Top 6 Essential Slime Rancher MODs 2024

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Slime Rancher has been known as a very popular game with interesting and one of a kind gameplay. Your mission was to grow and collect slimes on a new planet in the space and you should collect as many as possible. While the game was reasonably popular and desirable, mods for the game were even better. We have compiled a list of top 6 mods available at you need to install as soon as possible.

1. Gold Largos

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Gold Largos is one of the simplest mods you can install at the moment and you were able to use it in the past. The mod will add golden largos for each type of slime. What this means is that you can collect more types of slimes in the game. The mod is commonly used by professional gamers who are looking for new mods and ways to enhance the gameplay and make it better, period. There is no need to add that the mod is extremely simple in design and works with all versions of the game.

2. More Vaccables

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More Vaccables is a different yet similar mod as the first one we have explained here. In a nutshell, the mod gives you more options while playing. With the mod installed you were able to pick up and collect luckily slimes, gold slimes and many others. With the mod, you can collect literally anything and the mod will also prevent the slimes from escaping your ranch. It is an essential addition for most gamers who are addicted to the game and who want to unlock more features and more options. There is no need to add that you can use this mod alongside others without any compatibility issues.

3. Colorful Slimes

Source: happygamer

Colorful Slimes is a mod that affects graphics like no other. Yes, it is a simple mod as well, but it has a huge overall effect on the gameplay. The slimes in the game have basic colors and average graphics. The mod will change their colors into vibrant hues and also make each slime completely unique. This transforms the gameplay. The game looks more advanced and more sophisticated as soon as you are done with the installation process. The slimes make the game suitable for newer and younger gamers and also makes it upgraded compared to the official version.

4. Crazy Slime Mod

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Crazy Slime Mod is precisely as the name tells you. The game will become crazy. Better said the slimes in the game would become crazy. The mod adds 36% craziness, 18% of speed and an additional 27% of flight to the gameplay. If you combine all the three you can see that the slimes will become literally impossible to live with. On the other hand, we have improved gameplay and more options, better features and additional possibilities that are not usually available. The whole game becomes crazy so install and use the mod only if you want a complete change.

5. Aurora GSI for Slime Rancher

Source: fandom

Aurora GSI for Slime Rancher is definitely the most interesting mod we were able to discover. According to, the mod allows you to control the lighting of your peripherals, such as gaming mouse and etc. Once installed the mod will change the illumination on all the peripherals and make it adjusted or better said linked to the gameplay. You can see how the colors are changing and you can enjoy playing the game even more.

6. Persistent Fashions

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The mod we have here will allow for the slimes to maintain their fashion and their style even after you have picked them. It is a simple, yet important mod that should be added to your list as well and should be used as an addition to all other mods we have mentioned here. It is a simple change that may have a huge effect on the game, gameplay and overall experience.

The final word

These mods are all designed for the Slime Rancher and they work perfectly with almost any version of the game. You can install all of them if you like and you can enjoy using them instantly. They transform the gameplay and they make the overall game more appealing for a longer period of time.