6 Common Technical Problems You Can Have While Betting Online

There is a global pandemic going on and we spend most of our time at home. Slowly all the services and offers have adapted to the situation and to sitting at home, so you can very easily complete any obligation from the warmth of your home. Although it is easier and different to feel when we are out of the house and when we do it with a physical presence, it is still not advisable to leave our warm homes and therefore the best solution is to use the benefits offered by many of the companies that offer their services.

Thus on the Internet, we can witness a selection of services that did not exist before. For example, all countries have started offering administrative services from home online, banks have made payments and withdraw money without commissions just to complete these obligations from home via e-banking, schools and colleges have moved their courses and exams online, and They also offer shops, restaurants, lotteries, casinos and betting shops through online services. Especially used are the betting shops which are the most common choice for every fan of entertainment and betting that is physically impossible in this pandemic.

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Bookmakers have adapted to the new system of work the fastest. They have modernized their websites by offering all the games that can be played physically to be played online from home. They offered the opportunity to pay from home with all types of cards and without restrictions. They update the offers on a daily basis, and often add game add-ons that change on a daily basis. Their access is much better after they are moved online, but despite that, there are often technical problems that make payment and betting difficult. Let’s look at the most common difficulties.

  1. Difficulty creating your own profile – The first problem that all users of online betting face are the difficulty of creating their own profile on betting sites. This is a problem that is easily solved but creates unnecessary nervousness in the players. The most common problem here is that the activation code or the activation link of the profile that arrives at the email address usually arrives in the junk section or in the spam section which is the least open mail folder. Due to that, the procedure is delayed and the players get nervous, so most often the calls to the support center refer to this topic. So choose stable services for online bets such as stavidoma.com where you can easily use their services and games offered digitally.

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  2. Failure to receive an email account after the payment is made – after making any online payment, it is correct to receive an account for the payment to the e-mail address or by SMS to the phone. But most often this may not happen due to system errors. System errors most often refer to non-arrival of accounts or their late arrival, and it often happens that the wrong account arrives by e-mail. This can be easily fixed by contacting the support center by email or by calling the support center by phone.
  3. Unavailability of all games – the topic that creates the most nervousness among players is the games offered. If there are not enough games offered, they decide on another betting shop, and if some of the games are unavailable in that case, they are very angry and complain via email or phone. Where is the problem? The problem is in the system, ie the server that usually makes mistakes and does not allow certain options to be played or shows the matches as already completed (by mistake) and does not allow the payment to be made. But that problem is very easy to solve if you turn to the authorities in the service who will meet you in solving the problem.

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  4. Delays in updating quotas – the most important thing for every bookmaker are timely published quotas. They are usually published in the late hours of the day for the matches that are the next day or are set for longer time intervals. But believe me, often there is a system error that is not the fault of the employees of the ticket payment services. These are errors caused by the server, and it is often the fault of the poor internet connection. This is resolved quickly if customers respond in a timely manner to obtain the service they require in a timely and accurate manner.
  5. Untimely announced match results – the results are the thing on which the success of the ticket depends. They are usually downloaded by online services from other specialized sites that publish results from all the sports and competitions that were played that day within countries, continents, or worldwide anywhere on the planet. Often, because these results are downloaded from the results pages through a hyperlink, there are problems, ie their delay or their incorrect updating. It is solved easily and is not so problematic, but it still happens as a mistake that causes nervousness in every player.

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  6. Late payment of winning tickets – the last thing that is considered a very big problem when it comes to winnings are the payouts. Payments usually go through a bank with which the service cooperates or go through an online money transfer system. Both options happen to be very problematic because they are guided by the bank’s policy which states that the registration of all orders should be done within 3 to 5 days. So this creates nervousness among the players, but it is good to note that this is not a mistake of the services, but most often of the banks. However, we would count it as a mistake because it often happens that the problem is on the service side due to incorrect data or untimely access to the payment.

We recommend that you stick to online services and enjoy the warmth of your home to stay safe and secure. For problems, always contact the authorities of the support centers who would be happy to help you with what you have a problem with. Be patient and enjoy this great opportunity from your favorite spot in your home.