7 Benefits of Using Online Video Editing Software

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If you thought a good video could only be made by professionals – you were wrong. Today, any of us can buy a decent camera for little money and make a video that will look great. Many years ago, you couldn’t do that because the technology just wasn’t available to you to that extent. You had to have expensive cameras, microphones, a good computer, and specific knowledge to do something, while today the picture is somewhat different.

Today, many software packages can help you greatly, ready-made movie effects that you can embed in your video with two mouse clicks, not to mention countless guides on the Internet that tell you how to shoot, how to edit, and the like.

Every entrepreneur should know that photos are no longer enough because they do not provide potential customers with a real insight into his services. Moreover, if customers are dissatisfied with the service or product because they expected something else based on the photo, they often know how to leave bad comments on social networks.

On the other hand, a short video from every angle will give a real insight into the result of your work and show each product in the best possible way. You don’t have to have a top-of-the-line camera, it’s a better mobile phone to start with, but you should learn the process of video editing using free software like VideoPad or OpenShot, which are among the easiest to use.

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1. Free video editing programs

Although we will explain to you in this article how to use VideoPad, there are several other free programs in which you can edit and edit videos, but they all work in a very similar way. In addition to OpenShot, the most famous are certainly: VSDC Free Video Editor, Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut, Movie Maker (Windows), and iMovie (Mac).

However, it should be noted that free video editing software often has legal and technical limitations. Some of the codes used to require a software vendor licensing fee, which means they cannot offer free software that can handle all standard file formats. Still, Shotcut is impressive in that regard because it has an open-source that allows for a lot of the same options that paid apps contain. Another previously mentioned software – Lightworks – also has some advantages over free apps as they have paid for an option that removes the 720-pixel resolution limit. On jihosoft.com you can find more about good video editing software.

There are many benefits to using video editing software, and these are just some of them.

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2. Switch between videos

You’ve finished shooting a few videos and now you’d like to arrange them and fit them into one. However, it is not enough just to add one after the other, but it is also necessary to blend with which you will make the transitions softer. Therefore, using the “transition” option helps the videos continue on top of each other the way you want.

3. Adding effects

Adding effects is very popular in video editing and there are many different ones. Whether it’s sound or video effects, the options are many. You can crop, blur, or motion as you like, and you can change the background sound and add your favorite song. There is also the option to add text, with additional options for animating text, counting, and the like.

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4. Visual effects

As you already know, visual effects are present almost everywhere today, not only in the film industry but also in advertising, graphics, and video games. Today, without them, it is almost unthinkable to make something of that. The film industry uses pre-prepared materials that are composed into a scene. You’ve probably noticed green or blue backgrounds during filming that later disappear and are replaced by action scenes.

We use visual effects in the film when it is impossible to capture a scene in real-time as explosions of some planets or attacks by aliens. Visual effects are used daily in the world film industry as well as in the video game industry. Today, it is available to anyone and easy to use.

5. Customers love watching video

Research has shown that, when placing any product, videos perform much better than photos accompanied by text. Moreover, statistics show that 1/3 of customers watch a video before buying a certain product. This is also proven by YouTube, which says that over 4 billion videos are viewed every day.

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6. You can create a video at home

Gone are the days when we had to look for a video editing expert. Thanks to the many application software available to us on computers and smartphones, we can now do this work ourselves with little effort.

7. Enhance the quality of the video

Video quality can be significantly improved by using one of the video editing software. For example, if the quality of your video is poor, switch to high resolution, high-definition video and you will immediately notice the difference.

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8. Preview window

Thanks to the preview window, you will be able to directly edit the video when cutting, which is one of the biggest advantages of digital editing. So, the video editor can adjust your automatic changes, which makes the job easier, because the movie doesn’t have to be physically cut and returned to the editor to be viewed again.

Final thoughts

Video processing can be an extremely demanding and thankless job if you don’t approach the whole story the way you should. First of all, you need quality recorded materials if you want successful results. Another important thing that processing can’t work without is video editing programs – there are dozens of them on the market, and sometimes it’s hard for the user to decide what to choose. The third ingredient of a successful video is the knowledge and creativity of the person editing the video, which may be conditioned by the capabilities of the video processing tool.