8 Types of Women You Should Avoid Dating

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Dating can sometimes be pretty hard. Once you like someone you need to build up the courage to ask them out and you cannot tell for sure what to expect. Going to the first date is usually exciting but scary to a degree. Why?

First dates don’t tell you anything about a person. They might sugarcoat, wear masks, and pretend to be someone they’re not. But in some time, girls always give themselves away, uncovering hurtful truth. In order not to get caught and fall for a wrong person, avoid these types of girls:

1. Drama Queen

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Scandals and drama are their second name. You may be wrong in anything, from giving her “an attitude,” using the wrong intonation, not laughing at her jokes, laughing at her – anything can be your fault. And any of your actions will have negative consequences. She will be upset, hysterical, silent, needy. And, quite paradoxically, the more you react to her tantrums and give her attention – the worse her nest tantrum will be.

You can notice this pretty quickly once you start dating and that should be a big red alert for you to get out. However, sometimes this trait can manifest once you are deep into a relationship but even so, try to move away from that toxic person.

2. Dependent Woman

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And we don’t talk about dependency on substances. We are talking about co-dependency. She doesn’t know how to live without you, waiting for you outside your working place, calling you every five minutes, texting you every five seconds. And God forbid you to tell her you’re out with your friends in the pub. She will be devastated to hear that. She doesn’t want to share you with your friends, family, co-workers, trying to attach you and leave you unseparated. At first, it might sound fun to be someone’s deity, but soon you’ll realize how tragic that is.

Once you start dating a woman like this, you will pretty soon feel lifeless and tired. It is impossible to keep a healthy relationship when you cannot even go to a nearby store without reporting, apologizing and asking for permission.

3. Friend’s Ex

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Imagine you liked this girl while she was going out with your friend. There was no fights or flirt, you were honest and loyal to your friend. But suddenly, they broke up. How to date a friend’s ex and avoid drama? Should you consider dating someone’s ex from your friend circle. It’s a tough question but you can find the answer here. But even if they don’t feel anything for each other, there will be a lot of emotional baggage and drama, trust me.

4. Chameleon

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She is a “cool girl.” She shares most of your interests and outlook. Do you like football? Be sure she’ll love it within a week. Love scary movies? She’ll freak out, but still watch every film with you. She’ll agree with everything you offer and is genuinely inspired. Do you know why? Because she has no identity. She is a blank canvas, ready to download your memories into her computer. But beware, because soon she’ll take your identity too.

This may be awesome in the beginning, but you should ask yourself: “Is this too good to be true?”

5. The Nagger

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She thinks she helps you with her constructive criticism and constant advice. But the only thing she projects is complaints, dissatisfaction, and displeasure. There is a certain type of people who are close to impossible to please. Do you want to be with that lady?

And no man will answer positively to this question. Of course not! Men want peace and if they are not doing anything wrong, they don’t want anyone constantly nagging.

6. Mystery Woman

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I’m sure you will like this trait at first – she is nothing like other girls. She intrigues you, leaves you hungry all the time, makes you think about her. She is always silent about her secrets, listening to what you got to say. But there is a question: why does she hide so many things? With time, it will start bugging you. And the answer is, most of the time, there is no secret. Some people love creating drama around them, so it will give you a lot of trust issues and second-guessing.

7. Gold-digger

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Some traditional women want men to be providers in the family. But who are gold-diggers? You’ll know this woman from the start. A lot of her questions will be addressed to your bank account. She will have no interest in who you see, how you live your life, as long as you are ready to provide her financially. All your talks will get down to your well-being. And the last sign is constant complaints on how hard life is and how broke she is. She will never be too proud to take some more money.

8. The Owner

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She, on the contrary to gold-diggers, will invest 100% of her time trying to know you. But you won’t be happy about that. This woman is obsessive, domineering, unceremonious. She’ll see all of your friends as her competitors. And be sure she will try to control every second of your life.


We’ve listed some women types in this article just for you to have in mind who you are dating. Of course, some women may have certain characteristics from this list in small scales, but it is up to you, then, to figure out is she worth dating.