Why Is Third-party Cannabis Testing Necessary? – 2024 Guide

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As their demand and popularity increase, more and more cannabis products have started appearing in offline stores as well as pharmacies for treating various mental and physical ailments. Many physicians have quoted the various benefits of cannabis products which have spurred thousands of people to buy these products.

However, there are still many that are wary of using and promoting cannabis products just because they are still not authorized by the government as well as medical associations for normal usage yet. Manufacturers are issuing these cannabis products on their own without any form of state verification.

While most manufacturers are honest with their products and can guarantee that they are made from authentic and legal ingredients, there are a few manufacturers who regularly engage in quality malpractices and induce illegal and harmful ingredients in their cannabis products to get more profits.

The consumers who genuinely want to buy cannabis products have no way of telling which manufacturer is genuine and which manufacturer isn’t. That is why many manufacturers have started availing the services of third-party labs that can ensure the integrity of the product and you can learn more about them at https://botanacor.com/colorado-certified-hemp-testing.

If you want to know more about cannabis testing, why it is really important, and what do labs check for while testing cannabis products, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer all of these questions in detail so read on till the end to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

What is third-party cannabis testing?

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When manufacturers say that they have availed the services of a third-party cannabis testing laboratory to check the integrity of their cannabis products, what they really mean is that they hired labs to give a non-biased report on the product to assure their customers it is safe for use.

Third-party testing essentially means that the laboratory doing the test is neither biased towards the manufacturer nor towards the consumer and delivers honest and accurate results. This helps consumers know that the cannabis product they have purchased is entirely safe to use and the ingredients used in it are obtained through legal methods.

Third-party cannabis testing is the only way through which a consumer can check the integrity of the products delivered by a specific manufacturer. Since cannabis products are not standardized by the government yet, it will be a long time before the government actively tries to regulate the products and verify their quality.

In the meantime, obtaining a card from a trusted physician like Dr. Dave for cannabis can provide some assurance that the products you are using are safe and have been tested by a third-party laboratory.

That being said, it is important to know that not testing a product via a third-party lab doesn’t necessarily mean the product quality is subpar or has illegal ingredients inside it. It simply means that they chose not to have the product tested because of their pre-existing reputation or lack of funds. Whatever the case may be, buying a cannabis product that hasn’t been tested yet can have adverse consequences which we will presently find out.

Why is cannabis testing important?

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Cannabis testing is crucial because it is your only way of finding out if a product is safe for you and healthy for your consumption or usage. Manufacturers that use the worst quality of cannabis inside their products, don’t remove THC properly from it, and include high amounts of metals and pesticides in their products don’t test their products for obvious reasons.

Testing, after all, is optional and many shady manufacturers choose not to opt for it to ensure their consumers keep buying their products. Consuming cannabis products that haven’t been tested yet can have very adverse consequences such as seizures, high fever, and even synthetic cannabinoid poisoning in the worst cases.

To avoid this from happening, it is essential that you as a consumer always check for third-party cannabis testing in all the cannabis products you buy. These results are authentic, verified by top medical experts, and are completely unbiased, offering you the most honest results possible. That is why cannabis testing is important, otherwise, consumers will keep buying subpar products from shady manufacturers.

What do third-party labs check for while testing cannabis?

Third-party labs check for several components in their testing to ensure everything in the product is safe and sound for the human body. These components are:

1. Cannabis concentration

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It is extremely important to know the product you are buying has the same CBD and THC concentration claimed by the manufacturer. Most people who consume cannabis products require a very specific CBD concentration in them or otherwise they may find the product incompatible with their body.

Third-party testing labs check if the THC content goes above 0.3%, which is beyond its legal limit for usage, and how concentrated the CBG, CBDA, and CBN cannabinoids are or if the product even contains them in the first place.

2. Microbes

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Cannabis products come from, well, cannabis, which are natural plants. These plants can sometimes have harmful microbes on them that are lethal for the body such as the infamous E.coli bacteria. Testing for these microbes is essential so that you get products that are free of any and all kinds of bacteria and germs.

Testing labs ensure that the bacteria that may have caught on during the production process have not come along in the final product and they also check if the product has any mold on it which commonly occurs in organic products that have been sitting around for too long.

3. Pesticides

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Pesticides are present in all organic products, however, they are present only in the barest minimum of amounts. If the cannabis products you are purchasing have too much pesticide in them, it may cause poisoning and prove fatal to you.

Labs check for this and ensure the amount is not more than the industry level of trace amount.

4. Chemical solvents

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Depending on the extraction process of the cannabis product, the ingredients may contain large amounts of harmful chemicals such as butane or other forms of alcoholic substances. Third-party testing gives you accurate results about their quantity.


There are many manufacturers out there that are looking to make profits out of selling subpar cannabis products. Third-party testing ensures that doesn’t happen with their rigorous testing methods. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.