7 Tips And Tricks For Shipping Fragile Items

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Although nowadays it’s pretty easy to ship your products out to customers, fragile items still prove to be quite an issue. When you ship a product out to the consumer they expect it to be in tip-top condition.

When a broken product arrives at any consumer’s home, that immediately leads to a bad customer experience that causes you to potentially lose your business. However, it doesn’t stop there. You will end up getting negative reviews along with a lot of unfavorable word-of-mouth publicity.

Let us now take a look at a few ways in which we can safeguard these fragile items!

1. Bubble Envelopes

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We have all used an envelope at one point, but perhaps you haven’t tried one that comes with bubble wrap on the inside. With this simple addition, products can be shipped with a lot more confidence! When it comes to the best bubble envelopes luchtkussengigant.nl might be your go-to, as a result of the high-quality supply of envelopes and the affordable pricing options.

These envelopes come in many sizes so you can pick out the best ones for the products that you are trying to ship! With a handy adhesive tip, the packaging process is a whole lot easier since all you have to is carefully place the product inside the envelope, and tightly seal it.

2. Watch The Wiggle Room!

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When you are shipping out products it is a good idea to use different boxes for each product. Ideally, you should be using a box that is only slightly bigger than the product itself. Too much empty space means it is easy for the product to shift around and smash into the sides of the boxes while it is being shipped.

This may ultimately result in ample opportunity for the product to be damaged. However, when you use a small box that restricts movement your product is ultimately in safer hands – or rather a safer box!

3. Packaging Peanuts

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This is a childhood favorite and a packaging staple! Once you have set yourself up with the perfect box to put your product in you may find that there is still a lot of empty space leftover.

As we have discussed, empty space is a big no-no when it comes to shipping fragile items! Hence, it may be pretty helpful to fill up all of these empty spaces with packaging peanuts as you ensure a firm fit for your product.

All of this excess tonnage can help your product absorb shock and resist impacts when it is on a rough ride over to the customer.

4. Tape It Up Real Good

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It’s time to put that duct tape to good use! You will want to tape up the package really well and ensure that it is very hard to open. Although that seems to be a little counterproductive it is very essential to ensure that the box doesn’t open easily.

When it is on a rough ride, anything can happen and many a time boxes open up and products either fall out or get damaged. In order to avoid this, you will want to prepare your box to brave the worst conditions and ensure that it doesn’t flap open mid-journey.

If you are looking for some branding on your product shipments as well, you might not want to just use off-the-shelf tape. Rather, you might want to get it customized with your brand logo so that the final packaging is both well protected and professional.

5. Double Box It

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This is a technique that is usually reserved for expensive items, but it is not a bad idea to even use it for mid-ranged products if you are extremely worried about breakage. When it comes to double-boxing we recommend that you use corrugated boxes, seeing as they are made out of several layers of paper.

All you have to do is put the product in the small box that you have picked out, as it doesn’t give it much wiggle room, then place the smaller box into the bigger box. However, if there seems to be a little room in between the two boxes you would want to fill up that space with dunnage or more packaging peanuts.

6. The Fragile Sticker Helps

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We often see boxes that say ‘keep upright’ or come with a fragile sticker on top, and that is for a good reason. Although this sticker may not directly help protect the products inside it can go a long way.

It immediately alerts the person handling your products and tells them to watch how they handle your products making it more likely that they are delivered to the customer intact. When they realize that your package contains fragile products they can help do their part to keep it in check.

7. Impact And Tilt Detector

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We will tell you right off the bat that these are very expensive and are reserved for very expensive shipments that must be kept upright at all times, and the ones you must handle with utmost care.

More often than not, impact and tilt detectors are not used for packaging shipments, however, depending on the situation at hand they could be helpful. This helps ensure that you are notified immediately when a fragile item may have been damaged, but it can also go a long way in encouraging the delivery handlers to be extra careful.

Summing It Up

Most of the time broken items are one of the biggest causes of financial loss for eCommerce businesses. One can also curb their losses by buying shipping insurance, but that doesn’t always cover all the costs and it doesn’t serve the full purpose.

Moreover, it would be your responsibility to replace that product which eventually means your expenses will start to add up! Apart from the cost, broken products result in bad reviews, low customer satisfaction, and bad brand value. Yes! Even if you replace the product it comes to be a bad customer experience.

With this, we hope you will be better equipped to ship fragile items to your customers.