Top 10 Fashion Disasters Men Should Avoid

Throughout the years, men’s fashion has taken a million steps of progress. This power is attributed to years of trial and error, as well as exploring an array of fashion choices. Along with this, of course, several mishaps were discovered and experienced.

These crimes on fashion should never see the light of day ever again. Are you afraid of committing these men’s fashion blunders? Well, you are in luck. Numerous resources will help you keep yourself on the good side of men’s fashion!

In hopes of saving men from the consequences of fashion disasters, here are the top ten fashion disasters men should avoid. Use this guide as a checklist to help you make better fashion choices. As long as you stick to this guide, you will be dressing better in no time!

Short Sleeves Shirt and Tie

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Have you ever seen your favorite action star wear this combo? Have you ever been encouraged to wear this look because of shows you’ve seen? Well, we have some fashion bad news for you. Even if it may have looked good in the movies, it’s not a good look in real life.

Short sleeves with a tie look comedic, not formal. So if you’re gunning for a professional and confident look, don’t deviate from the classics! Go for long-sleeved shirts with a tie—this combo is always the way to go.

Suspenders and a Belt

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Suspenders and a belt—doesn’t it leave you with a good ol’ question mark looming above your head? Before you pick both of these from your closet, try to reflect for a moment. Don’t these two do the exact same thing?

The suspenders and belt combination is just an eyesore altogether. After all, both function to do the same thing: hold your pants up! You’ll look like a rectangle if you choose to do this. Hence, it is best to pick either suspenders or belts only.

Geeky Style

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You know the geeky style by heart. You name it: anime shirts, basic hoodies, thick glasses, and too-short pants. This outfit may have looked cute when you were much younger, but newsflash, you’re an adult now!

If you’ve grown past the age of being a prepubescent boy, the geeky style is not for you. You won’t look young anymore. Trust us: it just won’t suit you. At this age, you should go for a more mature, age-appropriate style!


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Crocs are undeniably comfortable. They are very much easy to wear, and these rubber slip-on shoes feel like nothing on your feet. However, these are truly a fashion disaster!

You are free to wear your crocs all you want at home. However, don’t wear them in public anymore. Their cheap colors and tacky look just do not give a good impression. There are thousands of shoe options for you to choose from—some of them are even as comfortable!

Mismatched Shoes and Belt

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Have you ever paired a black belt with brown shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve all been through that fashion blunder! Although this is a common mistake, there is a color rule for shoes and belts.

To look nice and dapper, you must match the colors of both. According to Dapperfam, never match black belts with brown shoes and vice versa. Simple color coordination will make your outfit look more polished and put together.

Too Much Perfume

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Usually, there’s no such thing as too much for most things. But there is such a thing for perfume, as it can even cause headaches and allergic reactions. You might not know it, but your friends and officemates might be having migraines from your overpowering scent!

Remember: just spritz a bit of perfume on your wrists, neck, and chest. Less is more for perfume! Opt for high-quality perfumes so that you would not have to put on a lot for the scent to stay.

Logo Embroidered Trousers

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Even if the best designers in the world tried, they couldn’t make this a fashion statement. Logo embroidered trousers just looked good on women, but not on men. It made men look stuffy and pompous.

If you want to wear trousers, go for the classic plain ones. These trousers look so much less tacky, and they are easier to pair with your other tops.

Bad Fitting Suits

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Your suit may be a hand-me-down from your dad, and so it is not exactly your size. Either your suit is too small or too big, but either way isn’t a good fit! Suits are meant to fit your body perfectly, or else they just look bad.

Make sure your suit is tailored to you, or else you look really sloppy. If you can, try to get your suits custom-made and get a good tailor! A custom suit may be quite expensive, but it will surely be worth it.

Make sure to iron and press your suit thoroughly before wearing it! Doing so will help you look more dapper. Moreover, remember to style your hair, groom your beard, and shine your shoes to complete your look.

Canvas Slip Ons

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You may argue that these shoes are way better than Crocs. However, slip-on canvas shoes still make men look shabby! These shoes may be very comfortable and easy to wear, but they have their own drawbacks.

Unfortunately, slip-on canvas shoes easily get dirty and fall apart so quickly. These shoes are not worth your money! These pairs are highly impractical, and hard to pair with anything pleasant.

Heavy Print T-shirts

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Heavy print shirts have been out for a long time already. They may have been the outfit go-to when you were in your teens. However, graphic tees are inappropriate for adults!

Only Ed Hardy made this look work. Now, this look serves as a reminder of staunch perfume and bad birthday gifts from distant relatives and clueless friends. Opt for basic tees to elevate your look and to radiate a classy vibe.

Men Can Dress Nice Too!

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Men are not hopeless fashion cases despite their seemingly limited options. Throughout the years, clothing has become more modernized. With that, menswear developed a minimalistic sense of style. Truly, no one else can rock less is better than men can.

We hope this article helped you level up your fashion style. Now, toss out your crocs and canvas shoes, go to the store, and pick out a better outfit!