7 Useful Trading Strategies And Systems For Beginner Traders

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There is a general saying that throwing stones down the cliff wouldn’t make the change; convert them to wheels and see the change. This saying states that it can be any industry or field of work; if you put your wit and strategy into anything, you can transform the course of its output. In today’s world, the crypto and stock markets are two markets where you would notice huge money transactions.

When it comes to money and investment, you need to be very cautious because your research and intuition can cost you your hard-earned money. So in this article, we will discuss some strategies which would make it easier for users to make their investments in a much researched and strategized manner.

Strategies For Beginner Crypto Traders

Various strategies can bring in massive profits in the crypto market at the end of the day, but some trending strategies can make it easier for you to create a roadmap for your portfolio. Some of these strategies are listed and discussed below. You can read and research strategies along with brokers and you can find it here.

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1. Same Day Trading

This is the shortest span strategy that doesn’t focus on the long-term achievements of a particular trade but believes in keeping the margin to the end of the day. In this trading, people buy crypto tokens when the market opens, and by the end of the day, they sell them keeping the margin as the profit.

Theoretically, this is not a sustainable and efficient technique, but in real life, it has made it easier for people to make bag loads of money. The major factors influencing this trading are the technical details and release of cryptocurrencies and their effect on the invested crypto.

2. Scalping

This is a risky and yet most used technique to book massive profits; in this strategy, the profit is attained by working on the bulk. If you are making a dollar on one token and exchanging thousands of tokens, your profit will depend on it. In this strategy, people buy tokens in bulk after thoroughly researching from their end and reading the whitepapers. Depending on your research and crypto investment, this can be both a short-term and a long-term investment.

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3. Dollar-Cost Averaging

This is a very cautious strategy and perfectly suited for beginners because this strategy allows users to reduce the overall risk experienced in the market volatility. Furthermore, it allows them to manage their fund efficiently. Implementing this strategy is pretty easy as the total fund has to be broken down into multiple slots.

Assume you are eager to invest $1000 in cryptocurrency, so you need to break it down into 10 slots of $100 each, and then on a particular day at a particular time, you will invest an amount worth one slot and store those tokens. This technique reduces the chances of massive losses because if you lose one slot, you might be able to cover it up with investment in another cryptocurrency.

4. Range Trading

This strategy is about threshold and experience and requires the assistance of well-trained and experienced professionals to make thorough calculations. Three vital factors govern the implementation of this strategy: the threshold, support price, and ratio. The threshold defines the maximum value strike to which a certain cryptocurrency could reach.

The support price is the minimum price by the end of the day and is generally lower than the current price. The ratio is the increase and decrease in the value of crypto. Now it would be obvious how this strategy gets its name as the range trading.

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5. High-Frequency Trading

This strategy is suitable only for highly trained technical geeks with the requisite skills to develop complex algorithms based on market trends and whitepaper reports of cryptocurrency values. In this trading, these technical geeks develop trading bots and programs that make purchases based on the data served.

By evaluating this data and checking through all the required files, the program makes the purchase and can work all day long, ending up in a high-frequency trading platform.

6. Spread/Liquidity Trading

Spread is a common term in the crypto market as it marks the conversion of the token into other markets or liquidating your assets. This technique is a bit volatile but would keep you equipped with abundant running money. The spreading technique focuses on buying tokens in the crypto market, converting them to cash, and investing them in the stock market to buy or vice versa.

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7. Diversify

The most effective technique to avoid maximum losses on your chart is by building a balanced and diversified portfolio. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, and hundreds of them have the potential to make you a millionaire overnight or after a certain period; all you have to do is to hold onto your patience and bring out the best.

Your portfolio can contain Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Stellar, Polkadot, Robot APe, and a wide variety of alternate crypto available in the market.

Tips For Trading

Some tips always turn out to be a handy choice while investing in the market, and with proper knowledge and guidance, you can bring down some amazing wonders.

  • Do not go with the hype; the market is not open to your instincts and hunches, so always have faith in your research because if your research fails, then you are the one who is going empty-handed with experience, but if it happens due to hype or hunch then you are going home with regret.
  • Ensure you maintain a well-versed and efficient portfolio, allowing you to manage multiple crypto tokens and make profits.
  • Markets provide both profits and losses, so be prepared for either and never invest more than 40% of your funds on a single cryptocurrency because it’s a volatile market.
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Trading with strategies and proper research would land you the most efficient results in your portfolio. So you must read about the latest strategies used by people in the market, which will make it much easier for you to understand and make your purchases accordingly.