5 Unique Uses for a Vacuum Sealer – 2024 Guide

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How many times have you just happened to open something and not eat until the end and throw it away? Such things are often repeated when it comes to, for example, a bottle of wine, a favorite candy or some other dessert that is intended for multiple uses.

However, you can always use one clever trick that is mostly used in the household. The key is in vacuum sealers. These closures exist in different forms according to their application, so there are precisely those for wine, for bags, etc.

So with this little helper, you will no longer have the need to throw away or finish a bottle of wine that you love so much. Things are quite simplified by the fact that you only need to close the products and then keep all the taste as well as its freshness.

Since we are talking about universal sealers, it is clear to you that it can be applied in various ways, and if you are still not sure what all these ways could be, we will tell you. Keep reading to find inspiration in our tips.

1. Storing meat

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Apart from being practical for the reasons mentioned above, vacuuming can save you a lot of time. A good example of this is food preparation, and it most often refers to meat and fish. Let’s say you need up to a few hours to prepare the perfect meat meal. Add to that the marinating, most people just don’t have the time to set aside those few hours each day for something like that.

Today, the world works in such a way that with an increasing number of daily obligations and the impression, we always miss those few hours a day to get everything. We are constantly in a hurry and trying to finish everything from long lists, and vacuuming food can really help us with that. In addition to the fact that this process is very quick and simple, it helps so that you can plan meals on a weekly basis, make purchases, prepare, separate into portions, and then vacuum it all nicely and put it in the refrigerator.

Another advantage of vacuuming is that all food that is vacuumed becomes very small and will not take up too much space in the refrigerator or freezer. This way you can make a lot of stock of meat or some other dish and thus plan meals for a longer period of time, not only on a weekly basis.

2. Storing vegetables and cheese

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Vegetables are only beautiful and useful for more meals when they are fresh. So if you also took too many, you can use as much as you need, and store the rest. That way, you will always have a supply of fresh vegetables and you won’t have to worry and additionally organize the time of going for fresh food.

The same thing is with cheeses, if you are one of those who adore cheeses, then you certainly want to get the most out of its taste. However, dried cheese with a surface-dried rind does not look fresh or experienced at all. In general, harder cheeses vacuum better than soft ones.

Our advice is to cut harder cheeses into several pieces and vacuum them in order to keep them as fresh as soft. Check www.sousvidechef.com.au to see the different types of vacuum sealers available on the market.

3. Frozen corn

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In the previous part, we mentioned vegetables, as one of the examples of food that you can vacuum. However, this does not only apply to vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc. Apart from the fact that you can vacuum it, you can also do the same procedure with corn cobs.

If you like to cook corn this way, it has never been easier now. When you do, put your food freely in the refrigerator or freezer, and the advantage of vacuuming is that this time you do not have to worry about the remnants of ice that you usually find after regular freezing.

4. Pet food

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Our pets love the part of the day when they are waiting for you to prepare their favorite meal. However, regardless of the size of the pets, most cats and dogs can eat 24/7. In addition, their food is bought as a finished product, so as for us, we should always have pre-prepared stocks on a weekly, monthly basis.

Sometimes buying on a monthly basis is a much more economical choice for us, because often larger packages turn out to be cheaper compared to buying individual smaller products. The only problem is that we risk spoiling the food, but by vacuuming and putting it in the fridge, we can absolutely avoid this.

That way, our pets, like us, will be satisfied when they try that food, because it will retain the same taste.

5. Preserve cosmetics

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You don’t have to use it for food exclusively. Items such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. can very easily leak out and create complete chaos in your suitcase when you are traveling.
Wherever you go and lay these things down, you will never be able to lay them down properly enough and thus protect yourself. Also, every other bag will leak liquids like this, and you certainly don’t want that, especially if there is something else next to them. That’s why vacuuming can serve to separate each set from each other and thus insulate it with a zipper and in relation to your bag.

This set is not bad to make even for your guests who can come to visit you. That way, you will have pre-organized products that they need, and they will stay clean and ready for use until then.


Now that you know the ways in which you can all take advantage of one fantastic thing, you have the opportunity to enjoy far more. Either way, everyone will prefer the fresh and delicious aroma of your favorite dish or beverage as opposed to the potential oxidation. With this sealer, you definitely avoid side effects when delaying the consumption of the product.