Is Swimming in Chlorinated Water Bad for You?


Are you fond of swimming? Although swimming is perfect for your mood and relaxation, it also affects your skin and hair. You might be thinking about how water can affect skin and hair? Let me tell you.

There is chlorine in the water. It helps you to prevent any infection. It reacts with the bacterial infection for any bacteria in the pool water to neutralize it so your body can’t have any germs and you can enjoy the fun of this summer.

But can too much chlorine be harmful?

As you know, chlorine is a chemical and has its Side Effects that can cause severe harmful effects on the body that means you can catch rashes, hair Falls, redness, itching on the skin. According to Trihard, even the chlorine can change the colour of your hair. Yes, it might be shocking for you, but it is true.

How much chlorine is harmful depends on how much chlorine you are using to disinfect your swimming pool. Using a small amount of chlorine may not cause any dangerous effect. Only there will be irritation after swimming, or maybe there will be no symptoms of anger. Still, if you have increased the chlorine level, signs will also be increased, which will lead to skin problems and sensitive people as it can cause severe damage.

Understandably, coloring is also necessary. You have to disinfect the water. Hence, you have no infection, but on the other hand, chlorine can also be harmful. Hence, you have to consider the level you are using in a swimming pool for disinfection. Use it very carefully for any skin problems. If you want to continue your enjoyment of the pool, you must consider what harm it can cause to your skin.

Let me tell you some harmful effects of chlorine in detail so you can take the precaution measures while using the chlorine in your pool.

1. Dry skin


Occasionally jumping in a swimming pool will not affect your skin because there will be no harmful effect of chlorine, but if you start to spend long hours in a swimming pool it can affect the dermis layer. The chlorine in the swimming pool will eventually absorb in your skin and may cause some chemical reactions in your dermis.

It leads to flaky and dry skin; moreover, the skin will start shedding and looks so dry after swimming in sensitive people it may cause more than the dryness of the skin. It can lead to flaky skin. Excess of everything is wrong if you love to enjoy the pool, use it limited considering your skin damages.

2. Kill good bacteria


Chlorine kills the bacteria to stop infections, but sometimes chlorine also kills the good bacteria in the body, another side effect of chlorinated water. It leads to a compromise of our immune system. It makes us sick. Many studies also show that chlorine water also kills the vitamin K in our body, an essential vitamin for our daily living.

3. Ageing


The most adverse and unwanted effect of the swimming pool is if you swim frequently. For long hours, it may lead to the ageing the chlorine, dry the moisture in your skin and finish the body’s natural oil. It severely dries the skin, which causes wrinkles and stretches skins and lines to appear. All these are the premature signs of ageing to minimize your swimming hours.

4. Loss of flexibility of hair


The protein in hair starts diminishing, and the strands of hair become rough, the flexibility of hair decreases which makes them fall off. Your scalp becomes so dry that it causes itching if you let your hair absorb in water for a long time, the hair starts limping, and you will see like you here are our life plus there will be no Switching in your hair.

5. Damaged hair and splits


Once the iodine and chlorine started absorbing in the hair shaft. The hair strands start to become rough, the structural integrity will lose, the hair will have split ends, and it will take a long time to make your hair healthy and alive.

6. Dyed hair colour


Most importantly, leave many women’s hair. If your colour here is Golden, then the chlorination reaction with the hair turns your hair into green in the colour you surely don’t want that to happen. Still, if you are a swimming lover, you will notice that you will change them in your colours with time.

7. Itching and redness of the eye


The most common and usual symptom of chlorine is the redness of the eye water resolution in the eyes may cause redness in looks. When you leave the swimming pool, you will feel irritation in the eyes, so many people use swimming glasses to prevent this reaction. But if we talk about the adverse reaction dryness of eye blueness of the eye, an eye infection is seen.

8. Mucosal irritation


Prolong swimming pool uses leads to urge the leading causes irritation. You will have itching in your anus that is the problem in most swimmers and athletes. They face the most common issues and swimming for a prolonged period causes complications which are very common in the anus infections and rashes.

Swimmers and athletes use the appointments before taking part in such competitions. the dryness of mucosa lining also cause bleeding

The most harmful effect is uterus cancer.

9. Skin cancer


You may also have skin cancers. Typically skin cancers are sporadic, but they occur in swimming competitions and swimmers who love to swim and mostly all the new swimming pools.

News fabulous things are seen on their skin, and if you use the swimming pools in the open environment under the sun’s exposure, that will cause skin damage. Chlorine causes the free radicals that are the damaging components of our immune system, which turns into the malignant Melanoma of skin cancer. Bladder cancers are also common, and breast cancers are also common because of the prolonged exposure to chlorine.

Last words

Above are all the harmful effects of chlorine, but it does mean you don’t have to swim at all. You can swim in the swimming pools, but the amount of chlorine used in swimming pools for how long you are using the swimming pools and using precautions are essential things while swimming.