What Type of Eyebrow Embroidery Is Perfect for Your Face?

Did you know that a scientific study by the University of Lethbridge in Canada found that eyebrows are more important than the eyes when making an impression? It is a scientific fact that confirms just how much we should care for our luxurious brows. They are not just bushy accessories to our eyes.

Have you ever looked at the mirror and realised that your eyebrows expand outward and move toward the edge of your face? There is a biological reason for that. This purposeful design helps to keep sweat and rain from entering our eyes. But, beyond their biological function of protecting our eyes from environmental debris and dirt, they are also the way we communicate our emotional states with those around us. Eyebrows also frame our faces and facial features. In fact, eyebrows are the perfect remedy to divert attention from flaws on the bottom half of the face by drawing attention towards the top half instead.

While we would all love to have eyebrows like Cara Delevigne, maintenance of our brows require consistent preening. Such cosmetic procedures like eyebrow plucking, threading and pencilling are crucial in maintaining our brows. But with the daily bustle of life eating into our self-care routines, eyebrow care is often left by the wayside.

However, thanks to the wonders of brow embroidery you will never have to worry about your brows again.

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But what exactly is Eyebrow Embroidery?

One type of eyebrow embroidery offered by Singaporean brow salon, Browhaus, is the brow resurrection. It includes the semi-permanent application of brow pigment just beneath the initial layer of the skin using minute needles. The specially crafted pigment is made of pure vegetable dye, a skin-friendly chemical that will be uniquely customised to your hair colour and skin pigment. By using a very precise colour that matches both the brow hair and skin tone, you are guaranteed long-lasting and realistic “hair strands”. What’s more, the applied pigmentation can last for two years thereby ensuring long-lasting brow embroidery.

The vegetable dye will be applied by the brow specialist using very fine multi-pins to artfully create realistic brow strands. Each application of the microneedle mirrors the tiny hairs found on the eyebrow thereby creating a mirage of thick and luscious eyebrows. Eyebrow embroidery experts have perfected this illusion by giving clients natural-looking brow embroidery that promises to frame the face perfectly. On top of that, brow embroidery can allow your face to appear more congruous by remedying any disparities between your brows. Additionally, with your brows looking their best, people will be intentionally drawn to your eyes and forget about any pesky flaws that are at the bottom half of your face.

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Types of Eyebrow Embroidery

However, before you can get started on making those perfect brows a reality, let’s break down the types of brow embroidery available. There are several types of long-lasting brow embroidery techniques available for achieving those illustrious brows. They include BR Classic, BR Ombre, BR Full and BR Soft.

But you may wonder, “Which type of natural-looking brow embroidery will work for my face?”

That is where brow experts come in. Before the treatment, brow experts will assess your facial features and come to a decision with you about which type of brow embroidery will perfectly frame and enhance your face. Listed below are the 4 types of brow embroidery that are often found at eyebrow embroidery salons.

BR Classic Eyebrow Embroidery

If you are looking for a natural-looking brow embroidery technique, look no further than the BR Classic embroidery technique. It is a hot favourite among local Singaporeans and Korean celebrities alike. This particular procedure promises a thicker-looking brow by applying long-lasting strand-like strokes of pigment that creates an illusion of thickness and depth. If it is a pronounced and distinct look that you would like for your brows then BR Classic is the perfect choice for you.

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BR Ombre Eyebrow Embroidery

If the natural brow is not something you would be interested in, fret not. The BR Ombre technique involves beauticians applying gradient pigment to your brows to replicate the appearance of eyebrow cosmetic powder. Beauticians will apply realistic wispy strokes and base. With this application, you can expect to receive brows that have a much more dense and fuller appearance along with a subtle gradient base effect.

BR Full Eyebrow Embroidery

The third technique, BR Full involves our beauticians crafting feathery strokes. This natural-looking brow embroidery application process will be uniquely tailored to your natural brow hairs and each stroke will work to thicken the natural brow. This technique is especially great for providing coverage for areas within the brow that might appear sparse.

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BR Soft Eyebrow Embroidery

The final method that you could consider is the BR Soft. This technique uses finer strand-like strokes. In addition to giving you a lighter and a more gentle appearance, the final result will guarantee natural brush strokes that replicate the hair growth of your brow leaving you with more opulent eyebrows.

Get Those Brows Looking On Fleek With A Brow Resurrection

It is important to remember that just like clothes, your eyebrows play a quintessential role in how you present yourself to the world. Similar to how a trendy outfit can perfectly flatter your figure, a perfectly embroidered eyebrow can enhance your facial features. The best part is that by doing any of these simple procedures mentioned earlier, you will be guaranteed long-lasting brow embroidery.

In fact, the BR Classic and BR soft can last you a full year. While BR Full and BR Ombre can keep your brows looking trimmed and tidy for up to 18 months. But rest assured, with the proper aftercare and dedicated maintenance using post-treatment products, your eyebrow embroidery will last for a whole lot longer. However, most brow experts do advise clients to arrange for a follow-up visit 3 months after their procedure has been completed for minimal touch-ups.

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Plus, who doesn’t love the minimalist eyebrow care that is involved with embroidered eyebrows! You can say goodbye to your horde of eyebrow pencils and eyebrow threading appointments. So schedule an appointment with brow experts to achieve natural-looking brow embroidery. You will be sure to make a lasting impression with everyone you meet with your eyebrows embroidered and preened to perfection. After all, thanks to Science we can confidently say that eyebrows are the new X factor, so why not flaunt your brows by discovering the perfect type of eyebrow embroidery for you.