boots fit perfectly into the youth style. They can be combined even with a sports wardrobe, and the color variation is more in favor of younger men – who know how to wear it well. For summer you can buy chukka boots made of lightweight materials like canvas. They will suit any jeans, including skinny jeans that are more often worn by younger men. However, even with such bold combinations, chukka boots will help you keep a touch of elegance – even in the most relaxed and comfortable outfit.

Buying Chukka Boots


On the one hand, it is quite easy to buy chukka boots, because these shoes are produced by most shoe manufacturers – as well as many fashion brands that are recognizable by their casual style. However, the definition of this type of footwear has become blurred over time – so it is not uncommon to see any footwear labeled as chukka boots in stores. This can be a little confusing, but since these are casual boots that should suit your taste – you don’t have to worry too much about it. So what if you like suede boots that have not three, but five rows of laces? You can still opt for them too. In the end, what is the difference? The main thing is that they are high quality, that they fit your clothes well – and that you like them.

The Bottom Line

It is no coincidence that chukka boots are so popular and have almost a century of history. Above all, they are a comfortable and well-combining type of footwear that can serve you in various situations – from office to travel. At the same time, chukka boots can become elements of interesting experiments in style, so such models should be paid attention to.