Things to Consider When Buying a Twin Platform Bed Frame With Storage 2024

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To continue living healthily, one needs eight hours of sleep per day. So proper sleep is necessary for our functionality in day-to-day life. To have a good sleep, one must have a comfortable bed at home. That one is the largest and most important piece of furniture in the household. To have a good sleep, one must choose the type of furniture wisely and carefully to maximize comfort. A good sleep makes the day productive and energetic. Therefore, it should be the prime focus of a home.

To buy a bed first thing is to get an idea of the space available. The size of it depends a lot on the space it will capture. It is not advisable to buy one, which will not leave any space around and make the environment crampy. So one has to decide the size according to space. To get a fair idea of the space, one must measure the room and make sure the bed leaves a couple of feet space from the wall. It is easier to get an idea if one already has a mattress. The mattress can be put on the floor, and it will give a good idea regarding the size of the desired furniture required. The height of the same is also important. It should be perfect. It should be just comfortable when getting in and out of it. For this, one has to measure the mattress before deciding on the height of it.

A platform bed or cabin bed evolution is closely related to the history of evolvement of modern beds from the ancient ones. The very first kind of platform bed can be found back in Egypt at the time of Tutankhamen a gilded platform was found in his tomb. One can find the mention of the same in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

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The platform bed is now on popular demand due to its simplicity and cost-effective style. It comes in standard sizes. Twin, full, queen, king, and California king. A twin platform size is generally 39 inches by 75 inches; a platform usually supports a solid frame with or without head or footboard. The frame can be of wood or metal. The additional boards depend on the height of the person, and that decides if a footboard is necessary at all or not. Unnecessary footboard will make one uncomfortable while sleeping. Some of them have slats on where the mattress rests. The slats help in ventilation and keep the mattress cool. Additional hardware can be attached easily later on. Twin platform ones come with additional storage. Also, those can be inbuilt drawers and boxes for storage purposes. That makes it useful for small apartments and small rooms. Storage space is very important in the contemporary lifestyle as people have to adjust in a smaller space and should use every inch of storage space available. The twin platform with storage solves a lot of problems regarding this. The inbuilt drawers and boxes help a lot in storing goods and create full utilization of the room.

This kind of bed does not need a box spring or any other special kind of mattress. Any kind of mattress can be put directly on the frame. If it is with slats, it is advisable to have 6 inches gap between the slats. This convenient feature has made twin platform ones so popular in today’s world. As the mattress is put directly on the frame, it gives the firmness to the mattress, which helps in sleeping comfort. This is also healthy for the body posture at night and keeps painful situations away.

Now there are different types of Platform bed: click here to know more


Solid or no clearance: there is no room underneath, and it is a simple platform. It does not provide any storage space

Floating: This kind gives center support rather than four legs and thus looks like a floating style. It does not provide storage space.

Storage bed: This kind has inbuilt drawers and boxes underneath with wheels attached to maximize the storage value of the bed and the apartment.

Headboard and footboard: This one creates a traditional look on a platform one with a headboard and footboard attached.

The twin platform can be of different surfaces

  • Slated, here the surface is made of wooden slates arranged closely or a bit apart as par requirement.
  • Metal, a metal surface is good for the traditional mattress and specifically if box spring is used
  • Solid, a solid surface gives the firmest support to the mattress, and it has holes to support the airflow.

The frames can be of metal, upholstered, and wooden.

The advantages of a twin platform bed with storage

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It is very reliable and sturdy, and any kind of mattress can be used on it. They come in all sizes and varieties and are more affordable than the other options available. Which makes it the best choice economically.

They come with enough storage space and are very useful for small apartments. There are boxes with wheels under it, which makes it very handy for storing things.

Traditional box springs use a coil to get the bed high, where the platform ones use flat surfaces and use the mattress without any external help. The slated ones take care of the heat, and the solid surfaces have holes in them for air ventilation.

It comes with built-in cupboards and other storage spaces, unlike the box spring ones.

As no box springs are needed, they are more affordable

It increases the life of the mattress.

A well-constructed platform bed will give one peaceful sleep for years. There are different materials available; steel and iron construction gives one timeless sleep management. Woods are also very good for its classic look, but the color of the wood is vulnerable to stains.

It is very economical compared to other options. One can get a platform one within 100$, and of course, there are variations up to 1000$.

Enough under space to store away goods and seasoned clothes.

It supports the memory foam mattress and increases its longevity.

Many styles available to choose from to enhance the look of the total room.

As it is well ventilated the mattress gets automatic care

Proper care for the mattress and the sleepers as well. After the daylong activity, the sleepers get a firm mattress to sleep on and relax

One gets the option to install a headboard or footboard easily. Many have a habit of reading in the night and watching TV before going to sleep welcome this facility heartily. One can install a headboard according to his or her choice without any hassle.

The bed adds an aesthetic look in the room and keep it updated with the modern world.

It is very easy to assemble, as the package comes with detail instruction, and one can easily assemble this one even without any help from others.

Some disadvantages of twin platform bed:

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As it is a low profile, one person with knee and back pain would find it a bit difficult to get out of the bed. However, they can use the side table to get support and can use it.

After full assembly, it becomes one unit, and it is hard to move it. Therefore, the assembly should be done in a spot from where it is not required to move. To be precise, assembling should be done where the bed is supposed to be.

Wheels of the storage box may be stuck after heavy use, especially if there are extra weight given. This problem can be solved by oiling the wheels a bit and not overloading the storage.

So when deciding upon buying a bed, one has to research a lot and then zero in on the choice best suitable as his or her needs. Here the total information and guide to buying a twin platform bed with storage are given. All the pros and cons are discussed thoroughly to consider. This kind of bed is more popular in Europe, but due to its convenience and storage, support the whole world is now looking at it as a good buying option. If one is frustrated with squeaky beds, this kind of firm bed is the only solution. With its versatile design, it fits into any kind of bedroom looks, so there is no end of creativity. To summarise the discussion, it can be said in today’s world where space is a constraint there this kind of beds are most wanted in the market. People have to adjust in a smaller space, and for that, they need a storage solution. A bed takes up a lot of space at home; the twin platform bed with storage capacity solves a lot of problems for them.