3 Ways to Improve Air Compressor Functionality in 2024

Every day, new compressors are produced and the manufacturers claim that they are more efficient, faster, and better. However, real functions and efficiency can only be optimum when you carry out and practice proper maintenance. Maintaining the integrity of your air compressor is a key factor for an effective function of your air compressor.

Maintaining your air compressor requires you to check and maintain certain parts like the air hose, the fittings, and the pumps. An efficient and functioning air compressor will ensure that you’re getting the right supply of air at the time you need it. Maintaining your air compressor to keep it efficient and functional may require you to spend some extra time and cash.

The following steps listed below will guide and help you keep your air compressor functional and efficient at all times. Below are three simple and very effective ways to increase the function and efficiency of your compressor.

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1. Choose the right location for the inlet and air filter

You can effectively reduce the running cost from the inlet because running costs start mainly at the inlet of a compressor. Placing the compressor in a cool place makes it more efficient.

The cooler the incoming air, the less energy needed to produce pressure. For optimum efficiency, the inlet of the compressor should be placed outside in a clean and dry shaded area.

We recommend you place the air compressor about 1.8 m above the ground, in an area where there is no direct sunlight. Use of intake ducts when running your compressor at full capacity can help to minimize pressure drop and lower operating costs.

An air filter with the right capacity for compressor and intake can help to reduce the workload of the compressor. A proper air filter will increase the time spent between filter changes, saving you extra cost for a filter change.

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2. Maintaining a proper operating temperature

Maintaining a proper operating temperature is a great way to ensure that your compressor retains its efficiency and functions. The temperature of the cooling water in your compressor should be kept and properly maintained to ensure optimum operation. Remember to make sure the temperature of the cooling water should be kept about 5.5ºC above the inlet air temperature of your compressor. For more details read AirCompressorsUSA Review blog.

With a properly maintained cooling water temperature, you can effectively stop moisture from condensing in the cylinders. For the outlet of your compressor, the temperature should be maintained below 49°C. You also have to ensure some other good practices to ensure that your cooling water doesn’t flow when your compressor shuts down or starts up.

Regular checks and cleaning have to be done on the air-cooled compressors to prevent dirt from clogging the fans and fins. Proper draining of condensed water will also go a long way to improve your air pressure functionality.

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3. Use lubricants that match the working conditions of your compressor.

When you lubricate your compressor with lubricants that match their operating condition, your compressors will function best. You also have to ensure that the lubricants are properly stored and used in the right quantities for optimum functions. Maintaining the right feed rate for lubrication is important for reciprocating air compressors.

Having a lubricant feed rate that is too high or low can increase oil consumption and cause wear on rings and cylinders. Some compressors work with wet screws which are often flooded with lubricants for optimum functionality and experience. Wet screws require the use of cooled oil to absorb the heat generated when air is being compressed as lubricated rotors make a good deal.

It doesn’t matter if it’s water-to-air or oil-to-air heat exchangers, they’ll be able to keep carbon deposits down and keep air supply at the right temperature. There are a lot of great lubricants out there to help minimize the downtime for rotary screws in industrial compressors. Visit Des-Case and check their products that would keep lubricants in a clean and dry environment.

However, there are other little ways to improve air compressor functionality. Below are a few other things you can use to improve the functionality of your air compressor.

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  • Ensure you use the user manual of the compressor

Air compressors like other machines have a user manual to aid performance. Unless you have experience with operating a specific type and brand of an air compressor, you may need to use the manual. User manuals give a clear guide on the things you should put into consideration when operating and maintaining your compressor.

If you happen to have lost your manual, you can always request a new one from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have their user manuals available for download on their websites.

  • Upgrade the plant piping of your compressor

One major thing that affects the flow of compressed air in an air compressor is the plant piping. In the case of small industrial compressors, the piping systems restrict flow allowing the device to produce higher pressures.

If you have a newly installed compressor system, you have to know that the compressor may not work well with an outdated piping system. If your industrial plant has grown, the compressed air demands may also increase to compensate for the airflow.

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  • Clean up your air compressor

Keeping your compressor clean is one proper maintenance duty that you should always try to adhere to. You have to ensure that your air compressor is kept clean both on the inside and the outside. Some of the pets you need to clean include the intake vents, heat exchangers, and the fuel tank.

For air compressors that are used in a dusty environment, you need to clean the intake vents often. With dirty vents in your air compressor, air intake will become difficult making the quality of your compressor degrade.


Maintaining your air compressor can increase its durability and functionality. Proper maintenance of air compressors may require you to spend extra time and cash.

However, if you carefully follow the tips that we’ve given above, maintaining the proper functionality of your compressor will be easy. Like we mentioned earlier, you can still refer to the user manual of your compressor to carry out maintenance that is specific to it.