4 Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face and Make You Look Younger

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The human need to look as best as possible and to hide away their flaws has been around for ages. It is in our very nature to want to present ourselves in the most positive of lights as well as to appear as if we have next to no flaws. This is of course impossible and many of the things we think look bad or are in any capacity bad or problematic are actually not. Seeking perfectionism and wanting to look different is normal, but it is also never really achievable. All we can do is attempt to make ourselves feel better because that ultimately gives us more confidence. Hiding insecurities and things we think should not be visible is alright as long as it does not become an obsession and something to stress over.

Contemporary State of Makeup

What started as a way to set oneself apart and show one belongs to a certain class became a whole industry. While original ways of painting one’s face may have started as ritualistic traditions and/or intimidation tactics in war time, what is now known as makeup is anything but. In the 21st century there has not really been many industries as diverse, inclusive, and fast-changing quite as much as the beauty industry as a whole, of which makeup is a large part. With numerous trends coming and going, new materials and ingredients being used, celebrities launching their own lines, and environmentally-friendly green options, there was never a better time to be a part of it all. It is also a big deal in the internet culture where content creators release countless news, tutorial, and review videos about makeup.

Using it The Right Way

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But what about the actual practical use of makeup? As mentioned, throughout history there existed numerous different reasons why people used makeup. From religion and warfare to class separation and hiding imperfections, makeup seemed to have done it all. However, in the modern times, it can do so much thanks to the new and amazing products that are constantly being developed. Makeup is no longer a type of product that only allows you to make yourself prettier, to change the color/shade of your facial features, or even their shape and size. Contemporary makeup can actually help you look younger and even slimmer due to how great new brands and products are.

In the following sections of this article we explore how you can utilize makeup to slim your face down and to make yourself look younger. With the right kind of tips you can make any look possible no matter what products you have. But to achieve the absolute best results, you will need the top of the line brand known far and wide for its high quality ingredients, special texture, and amazing effectiveness. To learn more about the very top brand in the beauty industry, make sure to check out https://www.natashadenona.com.

1. Earthy Tones

Oftentimes, it is simplicity and the lack of any extravagant features that gives the best results. With trying to look slimmer and younger with makeup, this is almost always the case. Using neutral earthy tones around the eyes, on the cheeks, and on the lips is one of the most effective ways to make those who look at you move their eyes around and never really spot any problem areas you may (think you) have. Bold tones, colors, and techniques are always attention grabbers and people will spot it instantly. On the other hand, earthy colors seem make it look like it is your natural pigment or at least that you did not really use that much makeup, essentially making your face slimmer and younger.

2. A Brow Arch

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Giving your eyebrows a nice and clean arch does so much for the face no matter what you are trying to achieve. When trying to slim your face and appear younger than you are, you have to shape it correctly as it can be enough to completely transform the face. Brows are among the most visible features that people instantly spot. Never have slim brows because they make your face rounder. If you want a slimmer appearance you should give your brows an angular arch that frames the face. Filling the brows regularly is also advised. Full brows frame the face, slim you down, and give a younger, more vibrant vibe. If you are afraid that you cannot do it alone, worry not. YouTube is full of tutorials and you can always initially do it at a beauty salon and then just maintain it weekly.

3. Cat Eyes

It is all about the cat eye if you want to look younger and slimmer. It is one of the most beloved and well-known makeup techniques that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, meaning it is thousands of years old. It is high time you start implementing it if you have never done it. This look, due to its angularity and sharpness, elongates the lash line and gives your eye a completely different shape. Such drawing of attention to the corner of your eye, an area that is not really otherwise visible or peculiar, makes the face an almost triangular and therefore leaner. Nothing else does the trick better than applying eyeliner and extending the lash line outward and upward. It can be tricky to do especially if you want to do it along the entire lash line, both upper and lower. But once you figure it out it will become your go-to technique for any look.

4. Contouring

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Learning how to contour has given millions of women with round face a chance to make their face appear slimmer. Contouring the face helps you define facial features that are crucial for a leaner, younger appearance, mainly the cheekbones, the jawline, and the nose. Contours can do wonders for your entire face especially if you combine them with a cat eye look, arched brows, and earthy tones. Cream contours, bronzers, and highlight concealers are your three best friends whenever you want to highlight your cheekbones and the jawline, which are obligatory areas whenever a slimmed down look is what you want to go for.