Top 5 PDF Mergers in 2023

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We all know how common and important pdf format is but why we might need to merge several pdf files together? The first thing that comes to mind is that it is way easier and more convenient to compress multiple pdf files if they go as a single one. It is essential if you are about to send a bunch of pdf files by email. Some email systems just can not handle big heavy uploads.

We all at some instances need to keep records of files or documents in our systems.

Especially if it comes to multiple invoices, reports, business documents, etc. But how can we merge our pdf files together for free? Should we download bulky software? No worries there are a lot of online pdf merging tools charging no fee. In this article, we will take a look at the top services that you may use to put pdf files together quickly.

1. Small PDF:

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Small PDF is a very simple, easy and convenient tool for merging pdf files. By using this tool you can easily put pdf files together without facing any inconvenience. This tool also allows you to convert files from different formats. You can unlimitedly merge pdf files. This tool also allows you to save your merged files to drive or your Dropbox. Small PDF is somehow a free tool for some limitations but as you go pro you have to buy subscriptions for using that tool. Small PDF is based on a user-friendly interface so everyone can be able to use this tool without facing any difficulties or complexities. Small PDF is a very impressive tool for small pdf files.


img source: is the most used online tool nowadays, is a very fast, efficient, secure and convenient online tool for putting pdf files together. By using you can easily merge pdf files or put them apart without any error or delay. This tool is very effective in putting pdf files together, compression and conversion. It also allows you to convert from any other format to pdf, reduces the size of files and provides many other exciting features.

There is no need to download or install this tool on your desktop. Just connect the internet, go online and visit the website. Proceed to and start putting pdf files together. Because of its user-friendly interface user can easily perform conversions and compressions without facing any complexities.

3. Soda PDF:

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Soda PDF is a free online tool used to merge pdf files without the wastage of time. This tool is available both on desktop and online. This tool also offers other exciting functionalities like compression, conversion and sharing of pdf files. Soda PDF is a free tool but for a limited duration. After that, you have to pay to enjoy the functionalities. By using Soda PDF You can’t reorder individual pages or convert between file types.

Soda PDF is also a very well-known PDF merging tool. This tool is easily accessible and downloadable on MAC and Windows operating systems. You can also connect this tool to your cloud storage and by connecting it to your cloud you can easily get and save your converted or merged files directly from Soda PDF to the cloud.


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As the name shows this tool is for pdf lovers as it is a very lovely free online tool for putting the pdf files together (merging pdf files), conversion and compression of pdf files. This tool provides an easy interface to merge, convert and compress pdf files. There is no need of downloading and installing software on your desktop, laptop and smart device. The user just needs to go online by having an internet connection and go to, upload the files the user wants to merge, convert or compress and within seconds the user will get amazing results.

I LOVE PDF is the most competent and straightforward tool for putting pdf files together. Without any inconveniency this tool allows you to merge pdf files. You just have to upload the files that you want to merge and then just on a single click you will get your files merged. This tool also permits users to connect files to any cloud storage. This tool allows you to merge the first 25 files for free. After that user has to buy a subscription for further use and services.

5. PDF Converter:

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PDF Converter is an all-in-one tool that gives a lot of features including converting pdf files, merging pdf files, compressing pdf files etc. The PDF converter is a very secure tool as it comes with 256 encryption. Your data such as private files or documents will be kept encrypted and confidential on this tool. This tool allows one free merging every hour. But for unlimited usage users need to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions.


All the tools discussed above are very secure and efficient in merging pdf files. But is the highly recommended online tool for putting pdf files together as well as it also allows you to convert, merge, compress, create, edit and modify your pdf files without paying any single penny. As we all know nowadays security is the biggest challenge for online tools. It has no safety problems as this tool is based on high-security encryption methods.

So your information or personal documents won’t get in the wrong hands. All your data is kept confidential. Moreover, there is no need to download or install this tool you just need an internet connection to go online to PDFdrive and start putting your pdf files together. This is a highly recommended tool globally used and well known by millions and billions of professionals.