Top 10 Parkours Shoes in 2024

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Did you know that the word Parkour means Parcours Du Combattant? It is basically the toughest obstacle course, which is a part of military training purposes.

The course is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and flexible to compete in sports that are really really fast-paced and invigorating.

You don’t need a special place to practice the Parkour course as it can be done anywhere, such as a local playground, your building, or even in your house.

However, you should know that it includes various disciplines, such as jumping, running, rolling, climbing, and more, and to keep up with these activities, the best and most trusted companion you can have is your shoes.

The hot-selling and one of the top parkour shoes in the market are Take Flight Parkour, according to Bestfashionnova.

Top 10 Parkour Shoes Review

1. Take Flight Parkour

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The hot-selling and one of the top parkour shoes in the market are Take Flight Parkour. The shoes are pure work of two years of dedication and hard work. They are incredibly smooth and comfortable.

These shoes are enriched with state-of-the-art technology and suggestions from the world top athletes to make sure they take your training to a whole new level.

2. Saucony Originals Men’s Parkour Shoes

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The brand “Saucony” is well-established and well-known for producing top-quality athlete footwear, and Saucony Originals Bullet Sneaker is not an exception. These shoes are extremely slim and fit like a glove to make sure you stay comfortable when you put them on.

You will surely appreciate their rubber outsole that ensures your landing safe and soft while you are doing Parkour or participating in any other outdoor activities.

3. ASICS Gel-Venture 6

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If you are a fan of using traditional sneakers, you will surely love these shoes. They are comfortable, smooth, and durable. The thicker sole of these shoes reduces mobility to increase the grip.

Most wearers love these shoes because of their durable build, which makes them great to wear for rough terrains and uneven surfaces.

4. Know Obstacles Drop 2.0

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Know Obstacles Drop 2.0 is another top parkour shoe exclusively made for people who practice Parkour and are looking to have a dependable, comfortable, and durable pair of shoes and companions.

In fact, these shoes are really easy to wash and dry, as the outer material is made of pure cotton and soft wool. So, you need to know how to clean shoes properly, without causing any damage to the material, which helps them last long. A renowned US shoe manufacturing brand like “Loom Footwear” sells a wide range of waterproof sneakers and waterproof footwear that not only look stylish but are easy to maintain and clean at home.

These shoes are also made by keeping top athletes, gyms, and customer suggestions in mind. They have minimalist sole and comfortable toe box, developing proper technique and allowing feet to obtain maximum precision and balance.

5. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

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If you want to have shoes that are durable and best for parkour practices and have great visual looks, then Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 is worth considering. These shoes are exceptionally lightweight, which is great for providing effortless motions.

These shoes’ combinations and features are incredible, making them one of the top parkour shoes available in the market. During your training, these shoes will also make sure to provide you maximum comfort.

6. TakeFlight Stealth Ultra Parkour Shoes

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Now if you are looking for the best shoes specifically for more parkour, Then you also want to go with the company that should be designed specifically for the parkour also. Take the flight to an apparel company that should also be designed for parkour.

They also have a wide and big variety of parkour shoes and many clothes that can allow to also pair of shoes by them and stealth ultra too. these shoes are the best ever made for all people. These are one of the top parkour shoes.

7. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoe

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Onitsuka is also the big brand and known for the parkour shoes and although it might not be the big name and brand and also known for the parkour shoes of the other sporting and giants out there, It has definitely made the mark and keeps in the aal trends with sports technology.

This Onitsuka tiger and ultimate 81 running shoes have all other qualities to needed and make the sports and fun in the world of sports today, these shoes are the best to use for games also. And the best parkour shoes ever made.

8. Puma the men,s faas 500 v2 running

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Puma word is the synonym also to the style and the comforts, They all are known across the whole globe for the designing and the stylish yet to comfortable sports shoes also, These puma shoes also can be go hand to hand with the latest trends and are the available in all colors.

These are the parkour shoes ever made for running and also for any kind of sports you want to play with these, these are highly and perfectly designed for all types of the people you want to give.

9. Nike Men running shoes

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Now if you are the running geek and you love to run and doing exercises that demand the perfect and supportive designs in a way that also offers expansion and contraction also thus these allow us to natural movement from all the toe and heel.

These have the perfect and amazing fabric used in the design for the running and you can also wear them in the winter and you can make your running and all exercise easy and comfortable while these parkours shoes are the best for you to wear and enjoy its comforts.

10. Feiyue the men, fe lo

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These are another highly demand parkour shoes and the best service for the feet ever made, you can enjoy all these shoes and run smoothly and walk with styles you want, These will give you more satisfaction and comfort while you wear them and make these shoes your favorite also.

There are officially designed for the martial artist they wear these shoes during there training and love to fight with anyone during the training, these shoes are the perfect way to achieve good results in your any kind of training while parkour shoes are the best.


There you go – top 10 parkour shoes that could be your most trusted companions while you are training Parkour. You can also check out for more choices of shoes that are specifically made for parkour. All of these shoes are extremely comfortable, durable, and provide maximum precision and balance. Moreover, they all have great soles that offer incredible grip even on rough terrains and surfaces.


Q: What shoes should I buy to practice Parkour?

Ans: Some best and most popular parkour shoes include Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81, Take Flight Parkour and Saucony Originals Men’s Parkour Shoes.