Is Vaping Cannabis a Safer Alternative to Smoking?

Smoking various products the old-fashioned way is one of the worst things humans invented when it comes to their well-being and health. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are active smokers. With more than 480,000 deaths per year in the USA alone and 41,000 more due to secondhand smoke exposure, it is one of the leading causes of preventable death.

However, the other form of smoking, the marijuana and cannabis kind, is thought to be much healthier especially now that there are also many CBD products available all over the place. Over the last decade or so, in an effort to reduce the worryingly high numbers of smoking-related deaths, there have been many new products available on the market that are said to be healthier options to regular smoking by burning the content and inhaling the smoke.

The leading among these novelty ways of inhaling is vaping, a form of smoking without the regular burning of leaves. Various oils are also used that produce steam that usually has different flavors and ingredients that vary in how healthy and beneficial they are. The general premise is that any form of vaping is better than smoking, especially vaping the cannabis plant. However, is there any truth to this and if so, how much? Is vaping cannabis really a safer alternative to smoking it?

In this article we tackle this important question and aim to answer it. If you want to learn more about this, make sure to check out where you can also browse and order a wide variety of vaping gadgets and products.


Vaping Cannabis

There is no denying how popular these modern vaping gadgets are especially among the younger generations. Vaporizes are the go-to and preferred option for the majority of newcomers as well, since they are already familiar with how things used to be before their time, naturally picking the novelty solution. While there are worrying studies and warnings regarding e-cigarettes and vaporizers and the potentially harmful ingredients they contain, they are still on the rise.

Considering how many different varieties, strains, and products of cannabis there are, and how many of them could be consumed this way, there is no saying how bigger this industry is going to get. In any case, we should talk more about the actual practice of vaping cannabis and how it is done. With vaping, there is no burning of leaves and making smoke. Instead, the gadget you have runs on batteries and it has metal coils that only heat the substance until it can evaporate. The user then inhales the vapor, hence the names like vapes, vaping, vape pens, and vaporizers.

However, this is still not all as there are three different types of these gadgets that differ according to what kind of product they use. They can either use herbs, oils, or waxes. The ones for herbs have special chambers where dried cannabis flower is put. Those for oil use oil concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant, often mixed with other ingredients and flavors. Finally, there is wax, a semi-solid substance also extracted from the cannabis plant with high amount of active ingredients.


Vaping Benefits

So is there any reason why vaping cannabis is considered better, safer, and healthier than smoking? Well, it is not so simple as saying a definitive yes, but the outlook is positive. It is more about the general experience, convenience, and cleanliness. For example, there is much less smell. Not all users enjoy the smell of cannabis, nor do they want to smell like it or their home to smell like it after consumption. The strong earthy smell can be an issue, and there is much less of it with vaping since nothing is burning.

Next up, it is much easier to use and it is less messy. Smoking cannabis requires grinding the flower and then rolling it into a joint. While smoking, there is ash to get rid of that can get everywhere. With vaping, everything is less messy and there are less steps to take. You just need an operational, charged up vaping pen and either herb, oil, or wax. The herb remains are easy to dispose of, while the oil and wax will completely evaporate.

One of the best things about vaping is the fact that you need less of it to get the desired high and relaxing effect because all three solutions are more effective than regular smoking. This means is that you will require less, and therefore actually save money. Even if you end up buying the same amount, it will last you longer. Speaking of saving money and being more productive with your finances, you will enjoy to know that it is more affordable to buy a vaporizer and use concentrates.

Consistency is key when developing a new habit, especially if you want to consume something and get the right dosage every time. With vaping, you will ensure that the THC levels of your vaping product is consistent every time you take it since you can better calculate and understand the amount you are taking. With dry plants and smoking, each bud tends to be somewhat different, while the oils, herbs, and waxes are all standardized and you can read the values on the box. When you start vaping, the hit is also cleaner and purer, as well as more potent than from combusted cannabis.

If you care about the environment as well as other people in your immediate surrounding, good news again. There is no secondhand smoke when vaping and nobody else is exposed to it, at least not nearly in the same amount as with smoking. Even if there is, there is much less carcinogen residue in the secondhand vapor.


In terms of health, is a well-known fact that no form of smoking nor inhaling is healthy. The lungs are not meant for that kind of inhaling, especially as a regular habit. Tissue in the lungs is sensitive and various debris from the smokes and vapors could be harmful. However, since vaporizers do not burn anything the old-fashioned way, they are somewhat healthier than joints.

Finally, it is much easier to buy vaping cannabis products than regular dried plant. They are also more regulated and have less legal issues. We all know how controversial regular cannabis smoking still is around the world. Things are not like that with vaping so if you want to feel safer and not like doing something wrong whenever you light up, switch to vaping as soon as possible.