Top 8 Fashion Trends of 2024

Last year had been a year of fewer experiments in the fashion industry. Many, including famous clothing companies, have debunked the trend that is here to stay for 2024. Although, the process was long before being unlocked, taking some trends way back as early as 2016 to make full sense of today’s style.

The youth nowadays tend to buy more clothes on average per year, and this makes all types of trends available. What some companies do is that they made fashion more variant and quick to replenish. They produce what’s in a season by weekly releases, making consumers think that they need to buy more.

Now called “Fast Fashion”, this cheap way of buying clothes make millions of people versatile of the style in their wardrobe, and providing these following trends plausible in the recent year:

1. Vintage wear

Source: AskMen

This trend had been reliving for the past two years and is still on the pedestal for go-to fashion. The reason? Aside from celebrities and fashion icons still wearing vintage pieces, you can just ask your mom or dad for their old clothes that fit you. Also, almost every thrift shop in your town can provide you that 70s to 90s look.

Vintage clothing is very cheap, however in some online platforms, selling vintage pieces had come to a point where only celebrities can buy them. This made the trend stronger and being heard more often.

Brands related: Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent

2. Bucket hats and fisherman beanies

Source: Pinterest

A military staple, and a fishing garb all at once. Now, bucket hats can not only protect you from the sun, but it can also give you that funky athletic look.

Fisherman beanies, on the other hand, had been in the hip-hop scene and streetwear culture, as if it has become the modern du-rag. Its short-trimmed band suits the minimalism that is in today.

Brands related: Fila, Nike, Champion, Adidas

3. Airpods

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

Let’s admit it, Airpods are not just gadgets. It has become a trend not only in electronics but also in fashion. Functionality-wise, yes it is cool. But having a pair of these can also mean social status in some communities. Some people look at it as the future, but some would also say that Apple did not do anything awesome about it. But who cares, they seem to look cool.

4. Workwear

Source: Kickstarter

Post Malone, Rihanna, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonah Hill – these are just a few of many influencers who have been wearing workwear in the showbiz and music industry. Post Malone, above all, made the workwear brand Carhartt famous in almost every part of the world, making the outdoor brand a designer one.

Carhartt, among all workwear brands, has been in various collaborations with big streetwear names like Brain Dead, APC, Mastermind, Nike, and Converse. In some parts of Japan, a Carhartt concept boutique is located with some brands like Supreme nearby, giving it more edge in the fashion industry.

Related brands: Carhartt, Dickies, Gildan

5. Designer watches


Classic timepieces are the way to go since the time immemorial. Authentic watches with designs that inhibit luxury and minimalism made enthusiasts and normal consumers save up for their piece or collection. To know where to start on getting one, we suggest checking out

In the newer age, Apple made its Apple watch accessible to most users who have more activities. This made the multi-billion dollar company even more futuristic with its approach in fashion and at the same time quality luxury.

Related brands: Apple, Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex

6. Neo-gothic

Source: College Fashionista

All-black with metal accessories, tucked in shirts with long sleeves underneath with skinny jeans cuffed to show those Doc Martens. This trend was influenced by famous pop-rock stars and its perfectly suited for teenagers. Modern and simple, it will be popular in 2024.

Not only it gives an indie or emo look, but it also gives an approach for the modern rebellion of the younger generation, all in a good fashion sense.

Related brands: Basically some concept stores

7. Athleisure

Source: Deborah Weinswig

This will be one of the best fashion styles in 2024, if not the most wearable trend in the coming year. From hats, shirts, and shoes to accessories like socks and belts, this new wave of athletic fashion paved its way into capitalizing. Who doesn’t like wearing comfort all day with fashion and no one to judge?

These are just so cheap to buy, with almost hundreds of brands selling them in retail stores and online. You can also switch up your wardrobe by buying mixed essential pieces for your workout and day-to-day wear with this type of clothing.

Related brands: Fila, Champion, Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Uniqlo, H&M, F21, Cotton-on

8. Chunky shoes

Source: Shopee

The past few years people have been wearing big, chunky, colorful shoes in the likes of Nike “Monarch”, which was also named as the “dad shoes”. Apparently, these dad shoes became a trend, alongside the vintage clothing wave.

Related brands: Skechers, Vans, Nike, other designer brands like Gucci and Balenciaga


It’s not yet over. These trends have been very resilient in the world of fashion and these may return. If not, these will slightly continue in the next coming years. And having this fast fashion in the succession will greatly impact consumers and clothing companies, making diverse expressions in the form of clothes.