Things to Know Before Teaching in Dubai

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People always look for opportunities to make their lifestyles best. Many families tend to move and settle in Dubai. If you are planning to shift in Dubai and find ways of earning, you can teach in Dubai. As it is a highly developed city, the residents focus on the education of their kids. It would be best if you were an expert mentor specialized in your subject for teaching in the famous schools of Dubai. To avoid transport problems, we suggest you RentalCarsUAE from professional automobile rentals.

Most foreigners are unaware of the criteria, rules, and regulations of teaching in Dubai. Where should you find the teaching job, and How? What can you earn monthly by teaching in Dubai? What education is required for teaching? Is there any need for teaching experience? Do teachers in the UAE should be Arabic experts? All these things are very crucial to know before starting teaching in Dubai regularly. Here is a complete guide for teaching in Dubai.

Table of content:

  • Teaching Opportunities in Dubai
  • Criteria of Teaching in Dubai
  • Is it necessary to know Arabic for teaching in Dubai?
  • Is it possible to teach English in Dubai without any degree?
  • How to find teaching jobs in Dubai?
  • Which salary package is offered to Dubai teachers?
  • Is there any dress code for teachers in Dubai?
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Teaching Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai has several teaching opportunities in different areas. You can teach as a private tutor, teach for international exam preparation, and in schools. You can teach in private schools where children of elite class study. The instruction language is usually English in all private schools. So, you can get a job in ESL programs and subject classes in such schools if your English is good.

Being a global district, Dubai has many language schools offering language courses in all languages, from Chinese to German. You can also apply for a job in language institutes if you are an expert in your language skill areas. Despite private and language schools, public schools are also available for improving the education of residents. All the educational institutes of UAE offer unique packages to foreign teachers. Thus, you can avail of a job in any of such educational institutes.

Criteria of Teaching in Dubai

You should be a master’s degree holder in your field with excellent teaching skills if you apply in private and high standard schools. No need to worry if you own only a Bachelor’s degree, you can still get a job with it, but you should be experienced for the position you are applying for.

For freshers, teaching in Dubai becomes difficult without any experience. Inexperienced persons can work as volunteers or tutors in non-profit schools as internships for getting experience certification. It depicts that the essential teaching requirement in Dubai is an experienced person specialized in his relevant field.

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Is it necessary to know Arabic for teaching in Dubai?

No, it is not necessary to be an Arabic proficient for teaching in Dubai. If you teach English, you don’t even bother to think about this because some schools demand an English teacher without any Arabic background. Simultaneously, some schools try to promote traditional and cultural values in their students by hiring an Arabic language teacher.

But it’s not compulsory to be skillful in the Arabic language for getting a teaching position in a global hub. Some teachers don’t want to travel in public transport in fear of getting late and missing a class.

Is it possible to teach English in Dubai without any degree?

Yes, because Dubai prefers certified teachers. If you have good grades in TEFL, IELTS, TESOL, or any other such test, you can apply for English teaching in Dubai without any degree. You only need to have the certification of your qualified skills in these exams. No problem, if you don’t have either a degree or a certification card, you can still do a job in ESL.

English teaching falls into two categories in Dubai, i.e., elite schools following the British curriculum and those having the American curriculum. You can get a job for schools offering the American curriculum without any degree if you are a native English speaker. But for British schools, you should have some certifications like CELTA and TOFEL. However, you will have to suffer a bit at the start of a job without a degree because salaries are based on teaching experience.

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How to find teaching jobs in Dubai?

To find teaching vacancies in UAE is not quite difficult. It’s as simple as finding a job in any other country. You can find jobs in Dubai by checking the TES website, international job agencies, and The Guardian website. Moreover, you can search for job advertisements daily to apply for your desired post.

Which salary package is offered to Dubai teachers?

The Dubai Government offers wonderful salary packages to teachers in Dubai. Teaching is one of the top-earning professions in Dubai. The average teaching salary in Dubai is almost $2800 to $3500. Though wages can differ depending upon the experience and school type, all the packages are very competitive and beneficial.

Along with the salary, some famous educational institutes offer other amenities in the teaching package, including apartment rental charges, health insurance, and airfare for the home’s annual visit in case of foreign mentors. The best feature of the teaching package is a tax-free salary. There will be no deduction to your earning. You can also get additional charges for hiring cheap rent a car facility to travel if your residential area is far away from your school.

Is there any dress code for teachers in Dubai?

Teachers are considered as role models of society, so they need to be dressed up professionally. You are not allowed to wear formal business dresses. Students usually idealize their teachers and try to follow their dressing as well as every style. For this reason, you should not wear jeans, casual footwear, and simple dresses. Try to wear something decent and formal that groom your personality.