Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking in 2024

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Proper nutrition is essential for ideal health. The primary source of nutrition comes from the food we cook and consume. The kitchen is your space for cooking and should be user-friendly. Many people would ask, how do we make our kitchen user-friendly?

Well, the kitchen appliances make your kitchen user-friendly. The more user-friendly your kitchen is, the more you’ll be able to cook delicious and healthy food. There are various kitchen appliances available in the market that help you in preparing healthy and delicious food. In this piece, we’ll talk about the top five small kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. So, Let’s begin!

1. Food Processor

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The food processor is a handy and useful small kitchen appliance, and the home cooks over at Beginner Food recommend that every kitchen has this useful tool. It is at number one spot one of our top five small kitchen appliances for a healthy cooking list. Food processors help in chopping vegetables and fruits. There are multiple uses of food processor which make it the best small device:

  • A food processor helps in chopping fruits and vegetables quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • It can slice any fruit or vegetable and removes the need for slicing fruits and vegetables manually with a knife.
  • You can shred and grind almost any fruit, vegetable, or cheese.
  • There are different variants of food processors available that can assist in kneading bread dough and beating egg whites.
  • You can also grind meat and vegetables with a food processor.

There are different food processor models available in the market with various features. The food processor is the best small kitchen appliance, and you should own one for quick and easy healthy food.

2. Juicers and Blenders

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Juicers – blenders are number second in our list of top five small kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. Juicer and blender are two different kitchen appliances. Still, there are companies that manufacture 2-in-1, which means that you’ll get both juicer and blender in a single device. Juicer and blender promote healthy cooking. Below are the uses of juicer and blender.

  • Juicer is used to extract the juice of fruits and vegetables.
  • You can use a blender to make smoothies.
  • Different blenders can blend ice with their powerful and sharp blades.
  • You can use a blender to mix two different ingredients.
  • Slicing and chopping is another feature of a blender.

Overall, juicer and blender are vital for every kitchen as they make things easier for you. Instead of making a mess in the kitchen after manually blending and juice extraction, you can use this two in one device. Visit and learn even more about these useful kitchen appliances.

3. Instant Pot

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The instant pot is a miraculous device that is number third on our list of top five small kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. It is around forever and has different uses which make it the popular kitchen appliance. Instant pot cooks food slowly and instantly without messing with the food’s nutritional value. Here are some of the uses of the instant pot.

  • The instant pot is a pressure cooker; it can cook food slowly and instantly.
  • It allows you to cook rice with ease.
  • Do you love home-made yogurt? Well, instant pot can help you make home-made yogurt instantly.
  • The instant pot comes with multiple options like air fry, broil, reheat, and roast.
  • You can bake delicious bakery items using instant pot.

The instant pot can cook almost anything instantly. It is affordable and the best small kitchen appliance. It’s recommended that if you don’t have instant pot in your kitchen, you should purchase one instantly.

4. Toaster Oven

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Many people don’t want to purchase a toaster oven because they think the toaster oven takes more time in cooking food. Well, its true toaster oven takes more time, and no one can deny that, but toaster oven helps you cook healthy food. Instead of worrying about the time, you should worry about your health. The toaster oven has different uses, and it is the best small kitchen appliance. The applications of toaster oven include:

  • It helps to dehydrate fruits and vegetables. There are dehydrated fruits and vegetables available in the market, and they use different artificial preservatives and chemicals to dehydrate fruits. Purchase toaster oven and dehydrate fruits and vegetables at home.
  • You can quickly and easily reheat leftover food. It allows you to roast chicken, turkey, beef, and mutton.
  • Toaster oven allows you to bake different bakery items like cookies, bread, and muffins, etc. You can bake fresh cookies and bread at your home instead of purchasing stale bread from the bakery.
  • Do you love pizza? Well, with a toaster oven you can bake pizza at home.
  • It helps you bake potatoes, toast coconut, and cook bacon.

So, before you think that the toaster oven isn’t useful for your kitchen, please consider these uses given above. Purchase a toaster oven because it would be a great addition to your kitchen.

5. Egg Cooker

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The egg is the food with excellent nutritional value that your body requires. Cooking an egg isn’t rocket science, and when you cook an omelet, scramble egg, or boil an egg, it doesn’t come outright. This is where an egg cooker comes in to deliver a perfectly cooked egg.  The egg cooker is number five on our list of top five small kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. Here are some of the uses of egg cooker:

  • You can boil a perfect hard- and soft-boiled egg using an egg cooker.
  • There are different variants of egg cookers available, depending on the model you can cook scrambled eggs with an egg cooker.
  • It allows you to make a poached egg and an omelet as well.
  • Egg cooker comes with a safety feature as well. If the water evaporates, depending on the temperature, the device will automatically shut down.

The egg cooker is one of the best small kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. We suggest you purchase it and enjoy eating eggs.


Healthy food has high nutritional value, and you must consume a healthy diet and avoid different health-related issues. These small kitchen appliances mentioned above are affordable and best for cooking healthy food. It is recommended that you should have these appliances in your kitchen to make your kitchen user-friendly and to cook delicious food with ease.