3 Top Shoe Brands: Tips for Retail Workers

There is a popular saying that the right shoe can make everything different – this statement is true in every way. The type of shoe you wear can make you stand out in a crowd. But that is not all; it can also be the reason why you perform better than your colleagues at work and in certain outdoor activities.

5 Things Retail Workers Should Consider Before Buying a Shoe

Working in retail is a tough job owing to the long hours of standing. One way to make the job less difficult is to work with good shoes.

Here are 5 important things every retail worker should consider before buying a work shoe:

1. Fit

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When you are about to purchase a pair of work shoes, make sure it is the right size. Buying shoes that are too tight or slightly smaller than your feet will result in a lot of pain and injury when they are worn for too long.

In other words, don’t just go for style, do yourself good by getting a shoe that is both stylish and your exact size. If you are unable to get a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, it’s okay to purchase one that is a bit oversized. You can always stuff the shoes until they are comfortable and fit right.

2. Read Reviews

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Reading reviews about the best shoes for retail workers is another way to go about getting the best products. No one can deny that reviews are a consumer’s best friend.

If you’re a retail worker looking to purchase a pair of work shoes and don’t know what particular product to go for, you’ll find the helpful buying guide here on Grab Top Ten.

3. Comfort

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As a retail worker, your shoes need to be super comfy else your feet suffer. Working with uncomfortable shoes doesn’t just hurt your feet, they can also make you grumpy and affect your productivity.

Since you are most likely to be standing all day at work, you must wear very comfortable shoes. There are lots of shoes on the market that offer excellent support and maximum comfort, it is in your best interest to go for one of such products.

Shoe brands like Skechers, New Balance, and Merrell are brands that build great work shoes. You can start your search for comfortable shoes with them. Visit PlantarFasciitisRunner to read in-depth reviews on Skechers, New Balance and Merrell shoes.

4. Materials

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We just talked about comfort, but then, it is the materials used to make a shoe that determines how comfortable it will be for you. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid using leather shoes or shoes with a rough interior. All such shoes can leave your feet sore and hurting.

The environment where you work is another important factor to consider before buying a pair of shoes. If you work in a place where you have to deal with a lot of heat, then breathable shoes are the best you can get for yourself.

5. Slip Resistant

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Retail workers move a lot during working hours, so they must wear slip-resistant shoes. The pair of shoes you intend to buy should be one that is built to provide enough grip even on slippery floors.

When shopping, do your research to find out if a pair of work shoes have good traction and are slip-resistant. This way you don’t end up buying shoes that cause you to lose your balance while moving about in the workplace.

3 Top Shoe Brands in 2024

In this article, we will be focusing our attention on three of the top shoe brands in the world and also share a few tips on how retail workers can choose the best shoes for their job.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Merrell

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Merrell is an American footwear company established in 1981. This brand is no doubt one of the successful manufacturers of outdoor footwear in the world today.

When it comes to shoes for hiking, workouts, staying indoors, and casual outings, the brand boasts of some of the best products for all such purposes.

Merrell shoes are known for their stylishness, lightweight, sturdiness, flexibility, good grip, and most importantly, the comfort they provide. These are shoes you can wear for long hours and not feel the slightest discomfort.

There is a Merrell for everyone – adults and kids. The brand not only makes shoes for adults. Parents can also find a variety of beautiful shoes for their kids of all ages.

Whatever you need a shoe for – a trek in the woods, climbing, sports, working out, or just something to wear to work, you definitely will find a Merrell that is perfect for the task.

2. Skechers

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Founded in 1992, this billion-dollar company comes third after Nike and Adidas as the biggest athletic footwear brand in the United States. Skechers offers comfortable, durable, and stylish athletic and casual shoes.

The brand began as an athletic footwear company, but they now also produce casual footwear of all kinds. In the world today, they are one of the top brands for work shoes, running, walking, and casual lifestyle shoes.

One unique feature of Skechers is that they are super comfy. Some of their shoes may not look attractive, but they are sure to offer you support and maximum comfort. Retail workers who spend long hours standing will find Skechersan excellent shoe choice.

3. New Balance

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New Balance is an American footwear company founded in 1906. This premium shoe brand has a diversified product portfolio that includes sports footwear and casual shoes of all sizes and ranges.

New Balance shoes are carefully crafted to provide consumers the wide range of performance they seek. The brand integrates technology with innovation when manufacturing shoes – it is no wonder their products come equipped with blended gel-inserts and heel counters.

Another amazing feature of their shoes is that they are durable. New Balance shoes are designed to endure all sorts of terrain while providing you ultimate comfort along the way.

Regardless of what your everyday life looks like – from running to hiking to strength training to working in retail, there is a New Balance shoe to make your job easier.

Now that we are done talking about some of the top shoe brands in the world, let’s share a few tips on how retail workers can choose the best shoes. If you’re a retail worker, this section of the article should be incredibly helpful.