Top 10 Hidden Yacht Charter Destinations


Half of the thrill of seafaring in days gone by was the chance to explore previously unknown destinations. Most of the world has now been charted, but you can still experience this sense of wonder today.

There are places all across the world that are still largely unknown to most of us, and only discoverable by yacht charter. So let’s take a closer look at the top 10 hidden yacht charter destinations.

1. Victoria Island


Located in Patagonia’s Nahuel Huapi National Park, Victoria Island is named after the largest lake in Argentina’s Lake District. Travel here by yacht and go ashore to explore the island’s lush forests.

And it is so easy to organize an international yacht charter online these days. Different vessels, as well as skippered or bareboat options are available with yacht charter companies like ClickAndBoat. Now no yachting destination will be hidden from you.

2. Vanuatu


The tropical climate and natural beauty here make this the ideal alternative yachting destination. Amid the blue waters of the South Pacific, this treasure offers miles of pristine beaches and unspoiled jungle. The dense rainforests are home to about 180 bird species.

Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesians as far back as 2000 BC. A delight of many explorers from the 15th century it was later settled by British and French settlers. The archipelago of over 80 small islands gained independence in 1980.

3. Navagio Beach


Greece is a top destination for sailing. But if you’re tired of the usual spots overridden by tourists, we have another spot for you to consider.

Relax on white sands surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs, on the Greek island of Zakynthos. This secluded beach is also known as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove.

4. Andros Island


While most of the Bahamas is highly populated, there are more remote and quiet areas worth visiting. And one of these is Andros Island.

While it is fairly remote, and quieter than other islands in the region, it offers countless opportunities for adventure seekers. So for beautiful beaches and fantastic diving opportunities, consider this island for your next yachting destination.

5. Es Vedrà

One of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets, this little islet is only accessible by boat. The island of Es Vedrà is shrouded in mystery, myths, and legends since ancient times.

Thought to be the home of the mythical Greek Sirens, it has also been named the birthplace of the Phoenician goddess Tanit. While we cannot testify as to the authenticity of these claims, one thing’s for sure. You’ll have a legendary island vacation if you include this place on your itinerary.

6. Palagruza


Croatia is becoming quite a popular sailing destination. But you may not have heard of this particular spot. This Croatian archipelago is remote and a bit challenging to get to, but worth the effort.

The highest point of the archipelago is about 300 feet above sea level. A lighthouse, as well as a meteorological station, sit atop this elevation. Surrounded by sometimes turbulent waters, landing here can be difficult. This is why it is uninhabited, except for the lighthouse staff and the occasional tourist.

Great diving awaits you under these waters, which are some of the richest fishing waters in the Adriatic. Palagruza is not developed for accommodation or the usual tourist activities. Palagruza is the ideal secret hideaway for a day trip. If you manage to make it here, you’ll have that golden sandy beach all to yourself.

7. Azores


The Azores are a cluster of small volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, governed by Portugal. Unspoiled and peaceful thanks to their remote location, they can only be reached by boat.

If you are looking for the ideal destination for a yachting vacation with a difference, this is it. The Azores are home to about a third of the world’s cetacean species. You’ll be able to spot sperm whales, common dolphins as well as bottlenose dolphins.

8. Cocos Islands


Cocos Islands are made up of 27 little islands in a remote Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. These islands are home to some of the most unique ecosystems in the world. And you’ll also get to enjoy the white­ sandy beaches and tall palm trees you expect from an island vacation, without the crowds.

Discovered in 1609 by the British sea captain William Keeling, they adopted the name Keeling islands. But there was no settlement here until the early 19th century, and it is still a quiet and peaceful destination for your yachting vacation.

9. Stocking Island


Across the harbor from Georgetown in Greater Exuma, this long narrow island shelters nearby Georgetown from the ocean waves. Stocking Island is the epitome of a secluded getaway. In fact, it has less than a dozen inhabitants. If you don’t like crowded beaches and resorts, this one’s for you.

A high hill, known to the locals as the Beacon, is so-named for the old gas beacon perched on top. It’s not in use as a lighthouse and is missing its glass at the top. But the pillar is visible from miles away. Once you reach this quiet hideaway, you can sunbathe in peace and quiet, and explore the surrounding beauty.

But just because it’s so remote and sparsely populated, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy a drink and a light meal. On a sandbar called the Spit, you can enjoy some refreshments at the Chat and Chill bar and restaurant. It is, like this island, only accessible by boat.

10. Cunda Island


Cunda Island, located between Greece and Turkey, has remained unspoiled and beautiful. This is the largest of the Ayvalık Islands archipelago in Turkey. But a yacht vacation here will be far quieter than other destinations in the region.

But when you set off to explore the island, be sure to visit the main landmark, the Taxiarchis Church. This old Greek Orthodox cathedral was abandoned and fell into disrepair, but has been restored and turned into a museum.