4 Ways to Trim Your Beard Neckline – 2024 Guide

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Getting ready to embrace your killer beard and break the social set of standards of tidy and professional look is going to take more than just time to grow, including some serious maintenance. If you’ve never done it before, and are curious about how would your new look change your appearance, now is a good time when social life is at its minimum so that you can push through the growing period without being judged. Beards have had a major comeback in recent years, with many movies and TV shows promoting a medieval look. However, this doesn’t mean that you should look like you just discovered fire. A neat look can be achieved even by letting your beard grow in its all bushy glory.

Nailing the sophisticated look will take some basic grooming tools that are going to be necessary for the weekly trims. Special attention should be placed on the neckline since this part can make a difference between the sloppy and tamed beard. There are a few rules that you should follow so that your beard always looks neat; everything else is a matter of personal preference. The following steps can help you out to better organize the process of growing a beard with a style.

1. Grooming tools

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Some basic tools are needed almost from day one to maintain a clean look, so gather a few supplies like a comb, trimmer, and a mirror. The comb is pretty straightforward, just pick one that you feel the most comfortable with. Trimmers are a must when you have a beard to maintain, so choose one with many different options to try out. If you are using razors, they are not going to be enough to shape your growing hairs, so get a trimmer with at least two or three various blades. As far as mirrors, get a more convenient, fixed one instead of a hand-held with a magnifying side. These three tools are quite enough for beginners, and even for experienced bearded guys.

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2. Finding a neckline

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Hopefully, your neck is the distinguishing feature of your body where seeing a neckline is easy. If not, your beard is going to melt together with your chest hair, making it harder to determine where the beard actually begins. In either way, how and where you cut your neckline will be crucial in how the end result will be. When you look in the mirror, imagine the line that goes from one ear, under your jawline, all the way to your other ear. This imaginary line will be where your beard ends.

For longer beards, the neckline might be a bit lower, while for the shorter hairs it can be cut a little higher. The general rule is to cut about an inch, two fingers, above your Adam’s apple. Put two fingers above it and that’s where the neckline should be.

Use razor or trimmer to shave off everything below the neckline following by fine blades to define neat and smooth edges of the neck hair. If you have a hairless chest you can let your neckline sit a bit lower, but if you’re a hairy guy, make the edge a bit higher to clearly differentiate between the hairy parts.

If you have a shorter neck, make a hairline higher so that at least some part of your neck is visible, while longer-neck guys can make the edge a bit lower. The point is that you need to look in the mirror and see what would be the best style for you. Follow the rule of finding the neckline, but you don’t have to stick to it religiously. Move it a bit up or down based on your overall look, your body features, as well as hair length and thickness.

3. How to trim

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Once you figured out the neckline, it’s time to shave and trim. There are no pre-set rules that everyone should follow, but it’s rather a process of incorporating a beard into your complete look, especially the hairstyle. Guys with long hairs are probably going to have a different style from the ones with buzzed hairdos.

For faded kinds of necklines use two or three different trimmer blades. Going from your neckline use a longer-cutting blade for about half an inch, then switch to a shorter one to make a smooth transition to shorter hairs for half an inch also, and then the shortest one you have to finally fade the beard into the smoothly shaved lower part of your neck. This is the style that men with longer hairs usually wear since there aren’t any sharp edges that perfectly fit with their hairstyles.

Short-haired guys often go for the clean-cut look making their neckline look razor-sharp. This is an easier look to achieve but it takes more maintenance. Shaving off everything below your neckline and going over the edges with a trimmer blade will do the trick. However, this look requires regular upkeep, since those sharp edges can sometimes disappear in a day or two. Still, it’s the best choice that fits shorter hairstyles and looks super-neat and stylish.

4. Regular maintenance

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Accomplishing the desired look is just half the work. Regardless of the perfect shape, your beard is not going to look neat with coarse and stray hair. Daily use of beard oil is essential in making your beard smooth and soft to the touch. Further, combing it afterward will ensure that every hair on your face gets the much-needed moisture. If you don’t like oily feel, there are moisturizers and conditioners specially made for facial hair. Regular upkeep is important not only for your hair but also for your skin.

Both moisturizers and conditioners can be replaced by beard balm as well, as it acts as an all-in-one moisturizer and conditioner. It can especially be helpful for people who want their beards to look thicker. Such products are available on sites like bossmanbrand.com.

Constant shaving and trimming can irritate your skin, so make sure to protect it with some facial creams or aftershave. This will prevent it from rashes that can cause redness and flaking. Research more about moisturizing creams for men at menglowup.com. So, if you don’t want dry hair and skin to ruin your look, make sure that your skin underneath is also hydrated. Constant care is essential to keep your beard spruce and clean.