Things You Need to Know About Start-ups

Getting a job position in a start-up business or creating on by yourself seems like a great idea to everyone. Such a job position gives you an impression of an office environment with a light atmosphere, friendly coworkers and overall fun than working in a cubicle. If it is your own start-up then you get an image of employees that will always be striving to develop and grow your business.

And all of this can be true. Of course, it depends on which one you choose or what kind of a company you will build, but most start-ups are just like what you have seen on TV or have heard.

However, it is not always about having fun and playing games with your coworkers. Naturally, start-ups will have a lot of challenges and obstacles that you will need to pass since you are still at the beginning. The business needs to grow and you are one of the people who will need to work hard to help it grow.

So, before you start looking for jobs or before you sign the employment document, here are some of the things you need to know about start-ups.

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Always be ready for change

When you get a job position in a big corporation you will probably be faced with hundreds or maybe even thousands of employees in your office building. All of those people have a task and go through difficult processes that ensure that the office will work as efficiently as possible. All those employees have to follow the rules and regulations of the CEO or their manager.

With start-ups, this can be quite a bit different. Naturally, your manager or your boss will not be as needy as the one within a generic office building. However, you will constantly be met with changes that will disrupt your flow of work. Your tasks will constantly change, your job title, your office or cubicle will change or you may even move buildings depending on the growth of the business. While all of this is not something you need to be afraid of, you still need to be aware that it will happen. You need to be ready for anything.

Embrace the idea that it might be annoying at the start and that chaos in such environments is normal.

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Always be a team player

We have to mention corporate work once again because it is the complete opposite of start-ups which gives us an easier way to explain things. When working for a big company you sometimes find yourself insignificant between the other thousand employees. Most of the time, your CEO probably doesn’t even know you exist, you are just another payment to him. Naturally, in such an environment you stop caring about the work you get done and you think about yourself and getting as much free time as possible.

However, when joining a start-up you are becoming a part of a team or a family. You need to constantly give your best, you have to work hard if you expect to keep your coworkers and boss happy. You cannot expect that you can slack off while everyone else is doing everything they can.

You might get a job position as the lead programmer, but you will sometimes have to do even the most basic tasks. You will probably have to run out and get coffees for everyone or bring them a pizza, sometimes you will even have to work as IT help because you cannot expect that a start-up will spend thousands of dollars on janitors, IT experts or on kitchen workers. You will all have to work together as a team and make your lives as comfortable and easy as possible. Eyal Nachum goes into detail about what it takes for start-ups to be successful.

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Cooperate with experts

Most young businesses being with just a few employees who show a lot of potential. They want young people who will be eager to provide as much as they can for the business. In the beginning, motivation is very important to enforce growth between coworkers.

However, once the CEO feels like the business needs to expand more and more, they will start bringing in older and more experienced people into the team. This can be quite stressful for the younger members, especially because the experts will constantly push you to be better. You feel like someone has come into your home and is telling you how to live your life which can seem a bit unfair.

But, you will need to understand that these experts are here to help both you, your teammates and the company. There is no need for competition, they are not your competition, they will help you grow into the right path. Listen to what the veterans have to say and learn. Although, always take everything with a grain of salt. Just because someone has had years of experience does not mean they will be always right.


The office environment may change

Everyone who has had a position in a young business will tell you that the best thing about it is the freedom to take lunch breaks, your own personal space, and the overall happy office attitude. Sometimes, your boss will let you go early on Friday nights, they may even extend your weekend with Monday, sometimes your boss will even host parties for no particular reason. All of this will make you feel like you are best friends with the employees in your company.

However, times can come where things can radically change. You will suddenly get into a month where you will have to stay for 12 hours a day and you will even have to get to the office at weekends. It will feel like you are going through hell during these times, but you have to remember that this is only temporary. This probably happens because your CEO is striving to keep growing his own company into something much more.