5 Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai happens to be one of the most exciting cities to visit, well known for its tourism, luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, beautiful nightlife scenes, hospitality, and all through the year, troops of foreigners come to explore the beautiful city located in the United Arab Emirates. This city transitioned from a small desert town about 50 years ago into what can now be described as a vibrant city with lots of unique activities to engage in.

Loads of attractions in the famous luxurious city ranging from the Dubai mall, one of the largest shopping centers, and located just next to it is the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, The Miracle Garden, Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Desert Safari tours, Artificial Palm Islands, Dubai Museum, Five-star hotels, and the list goes on.

Topping the list of the exciting things that you could do in Dubai is really to drive the most luxurious cars at a very affordable price. Let’s see more of that!

1. Desert Safari rides

Source: eveningdesertride.com

One of the unique places to visit in Dubai is the deserts which usually involve vehicle rides and not just any random vehicle but those specifically designed to withstand the enormous amount of sand. Commonly used vehicles include the jeep, hummer, quad bike, dune buggy, land rover, land cruiser. The jeep safari trip happens to be the most commonly requested while the quad bike is usually used by those who want to drive through the deserts themselves.

The journey through the deserts happens to be one of the most thrilling events for tourists as they get to enjoy priceless moments through all of the roller coaster rides, appreciating the sunset, rising and falling through the hills, and many other beautiful things of nature. Well, it doesn’t just stop at the SUV rides or the self-driving rides on the deserts, you get to the part where you continue with the camel rides, sand skiing, Arabic dress photography, henna painting, and lots more.

2. Dubai city tour

Apart from the regular shopping at the Dubai mall, one other interesting thing to do is take time out to see the top attractions and architectural buildings all around Dubai. This is one of the things to get off one’s bucket list once in this luxurious city.

These could either be a half a day tour or a full-day tour. The good thing about the tour is choosing what ride one prefers to use which most times could be a private car which offers the luxury of being picked up anywhere from the airport, hotel, and even maybe just after concluding one adventure like shopping.

Trekking could be fun but to live the vacation life and get to see most of the top attractions the city has to offer like the Blue Waters Island, Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the famous seven-class hotel, a private car cruise would be the best option. One thing to love about the city is how ready they are for tourists and the ease at which you could get any type of booking for a tour easily.

3. The Dubai mall

Source: timeoutdubai.com

One of the largest shopping centers in the world attracts a huge number of tourists. So, here’s the thing, you are in this famous mall which is about the size of more than 50 football fields, with over 1,200 stores and you want to explore all of it keeping in mind that it’s a vacation which means your convenience has to be considered at all points. The solution to this is through the use of the electric cars present in the mall which gives your feet the rest it needs and sets you in a complete vacation mood.

These electric cars accommodate four people and would do justice in maintaining the tourist vibe. The mall houses one of the world’s largest aquariums which is about 10 million liters with over 300 sharks and rays, definitely not a sight to miss while visiting Dubai mall.

4. The hot air balloon rides

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One of the things one could get up to is also to see the sunset right from the air. So, this relaxing experience usually starts with a cozy minibus ride to the site and then of course rising high above in what could be described as a hot air balloon ride.

One gets to see the sunset just close and also look down on the desert admiring the animals’ breathtaking landscape. After this, the luxury continues with a smooth ride back to the hotel in a museum-quality vintage land rover or any other car of personal choice as far as it could withstand a large number of sands in the desert.

Immediately after arriving at the hotel, a gourmet dessert breakfast would be served. The thrills and unique experiences in Dubai could never be overstated. It’s one of those experiences that always leaves you satisfied.

5. Rent a luxury car in Dubai

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Spending time in Dubai for tourists is mostly about the luxury life and unique activities they get to enjoy and starting from how easy, affordable, and convenient it is to book any luxury ride of one’s choice just sounds like music to the ears. It’s amazing how one could easily rent a luxury car in Dubai and bask in euphoria driving any dream car of your choice around town along smooth roads with magnificent buildings in a beautiful city.

The most amazing part is the price at which this comes, really affordable and not requiring anyone to break the bank to enjoy this luxury, could go as low as $50 depending on the car and the duration of the ride.

When we talk about luxury cars the list is endless, from the latest Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and you can also choose to rent for days to months, just about any duration until you’re satisfied. These rides could also be booked easily from websites online and also from any location whether it be the airport or from the hotels.