5 Tips For Using Custom Printed Bags As A Promo Material

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Competition has become a key player in today’s world. The dynamics of every field revolve around how its competitors react to a sudden change. Businesses find it challenging to fight competition due to many factors.

However, many organizations perceive competition as a growth opportunity. They use different tools and strategies to combat and escape these obstacles. Marketing plays a crucial role in this whole process. There are many forms of marketing like advertising, public relations, direct marketing, etc., that help in withstanding market competition and other adverse changes.

But, these conventional methods have stopped working to grab market share. One of the modern and trending ways of promoting a company is using custom printed bags. Uniqueness and creativity have given rise to such mediums of promotion.

However, getting these promo bags at affordable rates is a big challenge for businesses. Custom bag providers like claytons.com.au are ideal solutions for promotion at a reasonable cost. Approaching these companies is not enough for a successful marketing strategy. There are many things to consider while using custom printed bags as promo material.

5 Effective Tips & Hacks For Applying Custom Printed Bags For Promotion

Source: litprint.com

There are many benefits a company can experience after this successful promotion strategy. In order to successfully use these customized business printed bags as a promo tool, follow the below-given tips.

1. Determining Objectives Of Promotion

A business should be clear about what they need through this kind of promotion. They need to understand the goals of using custom printed bags. If they are not clear about using such bags, they will probably deliver an ill-framed and inconsistent message to the public.

When a company uses such promotional techniques, it should analyze different messages. The message should match the vision of the business. Once the company gets clarity about the message they want to convey to the public, its strategy base gets strengthened.

2. Way Of Charity

A business can go for charity and philanthropy work instead of giving their products to the customers. When these printed carry bags are offered to customers who bought a particular item, they will overlook the message pasted on the bag.

On the other hand, when food or necessary items are provided in these bags to underprivileged people, they will read the message. This will also help the business elevate its brand image. Society will recognize these efforts and help grow the organization indirectly.

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3. Using Business Related Bags

It is a must for any business to use these printed bags according to the type of business operations. For example, a laptop selling company should sell custom printed or colored laptop bags.

The design of these bags should also match the product category. A bright yellow color cannot be used with these bags. Instead, these colors can be used when an FMCG company sells food products to customers.

4. Quality Attracts Customers

The quality of anything presents the first impression to the customer. While selecting a material for these promo bags, marketers should note the characteristics of the fiber. Based on these traits, they should choose the most appropriate material for printing.

Quality of packaging material and promo bags act as add-on features that boost sales. It changes the customer’s perception of a brand or product. However, choosing a premium material will increase the cost, but it will be worth it once buyers recognize the efforts.

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5. Unified Theme

These promo bags should be designed revolving around a unique theme. All the company bags should have a central code or theme that gives a brand identification to the target audience.

It is advisable to incorporate attractive slogans, phrases, messages, etc., to bind the buyers and drive them towards a single message. They can also use features that facilitate user interaction through the internet or live presentations.

Why Organizations Should Use Custom Printed Bags For Promotion

Apart from promotion work, there are many benefits of using such bags such as lower inventory costs, excellent customer relationships, etc. Other advantages of the same are listed hereunder.

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Instruction Overload

A restaurant business can get immense benefits by using these bags. They can give special instructions for cooking a specific meal or their particular cuisine. A person can also include a list of ingredients or something essential for the target audience.

Similarly, a salon shop can give messages regarding shampoos, lotions, conditioners, etc. They can provide directions for washing hair for decent hair growth. Therefore, a marketer can incorporate these messages through the bags, otherwise challenging to deliver.


Since these bags are reusable, customers can use them anywhere, anytime. They will see the message every time they take the bag with them. They will remember the company and the printed message. Therefore, it is a powerful tool for improving brand visibility.

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Brand Image Booster

Any social message or statistics related to the company’s CRM practices printed on the bag can give a positive message to the public. They can use it to reframe their positioning strategies. If they switch from high-pricing operations to low-pricing market players, they can highlight their pricing objectives and brush their image.


These bags are great marketing tools ideal for startups. The reason for its wide acceptability is its lower operational cost. They are economical as well as time-saving options. They attract customers without any massive investment. Moreover, they are also eco-friendly.

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With rising competition in marketing, there is a need for an upgrade in creativity and innovation level. A company cannot stick to old forms of marketing. The guide mentioned above gives a unique solution for such marketing challenges.

Printed bags have evolved to be the new solution for giving utility to the customers along with delivering promotional messages. These bags are beneficial for both companies and customers as the former can achieve higher sales & brand awareness while the latter gets the utility of storage and reusing.