4 Best Travel Guide for Saudi Arabia 2024

Traveling around the world is the goal that we all have. However, different circumstances and issues do not allow us to achieve that goal. In most cases, people do not have to travel more often. Despite that, the lack of cash flow is another common problem why people stay at home.

Everyday costs can reduce our budget a lot, but people find a way to gather enough money to travel. Yet, when they decide on that move, they want to make their holiday unforgettable. Because of that, deciding on the location where you would want to travel isn’t easy. There are many of them in the world that deserve your attention. In this article, we will talk about one of the countries that welcome a big number of tourists yearly – Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest country in entire Asia with around 35 million citizens. However, more impressive data is the number of people that come to this country. For instance, only in 2018, Saudi Arabia welcomed around 15 million tourists. There probably is a good reason why many people have the desire to go there. Fortunately, you came to the right place to get the best travel guide for Saudi Arabia. We will provide you with answers to all relevant questions that tourists often have. Let’s get started.

1. Prepare Yourself for Travelling

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Entering Saudi Arabia is not possible without the necessary documents. More precisely, in most cases, you will need to have a touristic VISA to enter the country. Getting the document like that is not as tough as you might think. Since 2019, people have the chance to apply for VISA online.

We assume that doing that from the comfort of your room seems like a perfect opportunity. You only need to fulfill the application with data from your passport. After doing that, you need to connect your debit or credit card to make payments. In the end, you will need to enter your email where you will get the approval. If that seems like an easy process for you, we recommend you click here. There you will manage to see the entire process functions.

2. When Should I Visit Saudi Arabia?

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You can conclude alone that summers in Saudi Arabia are extremely hot. Believe it or not, the temperature in that country can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Many tourists like to say that Saudi Arabia has only two seasons – hot and hotter. Because of that, you need to pick the period when you can truly visit some amazing places in the country.

When we talk about the official tourist season, it starts in October and it lasts until March. However, it might be better to visit this lovely country between November and February. Believe it or not, the average temperature during November is around 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature might be even cooler if you visit the mountains.

To conclude, Saudi Arabia is a winter destination. You should not plan to travel there during your summer holiday. However, people that hate winter and cold days should visit the country for sure.

3. Will I Be Safe in Saudi Arabia?

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It is not a secret that you can hear different opinions about the country. However, you need to understand that Saudi Arabia is a completely safe place for tourists. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not respect the locals and their culture. Despite that, you will need to get familiar with certain rules that citizens of the country have.

Respecting the rules is not something that should scare you. The same rule counts when you go to some of the most attractive destinations like the USA, France, Italy, etc.

4. Destinations to Visit in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia truly is a big country and it has many attractive destinations that deserve your attention. Because of that, it can be tough to decide on visiting a certain destination. At first glance, they will all look equally attractive. Because of that, we would like to highlight a couple of them that you should visit when you stay in Saudi Arabia.

“Edge of the World”

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Riyadh is the place that almost every tourist visit. There are many things you can see there including different cultural sites. For instance, there are some traditional places like Souq AL Zal and Taiba. These two places can tell you a lot about the culture and history of the place. Besides, getting familiar with the culture and mentality of a certain group of people is one of the purposes of traveling.

Anyway, there is also a renovated historic area of Diriyah that everyone should visit. It is an ancestral home of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. You will manage to see how it looks when someone makes a mixture of tradition and history.

All the places we mentioned are extremely popular among tourists. Yet, we need to highlight that the so-called “Edge of the World” is a must-see destination. Believe it or not, you will not have to travel more than to hours from the town to reach that destination. It is one of the most popular hiking spots where you can manage to get an incredible view and complete silence. Many people remember the moments they spend there forever.

“Land of the Future”

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Have you ever heard about the project “Neom”? The crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plans to invest around 500 billion dollars into the futuristic project. The location of the project is going to be in the Tabuk region. It is a place full of different natural wonders that many people love. We are sure that you will be one of those tourists that will make many pictures in that place.

One of the sites that will grab your attention is Wadi Tayib Ism. It is a narrow valley stated between two cliffs. The legend says it is a place where Moses landed after crossing over the sea from Egypt. We are sure you would want to visit a place like that because it has huge importance for different religions.

Anyway, there is one thing we need to say here. The number of hotels and restaurants you will find near the place is not big. However, be sure that locals will invest a lot of effort to welcome foreign visitors.