Is Tattooing Considered As A Form Of Art?

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Tattooing as a form of art has been debated for years. But tattooing has been around for as long as history remembers. From the ancient Egyptians to the Norse tribes, tattoos have been a form of expression, but few would categorize it as art.

However, art is all about how we perceive it. If a simple banana plastered with duck tape onto a white canvas can be art, then why tattoos?

Well, if you still don’t think they are, here are a few reasons why you should change your mind.

1. If There is Intention, Then There is Art

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We could provide many quotes from many prominent modern artists on the subject of why tattoos should be considered as art, but there is no need for it.

The reason why is because art is everything that we intended to be. The label can be plastered automatically if someone considers their ink as art.

There is no need to be angry about it because this is a simple, yet highly effective, statement that has driven the world for ages. If you’ve gotten ink on your arm for the purpose of making a statement, then congratulations you’re now the owner of a piece of art on your arm. Tattooing may be an art form but it does come with risks. Check this article on Tattoo allergies if you want to know more.

If we also add the fact that ink is permanent, we give it more meaning as the wearer will carry it as a reminder for the duration of his life.

2. The Stigma And Debate Surrounding It

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If you’re a fan of art then you must have gotten into a debate with another person regarding a piece. Well, as you might imagine, people debate other people’s ink all the time.

Society works in a very strange way. Throughout history, getting inked with eternal ink was perceived as normal. Fast forward to the 20th century and there was a lot of stigma surrounding it.

But fortunately for every person that has gotten ink ever since, that stigma seems to be fading fast. Nowadays, the most influential people in the world all have tattoos. This includes athletes, musicians, actors, and even politicians are jumping on the bandwagon.

Once, people were afraid of showing their ink due to the fact that it was considered taboo. Nowadays, people are very open about it and more are interested in getting one.

Once, tattooing was considered a mark of a troubled or rebellious child. Nowadays, it’s cool and a way to express yourself.

So if we take away the questionable debate and negative stigma surrounding it, and if we also add to the fact that it’s a way to express yourself, why wouldn’t we categorize it as art?

3. Art Has Collectable Value, What about Tattoos?

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The best art in the world costs a lot of money. And while the price cannot be compared to that of getting a tattoo, the best ink still costs a lot of money.

The best part is also extremely detailed. Well, you’d be surprised to see some of the details that modern tattooing is capable of. The sheer will to create something that can resemble real-life objects and even people is even more realistic than any painting ever could.

Don’t believe us? How about you go ahead and visit and browse through their amazing collection and what they’re capable of.

And even if the price value is nowhere comparable, how about comparing the collectible value that every ink has on each person? Can you even imagine how valuable a person’s tattoos are?

The collectible value is even greater when a person has dozens of tattoos. While you still pay money to get inked, what every ink represents to each person cannot be priced.

4. Worldwide Recognition

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If you’re really good at something, then your service is automatically considered art. Have you ever heard the expression “work of art”? We are positive you have since it can be plastered onto anything.

If you’re providing excellent service, then this label can be plastered on you.

But if art can have its own galleries, museums, and conventions, then believe us that tattooing can also.

Ink has started to appear in many museums across the world, gaining worldwide recognition from the art world. Galleries are starting to get filled with some of the most amazing ink we’ve ever seen.

Also, tattooing conventions are becoming more and more popular. But if our world is full of musicians, painters, and sculptures, then you’d be surprised to see the number of tattoo artists that are emerging.

Also, if something such as a painting or sculpture can elicit feelings, then the ink can do it as well. This is probably the most important reason why tattooing is slowly considered as art. And if something can elicit feelings, then it can spark conversations. If something can spark a conversation, then it needs to be put in a museum.

5. The Impact on Pop Culture

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As we mentioned earlier in this article, musicians, artists, actors, and everyone that is associated with our culture has openly embraced tattooing as a form of self-expression.

This has had a huge impact on Pop culture, and you can even say that it breathes new life into it. Nowadays, everyone shows their ink on social media, and these posts get a lot of attention.

Artists post their amazing creations and they get a lot of views. Some accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, and this creates extra income for the person.

Painters and artists can generate a lot of income through their creations. Modern art isn’t looked at the same way as in the past, but tattooing is.

It is so popular that it has sparked an entire subculture into our modern pop culture. Everyone wants to get inked, everyone wants this way of self-expression, and everyone wants it to be a part of their life.

All of these reasons are more than enough to categorize tattooing as a form of art. If we also add to the fact that it is completely accepted into our society, meaning people don’t have to be afraid of losing their job because of it, then we can safely assume that it’s true.