Top 10 Tips For Designing And Building A Great Deck

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Designing and building a deck is not an easy thing, as most people would think. It requires a lot of research on the side of the deck builder and a personal touch from the homeowner to design and build a perfect outdoor space.

There are several things that you need to consider to ensure to install a perfect deck. Things like the materials, site, and size are very crucial when it comes to designing and installing these outdoor spaces. In this handy guide presented by – professional deck builder, we have put together the top 10 tips for designing and building a great deck.

1. Location

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Apart from providing a great outdoor space, decks also add to the exterior aesthetics to your home decor. That’s why location is crucial when designing and building. You should have it installed in an inviting position. One of the key elements that affect its site is your landscaping. Your main entrance into the compound is another factor that determines the perfect location of your deck. If you can figure the perfect location, seek the services of an exterior designer.

2. Establish What You Need The Deck For

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The primary use of the deck should determine the choice of design. Otherwise, you might end up installing something that does not serve the main purpose. There are two common types of decks in the market. One of them is for entertainment purpose. These are decks design for homeowners who want an outdoor space where they can have fun with friends and family. The second design is for people who want an outdoor space for reading and enjoying outdoors. These two types require different designs. The decor is hugely dependent on what the space will be used for. For outdoor entertaining, festoon lighting strewn across the top creates a warm inviting ambiance. If you are looking to create a back yard bar, you could illuminate the place with a quirky neon bar sign. Check out for inspiration.

3. Foundation

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You need to be very thoughtful when installing the foundation. The condition in your region should determine the choice of the foundation. For example, if you live in a cold region, then frost heave should be the biggest concern. So you will need to go about 4 to 5 feet below the ground for a form solid foundation. If you are in a place where termite infestation is common, then you need to treat the foundation and use structural material that offers high resistance to termite attacks. These are crucial factors that will determine the lifespan and quality of your deck.

4. Material

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The other thing that you need to put into consideration is materials. There are many decking materials in the market that you can select. However, there are various factors that can determine your choice. Some of the common materials include composite, PVC, exotic hardwood, pressure-treated lumber, aluminum and cedar, and redwood. All of them offer different benefits, and that’s why they are popular with homeowners. What matters is your budget. If you want to build an inexpensive deck, then try pressure-treated lumber. Exotic hardwoods are the best, but most expensive decks.

5. Size

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How big or small do you want the deck to be? This is an essential factor since it determines the overall cost of the installation. The size should handle the expected traffic. If you live alone, then you need a small outdoor space that can accommodate two or three visitors from time to time. But if you have family, then you need to design a relatively larger space that can accommodate everyone. Your house size is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the size.

6. Shape

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The shape is of the deck will greatly determine its appeal. So you must design a shape that adds some aesthetics to your exterior décor. Most people prefer rectangular decks, but you can always make it look nice by adding some curves, angles, and so on. A certified and experienced deck builder can help you get the right shape, including some of the latest designs in the market.

7. Have A Proper View

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As one of the exterior décor, the deck should be put in a place where the view is not blocked. So you need to check the location for blockages, especially from the main entrance to the home’s yard. If the location is a bit concealed, then you need to come up with solutions that put the deck in a more inviting space. In case there is a bulky railing blocking the view, you can have it lowered. A professional deck installer should help you fix a few problems.

8. Gaps between Boards

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Leaving gaps between boards is an important tip for designing and building a deck. The gaps help to improve the drainage, especially during the wet months. Otherwise, you might have a problem managing moisture, and more do the mold, which thrives in moist conditions. However, these gaps should not be too small because they will allow dirt and debris to accumulate. Therefore, leaving big gaps that you can sweep works the best.

9. Proper Drainage

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Since most decks are joined to the house, you need to factor in drainage when designing. The fact that it is an outdoor space that may not be roofed means that it will collect water when it rains or when cleaning. So you need to design proper drainage to avoid wetting your house. The rule of the thumb is that when draining these outdoor structures, factor at least a 2% slope away from other structures. Such a slope will be enough to drain away all water, including rainwater.

10. Overheads and planters

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Last but not least is the decoration aspect. The deck is not about the floor only but also the decorations that add more comfort and fun. Overheads and planters are some of the ideal decorations that work for all decks. Depending on the kind of weather in your region, you can install a roof or umbrellas for the overheads. Bringing potted or hanging plants is also one of the key tips for designing and building decks.

To designing and building a perfect deck requires proper planning by considering a range of factors. You need to discuss everything with your deck builder and give your thought to have your dream deck installed. If you take into consideration the listed 10 factors, you’ll design and build a perfect deck. However, you must hire a qualified and experienced deck builder to get value for money.


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