Do This Summer In Style With These Stylish Choices in Women’s Shorts


Ever since the 1920s and ‘30s, women’s shorts have skyrocketed in popularity.  They’ve been a long-time favorite on hot summer days, and let’s face it – they’re a go-to choice for showing off a little leg.  Whether you’re looking for cooler options in fashion this summer or want to make a striking statement with a classic style – you’ll want to check out these must-have picks for sizzling summer shorts for women.

Designer Shorts

Pleated, tapered, and smart-looking women’s designer shorts provide a finely tailored spin on an otherwise casual piece of clothing. These types of shorts are so lovely that you can even pull off a red carpet-look. Whether you’re sunning in Tuscany or glamming up for a hot party, designer shorts can pull off any look you’re reaching for. Opt for minimalist lines and light colors. Then, pair your designer shorts with elegant, flowing tops and glitzy accessories. You’ll be the talk of the town!


Cargo Shorts

If you think these went out of style in the ‘80s – think again. Cargo shorts are still as popular as ever.  Mimicking military style, these shorts are incredibly utilitarian. They’re loose-fitting and typically come with multiple pockets with ample room for phones, tools, keys, etc. Cargo shorts are a great choice in the summer when you want a stylish look while also being free to live an active life.

Bermuda Shorts

These are perfect for casual activities because they look great while never compromising on comfort. This lightweight type of shorts is a bit longer (around 3-4 inches above the knee). Because they are light and breezy, they’re a perfect pick for hot days. They also look splendid on vacations in warmer climates.

Daisy Dukes & Jean Shorts

You remember these. Also known as “hot pants,” these shorts were made ultra-popular by bombshell Daisy Duke from the TV show Dukes of Hazzard. These super-high-cut shorts are typically made of denim and may also be “cut-offs” from a pair of jeans. They’re meant to give a fun, casual look to the scene, as well as accentuate certain attributes at the same time. They can be great for informal activities, and they’re durable enough that you can even wear them doing chores or running errands.


Chino Shorts

These are another type of walking shorts for women who want casual wear but desire a more sleek and tailored look.  They typically come with a zipper closure and run a little longer than traditional shorts.  Chinos are popular for shopping, casual outings, or any occasion where you want to feel dressed down but appear classy.  They’re also versatile, as they can be paired with a fancy blouse or a t-shirt.


This cleverly designed short gives you the best of all worlds. They are essentially shorts with a fabric panel that covers the front. This gives the appearance of a skirt when actually you’re wearing shorts. Women often opt for these when they want the comfort and versatility of shorts, but they want the “dressed up” look that a skirt provides. These are so snappy looking, that you could (with proper support attire) even get away with wearing these in a professional work setting.

Board Shorts

If you’re an avid sports player or active in outdoor activities, these might be the shorts for you. They’re similar to men’s swimming trunks in that they’re durable and quick to dry after enjoying water activities. However, they do not have the inner lining that comes with men’s swim trunks. These are lightweight, versatile, and the perfect solution for active women on the go.



Although these aren’t technically shorts, they’re still a great choice for hot summer months. Capris can be made of denim, cotton, or other material blends. They are longer than the other shorts we’ve discussed here – with the bottom hem hitting slightly above or below the knee. Longer capris can come up around mid-calf in length. These are a popular choice for anyone wanting a well-put-together look that is casual and comfortable – but doesn’t expose as much leg as other short styles.

Body Type Considerations for Women’s Shorts

When choosing shorts, it’s crucial to consider your body shape—pear, apple, hourglass, or athletic—to find styles that enhance your best features. For pear shapes, opt for A-line or flared shorts to balance wider hips. Apple-shaped individuals can look for high-waisted designs that cinch the waist and flatter a fuller midsection. Hourglass figures are complemented by shorts that define the waist, like belted or paperbag styles. Athletic bodies benefit from shorts that add curves, such as those with embellishments or pockets. Remember, the goal is to select shorts that boost your confidence and comfort, creating a harmonious silhouette.

Fit Guide for Women’s Shorts

Achieving the perfect fit in women’s shorts involves several key measurements: waistband fit, rise, leg width, and inseam length. To ensure a flattering fit, measure your waist and hips accurately and consult brand-specific size charts, as sizing can vary. The rise of the shorts should complement your body type—high-rise for apple shapes and mid-rise for athletic or hourglass figures. Leg width is another consideration; wider styles offer comfort for fuller thighs, while slimmer cuts suit leaner legs. Finally, the inseam length should match your comfort level and the occasion, with longer lengths for a more conservative look and shorter for casual wear.


Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas

Shorts offer versatility for various occasions, from casual outings to summer soirees. Pair denim shorts with a flowy blouse and sandals for a beach day, or elevate your look with tailored shorts, a sophisticated top, and heels for date night. Accessorize with statement jewelry, a chic belt, or a stylish bag to add a personal touch to your outfit. The key is to balance proportions and choose complementary pieces that create a cohesive look.

Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

The fashion industry’s impact on the environment and labor practices is significant. Opting for women’s shorts made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester can reduce this impact. Look for brands that transparently share their manufacturing processes and adhere to fair labor practices. Shopping consciously means supporting companies that prioritize the planet and its people, contributing to a more sustainable and ethical fashion future.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your shorts. Follow washing and drying instructions carefully to avoid shrinkage or damage. For stain removal, consult fabric-specific guidelines to preserve the integrity of the material. Store shorts properly during off-seasons, preferably in a cool, dry place to prevent fabric deterioration. Regular maintenance not only keeps your shorts looking their best but also promotes sustainable consumption by reducing the need for frequent replacements.



As you can see, there are many choices when selecting the right women’s shorts for any occasion this summer.  We hope we inspired you to go shopping for summer clothing essentials and switch up your look during the summer months.  Don’t forget to accessorize to make your look fully complete. As always, thanks for reading, and we wish you a happy summer in your best shorts!