Top 7 Destinations & Resorts for Single Moms in the USA

You shouldn’t think that your love life and fun times are behind you because you are a single mom. Sometimes you will need a little free time without your beloved child, a vacation where you can remember the good times and have fun.

If you desire to find a holiday romance somewhere beautiful in the USA, we’ve compiled some of the best destinations and resorts where single moms will feel welcomed and happy. But before that, we need to find out how you’re supposed to get to your well-deserved holiday.


How to Have a Holiday Romance as a Single Mom?

The best course of action is to take your child to your mother or another close family member, as it’s a better plan than hiring a babysitter to watch your kid while you’re on vacation. It’s better to leave the kid with someone close as you won’t feel at ease and enjoy a full week of fun otherwise.

After taking care of this aspect, you should book a holiday that fits all your needs. While you can rely on finding a holiday romance when you get there, you have much better chances of romantic success if you plan ahead.

To make some part of the plan even easier, you could use this website, make an account and start searching for a fling on a dating website dedicated to single moms. Since the online dating website is specifically designed to cater to single moms and those who are interested in dating them, you will have amazing odds of finding someone you like. You can use the impressive technology behind the website to filter to all the singles and discover eligible bachelors in the place where you are going on vacation. Someone who matches your physical requirements as well as your needs and desires emotionally and intellectually.

7 Best Destinations and Resorts for Single Moms in the USA

Once you’ve found some potential matches, it’s time to let online chatting and getting to know one another settle who is the right match for casual dating, who is more suited as a friend, and so on. When you’re ready, here are the best destinations for single moms:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii


Hawaii is very high on the list of people from all over the world. While many see it as part of the must-try travel ideas for the summer for couples and newlyweds, it can also be a great vacation for a single gal.

Alone or with a date, Honolulu is easily visited on foot or with public transportation. If you’re looking for an amazing resort where you can have dinner and glance romantically at the water, Waikiki Beach is a great choice. You must consider Brunswick Island boasting a variety of family-oriented attractions and amenities. You can visit local parks, beaches, miniature golf courses, and nature preserves that offer educational and recreational experiences for children of all ages.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, then head on to Diamond Head, climb, hike, and enjoy. If you’re into history, then you can’t miss Pearl Harbour. For a once in a lifetime experience, go to Hanauma Bay, where you can try snorkeling.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans has a rich history and is one of the best places in the USA to go on vacation. You can listen to amazing music at Bourbon Street jazz clubs, walk down the streets, visit the French quarter and taste delicious Cajun cuisine. You can share a beignet with your date and go dancing to have a romantic night.

3. Seattle, Washington


Seattle has a great metro system that allows you to visit the city even if you are alone and easily go from one must-see place to the next.

Check out the Columbia Tower and the Space needle for a panoramic view of the city which will take your breath away. If you find a date on an online dating website before getting there, they could let you in on the city’s secrets and give you a real taste of Seattle life.

4. New York City


Countless songs have been written about the Big Apple, and for a good reason. There are many places to visit which is why they have three airports.

There are many objectives that you can add to your list from the classics: TImes Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Central Park all the way to Broadway plays, and all the little ethnic neighborhoods when you can get the best food in the world.

5. Moab, Utah


If you desire to go somewhere that’s a little less mainstream; we recommend that you go to Moab. This place is perfect if you are more of an outdoorsy type and don’t like staying in a hotel and just going to museums and art galleries.

In Moab, it’s all about nature – you can get a room in a nice resort or go camping or glamping. You can bike, hike, raft, golf and take photographs of some of the most stunning landscapes and immortalize everything through a lens.

6. Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the “hidden gems” of the US. It’s chill and nice and welcoming, even to singles traveling alone and hoping to find romance. You can go hiking or check out the largest independent bookstore in all the United States of America.

Take a stroll through local galleries and see what the talented Portland artists are up to. Eat at delicious restaurants and even check out the super famous doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts.

7. Washington, D.C.


Washington isn’t the capital of the US for no reason. Countless museums and galleries, the world-famous National Zoo or National Mall, the White House, and many other famous landmarks are all here.

There are many places to see, and even a simple walk will unveil beautiful architecture. Get to know the locals, have a drink at a bar, and get to know the city intimately.


Single moms might feel like they are unseen and unheard of, but a huge chunk of online dating websites caters to their needs and desires. You can find love, flings, and a great time online, and you can even find someone who will be your vacation lover.