The Secrets of a Successful International Company CEO

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Starting and building a company is challenging. There are many obstacles to consider. There are even more challenges for those that are trying to grow further and take their brand from a local success to an international giant. There are a few things that you have to emphasize when it comes to growth on a global scale for those that are open to challenges.

Here are some essential tips to focus on that will help you with your company’s growth.


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Marketing is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of any international company. Marketing is so important because it will allow your company and brand to expand much further than your local market. Different marketing using online resources and platforms help you extend the reach that you would generally get from typical advertising routes and market towards a more global audience. The different opportunities you have for marketing expand from social media content to email and text messaging. There are plenty of means to market but choose your methods wisely, as recognizes that some communication methods are more personal and effective than others. Your approach on how to market will have to combine both aspects of earning new customers while making sure you retain your returning clients as well. This will provide a safety net to fall back on and be especially necessary for the first few months or years of your transition.

Communication and Relationships

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Along with marketing, it is essential to begin building relationships and open lines of communications, not only with your customers and clients, but with your business partners and those that you will be working with on various areas such as marketing, production, and manufacturing. You will want to learn languages or have the people around you that can help translate your speech and your passion into an international success. Establishing these lines of communication early and maintaining a good and professional relationship is ideal for making a global or cross-country transition easier, but it will be necessary for the longevity of your relationship, as well as the growth and future of your company.


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With all the difficulties of expanding your brand worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities that you can and should take advantage of as a business owner. Many countries want to promote the growth of businesses locally and encourage and boost their local economies. Because of this desire for inner growth, funds are often available for different businesses in the form of startup funds, bursaries, and grants. It would be wise to learn about everything there is to offer for companies in the areas you are interested in growing and see if there are any available opportunities catered to your brand. Finding mentors is another important aspect of utilizing your resources around you. Going to meetups to seek out those that will be able to help you grow your business are valuable opportunities that are available if you take the time to research and find them.


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Going into anything requires planning. Similar to how you start a company locally by doing your research first and having an ample amount of knowledge regarding the desired industry before you invest your time, money, and energy, you have to take a similar approach when it comes to building an international brand. If you have already created a local company, the good thing is that you have the knowledge to start, and you are not beginning from scratch. However, you will face plenty of new challenges, so having a strategy is important to anticipate them. Build international contacts and get a gauge of the local market. Learn about the demands for your company and if there is an opportunity there, set timelines, and budgets. It is better to be overly prepared and not needing the information going into business than it is to be unprepared and caught off guard.

Persistence and Patience

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One of the hardships of taking a local company and transitioning into a more global and international market is that opening new locations and stores, or even extending your online options is the amount of time that you need to dedicate to this new expansion. It will feel in some instances as if you are starting over, as you won’t be sure about the demands and interest of the new market. Making this transition, you will have to have patience and understanding that it won’t always be as easy. There will be new obstacles and challenges that come into play, and some of the hardships may be new and ones you have not had to deal with before. Taking your company from a local level and seeing local success and trying to establish a global and international brand will be a long and tiring process that you will have to make sure you are prepared for.

Business laws

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Understand that when you are opening a new business in a different country, there will be different laws that you have to deal with. The laws and legalities you are aware of from your home country will not always translate to opening a new company in a different locale. It is a good idea to have a professional or a lawyer that will be able to give you legal counsel on your business practices and matters. The last thing you want to do is expand your business and fall into trouble with certain practices or legalities that end up costing you more than you make or can afford. This would put all your time and assets in jeopardy. Being uneducated about the local laws will lead your brand to failure before it even has the opportunity to grow.

For those that are seeking success on an international and global level, the process and journey are a long and difficult one. But it is possible. You have to come in with the right mindset to meet all your challenges head-on and tackle them with creative solutions. Your hard work, dedication, and persistence will create avenues to your goals and will lead you to success.