Top 9 Things to Look for When Choosing A Tub Pillow


Baths are said to be the peak of relaxation and regeneration at home, wouldn’t you agree? They let us rest & fully reconnect with ourselves. However, baths will be more of a test of endurance than enjoyment if your bathtub is ancient, tight, or has straight sides. Also, if it is old & rusty – it may be time to change it. No one wants to give up a relaxing, warm bath or the benefits that come with it. You’ll learn how to select the ideal bath pillow if you click at to meet these requirements in the sections below. There are several levels of quality in each product. How do you go about locating one? Make sure it fulfills the following.

1. Suction Cups should be enough


The last thing you want to do is get into your bath, lean back, and then slowly slide down into the water for the next 20 minutes, occasionally sitting up, reaching back, and correcting your bath pillow because it won’t stay still. Worse would be if the cushion slid up the bathtub’s wall and out completely. There are few more unpleasant things than getting out of a hot bath, retrieving something, and then returning to it. This will not happen if there are enough high-quality suction cups. You may feel assured that your bath cushion will stay in place with a minimum of five. Of course, adding one or two more is preferable.

2. Sections that can be adjusted

Everyone isn’t the same height, doesn’t have the same bathing position, and doesn’t have the same bathtub layout. This just goes to show you that not all materials, items & fabrics are meant for one person and that one size can’t fit all! That’s why you’ll need a bath cushion that can be adjusted. In this case, “adjustable” doesn’t mean anything fancy; the pillow needs to be divided into one or more support parts. Simply know your posture & your needs before purchasing it.

3. It’s machine washable and dries quickly


After spending money on a bath pillow, the last thing you want is for it to mold or attract mildew. It will look old, and it will be covered in germs. Of course, proper bath pillow care entails letting it air dry completely between usage in a low-humidity environment. Your pillow should still be composed of materials that don’t retain moisture needlessly. In addition, the cushion should be durable enough to be laundered in a washing machine. If it can’t handle that, it has no right to call itself a “bath pillow,” and you can bet it won’t survive long.

4. Cushioned and soft

You want a pillow that is a pillow, dreamy & soft! Within a soft mesh cover, it should feature thick cushioning and quick-drying foam. In most circumstances, a thickness of 3 to 4″ is sufficient. If you can find it, though, more is preferable. Avoid stiff & thick materials, as well as uncomfortable pillows that will give your neck a strain. Common materials used in bath pillows are mesh over the foam and inflatable plastic PVC.

5. The type of your bathtub


When you look for the perfect bath pillow, you may want to consider the type of bathtub you have. For some people, the full-body pillows may not fit in their tight shower! The type of bathtub in your home will dictate the outcome that you’re going to get. Make sure that you think about the shape, size, and depth of the tub before you make your next purchase.

6. Secure in Place

To ensure your comfort and safety, your bath pillow must be secured in place so it does not slide around while you relax in the tub. This is where precision & proper use of cups will also come into place. You should press the cups firmly against the surface so a tight seal is formed. If you are not too sure how to install this on your own or if you need a bit of help make sure that you ask a handyman or a salesperson for their assistance.

7. Comfort


What are the material and type of your pillow & bathtub? Are they considered to be soft, cozy & comfortable? You should know that the mesh is softer than inflatable plastic and feels pleasant to the skin. Also, if you are someone who has sensitive skin or if you are prone to allergies, be very cautious with your next go-to pick.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance

No one likes to spend hours cleaning or maintaining something around the home. This is why keeping your new pillows soft & completely clean can be difficult. Because you place it in water it can easily cause mold, look soggy or it can be insufficient. According to most people, you are going to enjoy & like the 3D mesh pillow the most. Why? It allows for a sufficient amount of air and ventilation. It will dry off completely and look as good as new1

9. The Correct Measurements


Your bath pillow should be at the very least around 12″ wide, at least as long, and have rounded corners. It would be much better if you could make it a little bigger. This is a size that will fit most ordinary bathtubs, and it is also a comfy form that will fit them. It’s also wide enough to accommodate both men’s and women’s average shoulder width, ensuring excellent support.

Ready to feel ultimate comfort & enjoy your relaxation?

If you wish to enjoy your bathing moments & you are looking for coziness & luxury, make sure that you apply these tips & tricks. Thanks to them, every individual will end up with pleasant & pleasurable bath-time moments. Find a pillow that suits you & get pure comfort!