6 Tourist Attractions in Orlando You Just Cannot Miss in 2024 

For most people living outside of the USA, the first association for Florida is Miami. While this is expected considering how this famous city is represented in movies and TV shows such as Miami Vice and CSI Miami. But, because of this those same people are left unaware that this US state has another gem hidden, with lots of activities to do and fun to have. Orlando, we’re talking about you. If you are a traveler eager for a new and unseen adventure this is the place to be in 2024. We could even say that it is a must-see attraction in the ongoing year.

With all of the misfortune regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Orlando could be the cure for many wounds all of the use travelers endured during the last year. You know that it is a city you must see when you hear that it is called The City Beautiful. Its main attractions are many family-friendly parks that are often visited by celebrities and athletes. Yes, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, we are looking at you. But, enough with the introduction, let us talk about the six tourist attractions in Orlando you just cannot miss in 2024. You’ll love them all, we have no doubt.

1. The Magic Kingdom

Source: Disney World

The place where fairy-tales are born. We are not kidding. Yes, there’s nothing truly magical going around, but this place is the close as it gets. Many would say that this is the best attraction this Florida city has to offer. Its full name is Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime locations that could be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It is a place most of us could meet our heroes from the young days such as Mickey moues and his wife, and the rest of their close friends such as Goofy. The little girls who come here can’t take their eyes from all of the princesses that featured in hundreds of movies through the years. The most interesting part is that this park has been going strong since 1971 which tells a story of its quality on its own. It’s so good that even dicasdaflorida.com.br has it as the best option out of six Disney’s parks.

2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Source: WDW News Today

As you can see the Disney dominates Orlando. This is no wonder as they’re started the themed park frenzy first and know how to do their business. This one is a bit different than the one above, and if you are an animal lover this one is a match made in heaven for you. Animal Kingdom is built on 500 acres of soil, and there’s no other theme park as big as this one anywhere in the world run by this company. A true masterpiece in its domain. The baobab tree you’ll find there isn’t real, but it will leave you speechless anyway. It has plenty to offer and if you find yourself in this part of the world you shouldn’t miss it by any chance.

3. Epcot

Source: FOX10 News

You’ll notice a pattern here. Yes, we can’t move away from Disney. But, it is not intentional. It’s just that this company has the best products for tourists in this beautiful city. This theme park is a bit different from the two we listed above as it is created with adults in mind. While it offers plenty of fun for the younglings, the grown-ups are those who find it fun thanks to the Food&Wine Festival and similar events that organize all over the year. What you might love the most about this place is the fact that the crowds aren’t as big as in some of the other places we have on our list. If you are not a fan of too many people Epcot is the place for you and we sincerely recommend it to you.

4. Hollywood Studios

Source: YouTube

A bit of Hollywood in Florida; you love to see it. Hollywood Studios is an amazing theme park and the one you should visit at all cost. Most people tend to forget about this one, but that is a mistake. In recent times it has once again came the focus of the public eye as it has been resurrected in popularity thanks to the Star Wars franchise. Lucas Film made this place, and it was popular before, but in recent times, since Disney managed to acquire this company, it started operating even better. You could say that this famous company turns everything into gold. The most popular attractions in this place include Star Tours, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

5. Islands of Adventure

Source: Universal Orlando Blog

This location is as good as its name suggests. If you are an adventure seeker you mustn’t miss out on this attraction. The thrill is what expect you if you visit the Islands of Adventure. Its theme is as you could tell based on various thrill rides and various roller-coasters. It is a place that doesn’t stop evolving and as of some time back you can now even enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is a true novelty in this area. Many fans were thrilled of the chance to see a Hogwarts-like place at least once in their lifetime. For you, lovers of a bit more serious subjects this location has Jurassic Park River Adventure which should be avoided if you have a weak heart.

6. Universal CityWalk

Source: Orlando on the Cheap

This place is for those who love a big family vacation, that is going to rely on lots of walks and lots of breaks with eating in mind. Universal CityWalk is full of restaurants that offer American cuisine, shops for souvenirs, and various family activities that include golf and bowling. If you love live music many of the places in this location offer precisely this all over the week. Everything a family needs can be found in this place. It is ideal for a visit after you’ve been to one of the places we listed above.