How to Take Care & Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to look great without having to put too much work into it. With them, you can achieve that effortless, natural makeup look, without even applying makeup. This trend has been around for a while now. It doesn’t matter if you’re into wearing eyelash extension regularly or just once in a while, taking proper care of them is a must.

If you don’t maintain them well, they will start looking messy, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Only eyelash extensions that are taken care of can fulfill their purpose and make you look amazing. Here are some tips on how to properly take care of and maintain your eyelash extensions.

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1. Only clean eyelashes are acceptable eyelashes

The first thing you need to adhere to is to keep your eyelashes as clean as possible. Regular care includes washing your eyelashes extensions together with your face. For the start, just flush them with water. When it comes to products you can use, we recommend washing gels and liquids that are oil and alcohol-free, and therefore, safe to use even when you have eyelash extensions. If you applied makeup on your eyes and eyelashes, the best way to remove them is to apply the product on the cotton pad, and then gently rub your eyes. Be sure to apply enough product because rubbing a dry cotton pad over your eyes can damage your eyelash extensions. Before cleaning your eyelashes, always brush them first, and then apply the product and wash them.

2. Avoid oils in cosmetic products for the face and eyes

When you have eyelash extensions, you want to avoid using products that have oils in them. Make sure the products you use for your eyes have a label that says oil-free. Also, try avoiding face products that contain oils because they can easily get in touch with your extensions and damage them. If you’re not sure, we recommend always reading an ingredient list to be one hundred percent sure the cosmetic product you’re buying doesn’t contain oils.

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3. Keep the water away from the extensions first two days

After you get your eyelash extensions done, you want to make sure you avoid water in the first two days. The glue that was used for eyelashes needs to dry completely, so the lashes stay on as long as possible. If you use any water on them, the glue probably won’t work as good and the lashes’ expiration date will be much shorter. To make this easier for you, try not to apply any makeup on your eyes the first two days, or at least keep it as minimal as you can. It is a small sacrifice you need to take to secure that your extensions look great much longer.

4. Don’t pick or remove eyelash extensions by yourself

Some people have a bad habit of picking their eyelashes. If you’ve already paid someone to apply for the extensions then it doesn’t make sense to ruin their work. Also, if you’re not satisfied with how the extensions turned out, avoid trying to fix them by yourself. Instead, decide to turn to professionals who can fix the situation and apply the lashes as you will be satisfied. Check out and their results. The same goes for removing the eyelash extensions. Don’t do it by yourself because you might end up without your own lashes. Always go to a salon and let experts do it for you.

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5. Avoid waterproof products and mascara in general

After you got your eyelash extensions, avoid using waterproof products on your eyes. They are very hard to remove, and if you want to do it right, you’ll need to apply oil-based cleansers. And we already mention you should skip every product that contains any type of oil. In general, you don’t even need mascara. The whole point of these extensions is that they are an alternative for eye makeup. If you apply mascara over them, you’ll need to remove it thoroughly, and that way potentially damage the eyelashes you paid someone to apply them. Try to avoid eye make up as much as possible if you want your lash extensions to last.

6. Always carry a lash brush with yourself

Regular daily maintenance of lash extensions includes brushing them at least two times a day. If you aren’t disciplined with this, your lashes will entangle and look very messy. Make sure you always have a little brush in your bag, so you can do it at work, while you’re in a traffic jam, and on any other suitable ocasion. These extensions aren’t something you can get done, and then forget about them. They require continuous attention and care to look good and tidy.

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7. Use satin or silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are generally the best choice for your skin. And if you got your eyelash extensions done, it can also be a good idea to switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. Satin pillowcases will work, too. These materials are much gentler to your skin and lashes. Cotton can be very drying, so you want to avoid using it on your pillow. These small changes can positively impact your lash extensions, and increase their durability, which is always a plus.

8. Avoid too much moisture

Spending time at saunas or being in the shower for too long can harm your eyelash extensions. Too much moisture is a big no. Of course, regular washing your face and swimming for a while is completely safe. Just try not to overexpose them to moisture because they might start falling off.

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Conclusion: Eyelash extensions are very trendy in the past few years, and for a good reason. With them, you can achieve that natural makeup looks without applying any. If you want your extensions to look good and last for a while, it is necessary to take proper care of them. Make sure you brush them regularly, wash them with proper products, and avoid oil-based ones. Try to keep them away from the water for the first two days and skip applying mascara any time you can. Also, changing your cotton pillowcases for silk or satin ones can help. And the most important tip is to avoid picking and removing lashes by yourself. This should be done by professionals, without exception. Well-maintained lashes will last you much longer and look tidy and beautiful.