10 Things to Do in Singapore: a Guide That Gives You a Taste of the City

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Singapore is believed to be one of the most fascinating places on earth and gives every tourist the experience of a lifetime. Exotic beaches, high-rise malls, street markets, adventure games, and vibrant nightlife give an exquisite tour adventure with such an extensive list of things to do in Singapore. The prospect of traveling in a bus around this marvelous country may seem mundane but the quality of the buses along with the safety, convenience, and cost economy add to the thrill of tourism on a bus. All tourists need to do is book bus tickets online and redBus.sg ensures that tourists enjoy the bus as much as the thrills of Singapore.

The 10 top things to do in Singapore:

1. Riding the Singapore flier

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The 10 great things to do in Singapore begin with a bus ride to the Singapore flier. Riding this gigantic 500-foot high Ferris wheel gives tourists a unique opportunity to see three countries up from high but to get a running commentary on the history and the unusual features of the city. It’s a thrill and learning of one of the biggest success stories of a small country.

The bus online ticket booked by tourists now drops tourists off at the Universal studios in Sentosa island and tourists have the next of the great things to do in Singapore by being dropped off by bus at the Universal studios.

2. Enjoying the walk of fame

The thrill of getting photographed and clicking selfies with lifelike models of international celebrities on the walk of fame is the second of the great things to do in Singapore. The cleverly taken photographs will make the enterprising tourist appear to have spent an exotic holiday in the company of some of the most famous people in the world.

3. Riding the Roller Coaster

The same Universal studios provide the thrill of the third of the great things to do in Singapore. This is the excitement and the thrill of riding one of the greatest roller coasters, the Battlestar Galactica.

4. Experiencing a Zoo

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Going to the zoo may not sound very exciting. Still, In Singapore, everything has a unique flavor, and the Singapore Zoo has the distinction of having all its 300 birds and animals in their natural environment. There is a frigid tundra and even a mini tropical rainforest and experiencing this zoo is the fourth of the great things to do in Singapore.

5. Savoring the street markets

The online bus tickets booked by tourists now take them to some of the best street markets in the entire world. There is Chinatown, Little India, and the Arab town. The sights, sounds, aromas, and vibrancy of these open markets along with the delicious food and great shopping are one of the best things to do in Singapore.

6. The Nightlife

Tourists to an exotic wonderland such as Singapore look for a little nightlife. The sixth of the great things to do in Singapore is the bustling nightlife of Clarkeside Quay. This amazing place has pubs, discotheques, rooftops bars, and even a spot for bungee jumping. There are also restaurants and eateries serving delicious food from several countries. The lights add to the vibrant thrill of this nightlife hotspot and tourists can take time from sightseeing to have a fantastic night out.

7. Shopping on Orchard Street

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Tourists looking for a shopping experience and this is the seventh of the great things to do. A walk down Orchard Road is simply irresistible. It is difficult to imagine a road with not only exquisite shops but 22 malls and 6 large departmental stores.

8. Strolling on Beaches

A beach experience is one of the biggest highlights of a tour and Singapore offers the great Changi Beach as well as the Pulau Ubin. Tourists can take time out to stroll along the beaches and have a relaxing time in the tranquility that a quiet beach mostly offers. The Changi beach even has its own park with so many things to do.

9. Exploring a waterway park

The bus that comes with booking bus tickets online takes tourists to the last major destination. Tourists can enjoy the Punggol waterway park and enjoy the fitness zone, the recreation zone and stroll through the only village remaining in Singapore.

10. Experiencing Marine life up close

Source: tripsavvy.com

The SEA aquarium and its combo of the dolphin island is a treat for animal life lovers.

The sheer pleasure of commuting from place to place in this exotic tourist paradise by luxury buses and having the privilege to do so many exciting things is the holiday of a lifetime.


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