6 Things to Check Before Visiting Brisbane City in 2024

Besides carrying the title of the third most populous city in Australia and being both the capital and the biggest city of Queensland, Brisbane might be one of the most interesting sights to check out when visiting the “Land Down Under”. Whether you intend on going to the River City for pleasure or business, there are certain things you should check before starting your trip, both to enjoy as much as you can upon your arrival and to avoid getting into unnecessarily complicated situations you could experience if you come unprepared. Therefore, read the following text we have crafted for your pleasure and learn what to focus on in order to experience the wonderful “Brissie” to its fullest.

1. No Smoking

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Whether you are a passionate tobacco enjoyer or you fancy lighting up a cigarette now and then, you should be aware that locals in Brisbane do not look at smoking as a generally favorable practice. Although smoking is not completely illegal, you should avoid doing it in public places, not to mention that you will be fined if you try lighting a ciggie on public transport, or any other place where smoking is prohibited. Surely, there are places where smoking is allowed, but bear in mind that you should double-check if it is ok to light one up before facing potential consequences. On the one hand, it might be hard for you to get accustomed to this type of ban, but on the other, you will most definitely do a good thing for your health, no matter how hard it might seem to obey the rules.

2. Visa

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If you are coming from overseas, the chances that you will require a visa are high. Although getting a visa might seem a sufficient and, before anything else, a tiring process, numerous traveling agencies will gladly give you a hand and make your endeavor as effortless as possible. On the other hand, you can apply for a visa on your own either by email or in person, simply by visiting the nearest Australian embassy to your place of residence and asking around about necessary documentation. Unless you apply for special permission, you will be granted a three-month visa, and your journey to the Land Down Under and beautiful Brisbane will be one step closer to commencing.

3. Monetary Policy

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As in any other part of the world, you will need some cash in order to pay for different commodities you would like to purchase. In Brisbane, as well as in other parts of Australia, you will need to use Australian dollar for paying, but you should not worry if you have not thought of it just until your arrival, since you can easily exchange all standard currencies both by using cash machines and visiting local exchange offices. Surely, you should always ask around about the exchange rate, so you end up with the best deal and get as much in return as possible. Also, if you are a driver, you would clearly want to spend as little on parking as you could, so you might want to check out sharewithoscar.com.au since cheap parking in Brisbane city and additional info on city conditions is what they specialize in.

4. Local Patriotism and Mutual Love and Respect

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The citizens of Brisbane are proud of their country and their city, and they will honestly welcome you and treat you as one of their own. It is of utter importance to emphasize that Brisbane is home to numerous ethnicities coming from all around the world living in peace and mutually respecting one another, thus, the same will be expected from you. Locals love their city and will make you fall in love with it much sooner than you expect, so you should give at least the same in return to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

5. Booking

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If you have been leading an active tourist life, you must know how booking in advance can save you a lot of money. Even though we are aware of those who enjoy going on trips without planning anything, we sincerely advise you not to take your chances but regulate your accommodation before boarding in. You will probably be asked to provide information about what is the purpose of your visit and the place where you intend on staying during your visit when applying for a visa, so it is better to have it all covered than to put yourself at the risk of being rejected. Also, the amount of money you can save on booking in advance is not to be neglected, especially when you consider how easy it is and that you can do it from the comfort of your home thanks to the benefits of various online services.

6. Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

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In a Land Down Under, everything might seem upside down, at least when drivers coming from anywhere but the UK are concerned. Jokes aside, but you should be aware that it is illegal to drive a car or any other type of vehicle on the right side of the road, which is a practice in most of the rest of the world. Thus, you should better think about preparing in time and try adjusting your mindset to new driving circumstances than expose both yourself and others to potential danger. On the other hand, if you reckon you are not prepared for this sort of adventure, plan your budget promptly and make a special fund either for public transportation or numerous taxi vehicles that are waiting at your disposal any time you either dial a number or recognizably raise your hand when you see a vehicle approaching.

Honestly, when you consider how much fun and enjoyment you might experience upon visiting Brisbane, the aforementioned to-dos do not seem like such a big deal. Still, you should double-check the list above and make sure you have everything covered, just so you are sure that your journey to the “River City” will not be obstructed by sundries related to paperwork and generally accepted rules. Anyway, we hope you will have a whale of a time and mark Brisbane both on your map and in your heart, which it definitively deserves, and which you are going to find out, hopefully soon.