5 Ways to Properly Handle a Motorcycle Crash – 2024 Guide

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We all know how exciting it is while riding a motorcycle on the open road at some higher speed. Many people feel amazing when they are riding bikes, and that is the main reason why we have so many biker’s organizations today like Hells Angels and some more. Bikers are known as strong and confident people, and riding a strong machine boosts their self-confidence even more.

Unfortunately, accidents are not so rare, and unlike car drivers, bikers have much more to worry about in case of an accident on the road. There is a much bigger chance for a biker to get some serious injuries during the crash than with any other vehicle. If you get in such a situation, it is important to stay calm and follow some steps for the best outcome. Here are the most important ways to handle a motorcycle crash.

1. Check to See if Anyone is Injured

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The first thing you need to the right after the crash is to try to stay calm and see if there are any injuries on your body and other people in the crash. Also, you should call 911 as fast as you can if someone is injured. Only when the potentially injured have been taken care of, you can proceed with the process of determining the guilt and the amount of damage. It would be best to call some experts to evaluate the damage and the amount of possible compensation. The best example is Rosengard Law Group from New Jersey, which is an experienced law firm that can provide you with the best solutions and help you win in a lawsuit.

2. Take Pictures

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After you check for injuries and call help if needed, you need to take photos of your bike, and another vehicle that was in the accident. That is very important since those pictures can act as proof that you are not responsible for the crash, and the insurance company will also need that picture for valid compensation. Always use your smartphone camera when there is an accident because you can prevent people from getting away without consequences.

3. Move from the Road

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After you take pictures and make sure everyone is safe, it is very important to move your bike on the side of the road to prevent traffic jams or even worse, another accident if someone doesn’t see you on time. Also, there is a possibility that some parts ended all over the road, and you should collect all those parts after you took pictures. Remember, it is crucial to follow all these steps and not get too emotional. If you are not responsible, there is nothing to worry about, except for staying safe.

4. Collect All Important Data

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In case there is no need to call 911 since there are no serious injuries, you still need to call the local police department to take the report about the case. The arrival of police officers is necessary for proving your innocence on the court and providing you with proper compensation. You can sue the person that is responsible for the accident to fully recover your bike, and pay you an additional amount for any injure, and survived mental pain.

Furthermore, you can also talk to any people who saw an accident to be your potential witnesses. The data that you need to collect is contact, name, e-mail address, and phone numbers. On the other side, collect data about other vehicles, names of the models, and registration plates. Also, take the name and registration number from the police officer that came on the scene, and ask him for the number of the report.

You and other people that were part of the accident should all share information and provide each other with contact numbers, names, and mails. Also, you should share the data about your insurance company. It is much easier when people are ready to take consequences and avoid lawsuits that sometimes can last for a longer time. However, in case that someone rejects any kind of cooperation and communication with you, you can use pictures and the report against him on the court.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

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When you finish the whole process of collecting data, witnesses, contacts, and all other things in the place of accident, you can leave the place and immediately call your insurance agent. However, you should never provide them with some unspecified information about who is guilty, and what is the damage. You need to provide the insurance company with all necessary reports like the mechanical, medical, and the police report that says who is responsible for the accident.

We all know how sometimes insurance companies can be complicated to deal with in situations like this one. Therefore, you need to use valid documentation that will provide you with full compensation for your injuries and bike repair. When you have insurance and a proper attorney like ones from the Rosengard Law Group, there is no chance that you won’t get the proper coverage for the collision.

Bottom Line

There are various reasons why we have so many accidents on the roads. People are sometimes in a hurry, or they are tired, which can affect their focus on the road. On the other side, some people are not responsible enough to understand why is it so important to avoid driving too fast and respect the traffic rules. If you are a biker, it is crucial to always wear a helmet and other necessary equipment. A proper biker gear can save your life.

Also, avoid arguing with people after the accident, because that usually won’t get you to any solution. On the opposite, you might get into much bigger problems if you don’t stay calm and wait for the help and police to come. Every biker must we aware of the fact that he is in a much bigger risk during a collision than car drivers. That is the main reason why having insurance and contact for the attorney is so important.