Some Unexpected Factors Impacting Bitcoin Rates

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one of the most well-known types of digital currency that has been used in the visual market for about the past 10 years. Traders and dealers have started using Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the main source of their payments and transactions. Bitcoin cryptocurrency has its own pros and cons. This has been one of the most highest and well-known cryptocurrencies especially with respect to the past decade.

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Is Bitcoin a Real Coin?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a type of computer file that is generated by an encrypted algorithm. Every Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet that is called the football at or the Bitcoin virtual wallet. This wallet has a public as well as a private key that insurance the security of the wallet.

Every Bitcoin has a specific value which is the rate of a bitcoin and is never constant. It keeps on changing based on a number of different factors. The value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is of great importance because people purchase Bitcoin for the sake of getting profits on the money e and they are using bitcoins as a source of investments and money infusion platform.

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Uncertainty of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency rates are very unpredictable that’s why Bitcoin cryptocurrency is very elusive and volatile in its nature. The rate of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is influenced by a number of factors. These factors can be e geo-political social or other. analysts and critics throughout the world state that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is very unpredictable and it always surprises the world with its increasing and decreasing values and rates. if you are investing your money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency you should keep a very close eye on the database of the Bitcoin currency so that you can take all the necessary steps to make sure the safety of your investment.

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Factors Controlling Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

There are a number of factors that are involved in controlling the rates and the vales of the bitcoin cryptocurrency There is a very interesting fact about the price of the bitcoin cryptocurrency rates. The rate of the bitcoin has to do a lot with the traders and their moves. The price of the bitcoin cryptocurrency is in the hands of its users. The media coverage also plays an important role in increasing and decreasing the rate of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. The bitcoin cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention in the recent years and this the reason that most of the analysts and critics are predicting that the rates of the bitcoin currency are going to change dramatically n the near future.

Different political issues that have a great impact on the trading and e-market has also a great impact on the rate and the value of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Following are some of the most impactful factors that influence the rates of bitcoins either positively or negatively.

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Political ups and downs

As we all know that all the political issues has a great impact on the national currency and its downfall is usually related to some very impactful political impacts.

Although many analysts and critics have an opinion that political issues has nothing to do with the rates of the bitcoins but if we look from another prespective we can see that at the end of the day every thing that has an impact on the local currency will also impact an impact on the bitcoins. Because at the end of thr day bitcoins is seen by the amount of local currency it weighs.

This can be explained by taking into account an example from Greece back in the year 2015.It was seen that an economic crisis of the Greek citizens makes them invest their money with bitcoin cryptocurrency. Although this impact was not that powerful but you can not deny the effect of that crisis of the changing trends of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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Governance of bitcoins

You might be thinking that bitcoins are decentralized but the actual truth is that the policy that is made for the circulation and trading of the bitcoin cryptocurrency has to do a lot with bitcoin miners. Miners are actually servers who use specific computers in order to do verification of all the transactions made at the manifesto of the digital currency.

All these miners are required to be on one page for making any major change in the working network of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. This concept can be further expalined by the following example. It was seen in the year 2017 when the nitcoin cryptocurrency under went a situation called Hard Fork. It was seen that the pre fork period was very uncertain with respect to bitcoin prices and the post fork period was pretty much a time when the rates of the bitcoin cryptocurrency starts getting increasing.

Fork is a condition when all the miners or at least 50 % of them agree with the changes made in the bitcoin networking policy etc. To know in detail about the fork, go visit

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Psychological factors

This can be explained as that the thinking and the approach of the bitcoin traders are greatly influenced by the trends of the market. People behave like animals in the sense that the start following the majority

This is also called as animal spirit in the terms of cryptocurrency.  For example a positive and hyped up media covergae impacts the rates of the bitcoin cryptocurrency in a positive fashion.  That is the reason why the bitcoin rates are graetly increasing in recent yeras, Initially in the year 2009 when the bitcoin was introduced for the first time, media was not much interested in the cryptocurrency but as the time has paseed the media has started spreading the Bitcoin Crypto term and people are taking more and more interest in it.

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Bottom line

Ending this whole discussion we can state that just like local currency , bitcoin cryptocurrency is also influenced by several of factors but the outcome can be different from that of the local currency depending on a number of factors. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is very elusive so its important to have a detailed insight of all the factors that can impact the rate of the bitcoin.