Travel Guru Tips to Save on Airplane Tickets


With the soaring airfare, it is becoming difficult day by day to plan a vacation trip for most travelers. But the good part is, there are still few ways which can help us travel for less than usual. All we need is some research, flexibility with the travel plan, and a little adjustment to quench our thirst to explore the planet without wasting a fortune on airplane tickets.

Here are some important tips and tricks yet easy to follow to help you book last-minute flights to your destination with


Flexibility with travel dates can help to get cheap flight tickets

High and low pricing of the Flight tickets majorly depends on a few factors like the particular day of the week, time of the year, and holiday season. Flight booking for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are cost-effective days that can fetch you comparatively cheaper flight tickets than Fridays and Sundays, which are supposed to be pricey. A little change in the date or day can make a lot of difference to your flight tickets cost. Around the holidays, flying on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day can be your best bet, however, if you do not wish to travel on a festival day, probably the only option to fetch Cheap airline tickets is to book in advance.

Opt for Shoulder season to enjoy saving on Airplane tickets

Booking airplane tickets for peak tourist seasons can be heavy on your pockets. Instead, choose the shoulder season, which can help save a good amount on the flight ticket expenses. Irrespective of the destination you choose, plan to visit during the less crowded months, which can guarantee fewer travel expenses. The age-old laws of supply and demand are the main reason behind this. Popularly known as the ‘shoulder season’ in the travel industry, this cheaper travel season is the period between the most popular and least popular season.


Avoid Splurging money

Avoiding unnecessary expenses by planning in advance will really help you enjoy your vacation in peace. The first step towards this is by booking cheaper airplane tickets and flights. This can be done by comparing plane ticket prices online and booking in advance. Next, you can opt for a stay in reasonably comfortable hotels and resorts instead of the more expensive star-rated hotels. Using public transport can also be an effective way of saving money on your solo trip.

Stay in touch with family or friends

At least one person back home should always be aware of your itinerary and plans for your solo trip. Keeping in touch is an absolute must for your safety and peace of mind. This can be done by sharing the details of the places you are visiting beforehand and always sending your live location through social media applications once you have reached your destination.


Pack light and carry what is necessary

Avoid carrying heavy stuff and valuables on your solo trip as that might keep you occupied fretting about the safety of your luggage. Toiletries, light joggers, books and a pepper spray for an emergency are some must-have essentials for your solo trip. Maintaining and carrying a journal of your travel can really help you to stay organized during your entire trip and control your expenses. Lighter luggage would also lead to cheaper airlines tickets and reduce your baggage-related expenditure if any.

Avoid booking Flight tickets during conventional Holiday seasons

Flight booking during a major holiday season like Christmas time, New Year’s Eve, or Thanksgiving Day is bound to be expensive. Planning your travel during the non-holiday season is a great way to grab discounted flight tickets as well as cheaper accommodation. The only exception is flying on the actual festival day when most people probably won’t prefer to fly.


Booking early to get hold of cheap Airlines tickets

As per the normal trend, there is a hike in the airfare as you get closer to the departure date, so it’s always advisable to book flight tickets in advance. 6–8 weeks before the departure date is considered ideal to find cheap airline tickets.

Join a Frequent Flyer Program to enjoy benefits on flight tickets

You can earn miles or points through the frequent flyer program run by the airlines. It is to manage a loyal customer group and also, to attract loyal customers by offering various perks and benefits. The accumulated miles or points can be redeemed in the form of cheap flight tickets, discounted flights, upgrades, and even free-of-cost flights, depending on the points.


Sign Up for Price Alert Notifications and Newsletter to Save On Airline Tickets

Airline pricing is very dynamic, and the airfare keeps changing depending on various algorithms. By setting up a Price alert, one can get updated all the time about the increase or decrease in airfare and book airline tickets accordingly. Hence it is a nice medium to fetch cheap flight tickets and enjoy a good save on airline tickets.

Book flights for lesser-known destinations

Opting for a popular bucket-list travel destination can be a costly affair. Instead, try to book flights for lesser-known travel places and be flexible when it comes to choosing a destination. It can help you save a lot without missing the vacation fun. Still, if you choose a popular tourist destination, you can always save a bit by opting for an alternate nearby airport from the mainstream one. There is a good chance that you may get airline tickets at a comparatively lower cost.


Keep an eye on social media to grab the cheap airline tickets deal

Don’t miss checking Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform if you have a travel plan in the pipeline, as very often airlines come up with cheap airline tickets deal or many other promotional deals and discount offers on flights which you would not like to miss. Many times it appears for a very short period and also gets over pretty soon.

Try booking flight tickets with two different airlines

We recommend you book flight tickets with two different airlines. At times it is worth mixing and matching. You might find that one-way flight tickets cost reasonable depending on the destination. Outbound or return flights might be cheaper and vice versa so it is always better to check before making a round-trip flight booking to avail an opportunity to save a bit.