Vehicle Accident Injuries in California – All You Need To Know About


Modern-day vehicles are more protected than before, but still, accidents are a common sight. Accidents not only damage property and valuables, but it also brings with them lots of mental and social pressures. Apart from that if you get some serious physical injury, which deprives you of working for long, you might lose your job too. While you are worried about the medical and house expense as you are home because of an accident, we have some information for you to get yourself relieved. Now, you don’t need to worry and with few wise steps, you can have your job secured while also receive medical allowance too.

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One of the biggest fears, when you become the victim of an accident, is to lose the job. Several road accidents leave intense physical injuries that people are not able to go on work for an extended period of time. Apart from financial stress, you also face emotional stress. How to pay for the damage and repair, pay the hospital expense, and bear the home expenditures. But we believe that worrying is not the solution to your problem. Whenever you get into such a situation you need to carefully take these steps to reduce the burden over you.

Get a thorough medical checkup

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More than half of the people in a car accident neglect the importance of medical checkups after the accident. Apart from getting treatment to get recovered soon, it also helps you identify the severity of the physical injury. Most critical vehicle injuries are head and spine injuries. These injuries can leave you physically dependent for long or even for a whole life. If you had a thorough medical examination certificate it can make your case strong for a legal claim. You also have to keep the record of your medical bills, which can help you in getting insurance back or get the amount from the opposite party.

Have a thorough police check of the accident site

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Whenever you file a case against the opposite party, the Judge needs proof for your claim. The best proof you can present is the police report generated for the accident site. After accident police get a thorough examination of the site and investigate from the people on the spot. And from that, they prepare a report on who is responsible for the accident. In case, you are the real victim you can easily claim for the loss you have suffered from the opposite part. Try to keep yourself in senses and remember everything that happened before and after the accident.

Hire an attorney

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A legal representative can help you better in getting out of such a troublesome situation. So, you have to hire the best attorney with experience in dealing with such cases. There are several attorneys and lawyers providing services for roadside accidents. They will give you thorough information on how can you get the maximum amount for your loss. They also know how much amount and relief you will get from your condition.

Make a sensible and timely claim

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Never delay in putting a claim for your loss. There are rules and regulations on the basis of which you are given your claim. California state has its own rules and regulation that apply to car and vehicle accidents. The law states that minimum insurance coverage for the vehicle are;

  • $15000 on the death or injury of one person
  • $30000 on the death or injury of more than one person
  • $5000 in case of damage to property

California law requires the motorist to stay at the sight of an accident until the police don’t arrive, in case no one received a severe injury. You have to report within 10 days of the car accident and go for legal cases, to get the deserved amount. Apart from that in case of property damage, the maximum time for a claim is two years. Once the time period is over, there is no importance of the claim.

Claim for your insurance

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If you have insurance registered for your vehicle or having health insurance, this is the right time to get it. Everyone knows that we save money to use them when we need them. In case your vehicle is damaged or you got a severe injury, you can claim for the insurance amount. For that, you have to assure them that the accident was not due to your fault. This amount can give you relief for the time being you recovers and get back to work.

Get medical leave from job

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There are some rules and regulations for employees working in a company. You need to have a deep overview of these rules. One of these rules is the medical leave you get while anyone in your family is sick. You might not be aware but, you can also take the same medical leave for yourself. In case of severe injury, you can also take 12 weeks of unpaid leave. While your job is secured, you can use your savings and insurance amount in the meanwhile till you start the job again.

Work from home

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If you can’t go to work, there are several other options to get money. One of these options is to work from home. If your job was to keep a record of files, then you can do the job from home too till you don’t get back to work. Apart from that if you have lost your job, you can do freelancing. There are several websites where you can open your account and offer your services for a reasonable amount.

Rent a room

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You can also make money by giving room in your house or apartment on rent. It will not make you financially dependent on anyone else. Many people want accommodation at affordable rates, so if you have a spare place at your home utilize it for some earning.