How Technology Is Improving The Adult Entertainment Industry

A majority of us are not aware of what happens in the backdrop of the adult entertainment industry. We see new changes being introduced that are aimed at providing a better experience to the consumers but we often do not know anything about what triggered those changes.

With the advancement of technology, new changes are being introduced in almost all fields. Similarly, technology plays quite an important role in the adult industry as well. In this article, we will talk about the role of technology in the adult entertainment industry. If you are also looking for a tech-savvy adult website, head over to

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Introduction Of Crypto To The Adult Industry

As per recent research carried out by a famous adult studio it was found that around five hundred adult websites, forty adult stores and fifty webcam websites are taking payment in the form of cryptocurrencies. It is evident from these facts that almost the entire adult industry has made its way into the field of cryptocurrencies.

Numerous other giant websites such as Brazzers and Pornhub are contemplating to start accepting their payments in the form of cryptos. In 2016, sites like NaughtAmerica and xHamster had also started accepting payments in the form of bitcoins. Moreover, accepts Litecoin and numerous other porn websites have partnered with cryptocurrencies such as Zencash and Verge.

Also, some of the pornstars have created their own cryptocurrencies that can be used on their personal websites. The website owners believe that crypto will soon dominate the other adult industry and will replace a majority of the payment options.

Crypto payment systems will benefit the porn industry in several ways. Numerous sites do not accept certain credit card brands which leads to an increase in their bounce rates. Also, certain banks consider the porn industry as a high-risk field where the chances of frauds are quite high. In such a scenario, crypto emerges as their savior. Moreover, the providers also need to pay a huge amount as the adult merchant processing fee. Certain websites like Vogov need to pay almost thirteen percent of their income as the processing fee. This can be easily avoided by accepting crypto as a form of payment.

Another benefit of using cryptos is that they have a clear record of all the transactions which means that nobody can enjoy any pornstar’s videos and then ask for a false refund. Moreover, crypto provides an advanced level of encryption to people who want to make payments on adult websites. The advantages of using crypto as a payment platform for adult websites are numerous. A majority of the websites will soon move to crypto.

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Tackling Harassment

The number of harassment issues in the dating sector is on the rise. As a result, people often steer clear of the dating sector. However, industry leaders are incorporating new technologies to tackle this issue. They are trying to incorporate an interface that will allow people to be safe while enjoying an amazing dating experience. However, it is still in its testing stage. It aims to “push” people to maintain civil behavior with their partners.

Also, it has a rating feature which allows the owners to track any issues faced by the users. People can rate their partners and if any person gets more than three one-star ratings then his profile will be banned from the site. Apart from the ratings, the team will also take any rude or disrespectful texts into consideration while making any decisions.

Another important step taken by the dating sites owner is that these dating sites do not need you to link your account to your social media profile. Also, your occupation or your educational details are not featured. This way the users can stay anonymous and it also widens the reach of these websites among people.

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Adult Companies Are Steering OTT Platform’s Traffic

Numerous video streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu do not allow the featuring of adult content. This gives the adult websites an edge over these OTT platforms. A few days back, a series called “Sense8” was launched on Netflix. The series had an amazing fan base however, Netflix had it soon put it off air because it featured nudity and explored certain taboo subjects such as racism, gender biases etc. However, the series owners soon signed a deal with xHamster, which is one the leading porn websites. As a result, a majority of the followers from Netflix paved their way towards xHamster. The same scenario repeated with “Sex Factor” and several other series. This led to a massive increase in the visitors on the adult sites.

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Integration Of New Technologies

To drive more sales, porn companies are using the latest technologies to provide their customers with a more interactive experience. Some companies are also providing their customers a real sexual experience with the help of technologies like Virtual reality. Moreover, they are also selling certain novelty goods that were used by the pornstars while shooting a certain video, and are providing a virtual tour of their studio.

People are also developing adult games where the user can control the sex doll. Such games are selling fast in the market leading to an increase in the popularity of the adult industry.


Improving Customer Experience

The adult websites are working in the best possible way to improve the quality of the services provided to their user. The technical experts are looking for ways to enhance the UX and CX by listening to the problems faced by the customers and implementing the changes accordingly.

They are contemplating adding features like a live chat box where the customer care executives can have a one on one talk with the people. Such features will help to boost the popularity of the adult industry by leaps and bounds.

Final Word

New technologies have proven to be a boon for the adult industry and have helped the industry to expand its customer’s base. We hope that by now you are aware of the different ways in which technology has helped the adult industry to flourish.